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Early July 2023 Astrology News

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The Cycle of Sedna – Our Solar Systems Connection to Multi-dimensionality and Divine Love

14 November 2003 at 06.32UT was the date and time of Sedna’s discovery by three astronomers,  Mike Brown with Drs. Chad Trujillo of the Gemini observatory in Hawaii and David Rabinowitz of Yale University, New Haven, Conn.,

According to Sedna’s discoverers, written about in The Australian newspaper, Wednesday March 17 2004, Sedna is a ‘planetoid’ and doesn’t meet their definition of a planet. “Very little has happened to this object since the beginning of the Solar System,” said Astronomer, Mike Brown.

“Named Sedna, after an Inuit (Eskimo) goddess who, legends say, created the sea creatures of the Arctic, …the planetoid is about three quarters the size of Pluto. Sedna follows a highly elliptical path around the Sun, a circuit that takes 10,500 years to complete. It loops out as far as 135 billion kilometres from the Sun. From Sedna’s surface, the Sun would appear so small it could be blocked out by the head of a pin…”

“..Sedna sits by itself in the very outer reaches of the Solar System” Mr Brown said.

“Sedna will become closer and brighter over the next 72 years before it begins its 10,500-year trip to the far reaches of the Solar System and back again. The last time Sedan was this close to the Sun, Earth was just coming out of the last Ice Age; the next time it comes back, the world might again be a completely different place,” says Brown.

In the second book of my recent trilogy “The Magdalen Codes, Reclaiming Ancient Wisdom”, I wrote of my experiences with Sedna. She instructed me on her purpose for coming  so close to Earth at this time, saying she is our Solar System’s connection to the human spiritual development of multi-dimensional consciousness (enlightenment), a higher octave to third dimensional consciousness. In early June 2023 she returned to train me further. At her discovery she could be seen almost directly below Mars, forming a triangle to Venus. Hmm! Internal union between our feminine and masculine aspects?

I write: “She was discovered in the zodiacal sigh of Taurus, and the constellation of Taurus. Her stone is a diamond and she is the crystalline connection between our solar system and the galaxies beyond.  Her function in the birth chart is to assist human evolution beyond the confines of solar system consciousness into galactic or multidimensional consciousness. The process of accelerating our evolutionary journey into higher consciousness requires that we:

  • Surrender our personality will to a higher power
  • Strengthen our spiritual Will
  •  Become mindful of attacking birds (negative thoughts)
  •  Alchemise all that is not love enabling emergence of an open and loving heart,
  •  Practice toning until vibrational resonance occurs between heart and throat,
  •  Practice internal relaxation during activities.”

From the publishing of The Magdalen Codes book in 2018 until early June 2023 I didn’t hear from her. A week ago she told me that she offers a different perspective to others, and will instruct me personally so I can share it. She asked that I create a series of on-line workshops to do so.  ‘click here to find out more’

As we work with Sedna, formerly dormant brain cells become activated. Sedna’s energy can be likened to a bridge between our current 3D level of consciousness and the consciousness of higher planes of existence (multidimensionality). She offers a galactic perspective to human consciousness expansion through sound, psychic sensitivity and Divine Light. It is this spiritual growth process I will teach.

I decided to place her current astrological location in my chart – 28 degrees Taurus – retrograde.. She exactly conjuncts my goddess Ceres (Earth Mother archetype) in Taurus, and my North Node Gemini in my 5th house. Earth Mother, Sea Goddess and human – a trilogy of crones?Hmm! You may like to place her in your birth chart. Find where your Taurus is situated and work out where 28 degrees will be. Self-realisations can follow.  Sedna’s house position and themes, and the themes of the opposite house will  throw a great deal of light on her influence in your birth chart, – a symbolic model of your psyche.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,