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Early July 2022 Astrology News

By July 3, 2022No Comments

Retrograde planets

Currently, from our Earth’s perspective, Saturn and Pluto are moving in seeming backwards motion, and, on 28 June, Neptune also began its retrograde motion. Saturn’s position is 24 degrees Aquarius 47 mins; Neptune – 25 degrees Pisces 26 mins;  and Pluto, 27 degrees Capricorn 49 minutes. What does this mean to you?

First, look to your own birth charts to ascertain if you have any planets or points in your chart at a similar degree and sign to those mentioned above.

If the answer is “Yes”, then you will be currently experiencing the subtle, or not so subtle,  effect of one or all of the planetary transits mentioned above.

Let’s look at three specific examples:

Saturn in Aquarius

If you have planets or points in your birth chart from 19 – 25 degrees Aquarius/Leo/Taurus/Scorpio you will be experiencing this transit, depending on the type of aspect it makes.  Let’s say your Ascendant  is  between 19 – 25 degrees Aquarius.  You will have been experiencing Saturn’s movement becoming closer to this chart point from April this year until the last week in May when it  moved to 25 degrees Aquarius. Themes connected to consolidation of resources, creating a solid foundation for the future by developing greater maturity,  accepting personal responsibility for your life actions  and demonstrating a greater sense of sovereignty and authority will all have been necessary to aid forward movement. On 4 June, Saturn turned retrograde suggesting the need to retrace, review and re-examine all that may not have been achieved in the lead up to this planetary conjunction.

Saturn’s retrograde motion will continue until 23 October 2022, when it will turn direct at 18 degrees Aquarius 35 mins.  If all the hard inner and external work has been done, you will receive a reward – usually a bigger, more responsible task.

Notice how the theme/energy of the specific planet involved becomes activated in your chart when a transiting planet energetically connects to it.

I’ll demonstrate a second example:

Retrograde Neptune in Pisces

If you have planets or points from 22 – 24 degrees in Pisces/Virgo/Gemini and Sagittarius  in your charts, you will have been experiencing the subtle effects of this transit for most of this year. A Neptune theme will have arisen in your life whereby you may seek a more spiritual approach to life, realising that nothing else is going to fill the internal empty void. You may try and fill this void with superficiality, escaping into drugs, alcohol, or endless streams of movies or videos – seeking something to fill the void of feeling alone.

You may have felt overwhelm, grief or loss, or maybe still do.  Or, you may decide you do not want to  be on this planet anymore. Alternatively, you may meet a person who mesmerises and you want to rescue and save them from their seemingly dire self-imposed problems. You may think you’re falling in love, yet, in truth, you are deceiving yourself. These are normal reactions to the experience of a Neptune transit. The most vitally important realisation is to know you are  experiencing a Neptune transit and that it will pass.  And choose to respond, rather than react to it. Do your best not to succumb to it’s temptations, or another’s spell.  Instead, find what creative pursuit inspires you, and create more of it. For me, dance and writing inspires, so I do more of them!

The upside of a Neptune transit is  to choose spirituality and the Ways of Light, and as you do so, all that is heavy falls away.

To me, this is the essence of Neptune in Pisces – it provides the energy for the masses to turn to a more spiritual way of living life – in all areas of life such as traditions, values, relationships, social customs, diet and work patterns.

We, as a society need to lighten up. Neptune in Pisces is doing what it can. How many are heeding the call?

Lightness of Spirit enables us to see more possibilities and options, increased creativity and balance.

Let’s move on. Transiting Pluto moving through the last degrees of Capricorn is also travelling in seeming retrograde motion.

Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn:

Should you have planets or points in your birth chart from 26 degrees Capricorn/Cancer/Aries or Libra, you will be experiencing this transit according to the type of aspect it is making in your chart.  Again, let’s use some ‘re-‘ words. Retrace, review, re-examine, reflect, revitalise, renew, re-kindle, resurrect, and re-birth.

During a Pluto retrograde phase to a placement in your birth chart you will need to LET GO of all that no longer serves your next evolutionary spiritual advance. The Light of spiritual empowerment is at the end of the tunnel. It is not easy to let go of the old, and, during the process, the tunnel might appear to be very dark indeed.  Some people resist, frantically trying to keep the old alive. Observe how energy slows down and eventually blocks when this route is taken! Under a Pluto transit this tactic won’t work! The energy blockage can adversely affect the body, and specific organs.

If you are experiencing this transit, a complete re-vamp of self is needed – a total transformation into a new state of being human. This transformational experience only happens a few times in a lifetime. You know it when you’re in it!   Self-empowerment is the name of Pluto’s game. Transformation is to take place on a deep soul level to enable greater access to the Light.  Much density may be exposed in the process. Light and fluffy is definitely not Pluto’s agenda!  The area of life connected to where the transformation is to occur is relative to the house (area of life) Pluto is moving through, and it’s opposite house.

On the collective and societal level, there are likely to be many more radical exposures  still to take place. Which way will our collective mind turn?  To the Light, or to the Dark? What about the middle road? How well can you straddle between the two existing polarities? It’s wise to know of the existence of the dark, but most unwise to feed it by focusing precious thought power on it.

Transiting Pluto turns direct on 8 October 2022. It slowly gathers steam, until on March 24, 2023, it temporarily moves into 0 degrees 00.5 Aquarius. On 12 June, it returns to 29 degrees Capricorn. They’re be more societal upheaval to take place between now and then.

It is my understanding that the growing consciousness revolution will accelerate way beyond our current understanding during the approximate twenty years Pluto moves through Aquarius.  We cannot predict the full extent of the changes this Consciousness Revolution will bring.

Consciousness, DNA and vibration move upwards as one integrated whole and are linked together. Advances in consciousness are always reflected in parallel changes within DNA and vibration. To my mind, a giant holistic cosmic system of consciousness operates human advancement and we, as a collective, are ready for a huge leap up the consciousness ladder.

I often refer to this cosmic system as God’s Natural Vibrational Energy System.

Individual acceleration of consciousness leads to an acceleration in the whole of human evolution.

This is why I’ve been focusing my work and energy on challenging students and readers to grow spiritually and evolve into your greatest magnificence. The effect of Light within the consciousness and Unconditional Love within the heart, leads to a full activation of the Light Body.

When activated, the Light Body sends a series of Light pulses into the personality to clarify and integrate the entire chakra system, re-attuning it so it becomes a platform for expanding consciousness and rapid spiritual growth. Ascension means entering into a new level of empowerment and a fresh commitment to a life of loving service. Because Earth has raised her vibration we can stay here and serve in an ascended state. The foundational energy of unconditional Love Is a powerful and transformative force. Just think of how it can be combined with modern Light Technology – to make a huge improvement to the world in which we live.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,