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Early January 2024 Ashtara’s Musings

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2024 Numerological, Tarot and Astrological Influences

These three ancient esoteric modalities are tools to awaken the truth contained within our subconscious minds. They can act as a spiritual mirror bringing us to the understanding that, in order for our world to change, first we must change ourselves. To experience a harmonious and healthy future depends upon the attainment of higher levels of self-awareness that can only come through self-knowledge.

To write this article I use as a reference my favourite Numerology book –  Numerology and The Divine Triangle by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker. I first purchased it way back in the early 1990’s. It was so well used I needed to replace it early last year!

Numerology:  2 + 2+4 = 8

According to our western calendar we have entered an eight year.

According to Pythagorean numerology, the key words and themes associated with number eight are: strength, will, effort and power. This number involves  leadership, executive abilities and organisational skills. It connects to large expanding businesses and corporations, especially financial where money and power are the gods.

This number also relates to powerful athletes who need to use their will to discipline their minds and bodies. By exercising determination, persistence, physical and mental strength they learn to focus upon effectively developing their skills so they can excel at what they do. This focus is required by all of us who want to achieve goals, whether material or spiritual.

The author’s say that in the old testament bible the esoteric mystery of the 8 is one of eternal and continuous spiral motion, which is constant throughout the universe. The life-force currents sweep through the body in the form of a figure 8, following the cerebrospinal and sympathetic nervous systems, like radiations of light. This is why, when in deep meditation, we see the real light within.

They also say that in the new testament bible the number 8 stands for involution and evolution; for the cycles of ebb and flow, infinity, rhythm, strength and confidence.

The horizontal figure of 8 means “as above- so below”. This infinity symbol is one of spiritual power. It is also a symbol for Sedna, the cosmic body first discovered in our Solar System in 2003. Throughout many meditations that year and the following one she taught me about her purpose for re-entering our Solar System at this time in human spiritual development. She also gave me her symbol to share. Recently she returned to my meditative space and is revealing to me the finer details of her approach to Earth, and her purpose for so doing at this time. To share her story and purpose is a responsibility and an honour.

The Buddha taught of the eight-fold path to enlightenment. There’s much esoteric mystery contained within the number 8.

The Tarot Symbolism of Number 8 


The fang of the serpent is the key image in the tarot deck used by the authors. An image tells a thousand words! The serpent symbolises the power of the kundalini energy or life force, which, in undeveloped sleeping humans, lies coiled at the base of the individual’s spine. In order to develop the internal strength of enlightenment this energetic force must be elevated to transform the person into a more spiritually-oriented, divine-love based individual.

It’s interesting to note that the only two numbers that can be written over without ending are 8 and 0. They symbolise divine power. The number 8 also represents material power. Both numbers are numerically represented in this year’s date.

The kundalini power energy within all humans can only awaken and rise through transformation of the dark subconscious matter (suppressed emotions) into the light of self-understanding and self-awareness. When this area of the human mind is clear of such obstructions, the light  within reveals the true power, that of divine love. It is a felt experience – of ecstasy, peace and unity.  Spiritual will, desire, intention, mental and emotional strength and persistence are also needed to attain this high light frequency.

Astrological Correspondence to Number Eight

Saturn and Leo 

Eight is a power number. During this year we will all be tested to stand firm and strong, demonstrating our personal love-based power. This is completely different to ego-based power which is the desire to over-power others to get something for personal gain. This is the current power game of those in high positions in all areas of life; political, governmental, societal and religious. To over power and control requires people who are willing to play the psychological game of powerlessness.This emotionally, mentally, psychically and physically weakening game of powerlessness leads to victim/servant/slave states of being. I know it well! It took high levels of self-awareness and internal strength to overcome. I had exceptional teachers to whom I am deeply grateful.  I named my three astrology text books “Your Recipe For Self-Empowerment Through Spiritual Astrology” to assist readers strengthen their energy levels through the development of self-knowledge.

This year many people will be psychologically, spiritually, physically and psychically challenged until they eventually choose to never, ever play the weakening powerless game again!  And so, the Light will spread.

Saturn urges us to face reality. The reality of our 3D existence and the reality of our spiritual work in the world of form. We, as souls, chose to enter this 3D plane of existence to learn life lessons so we can develop greater internal light, the light of higher consciousness. Saturn, as the Lord of Time and Karma, urges the expression of concrete, material and spiritual achievement, and nudges and provides the energy to those who have the necessary determination, persistence and discipline to rise to the top of their chosen field.

Leo provides the playful leadership abilities that lifts the spirit of sober and responsible saturnian attitudes. Leadership abilities can be developed from a foundation of divine love and self-knowledge or from ego power and control. Within sincere loving leaders, compassion arises for those who reject or resist internal spiritual growth. These leaders know that each and every human will eventually see the light of their own behaviours and their kundalini  energy will rise when they do.

Many power-based life lessons will be learned this year – by individuals and the collective. Leo also represents the inner child. Many will be involved in inner-child work as they learn valuable life lessons around the themes of arrogance, self-aggrandisement and the subconscious need for approval and recognition, all stemming from rejection of Divine Love and/or deep subconscious ‘separation from love’ issues.The heart can feel attacked and physically express in this way when this issue continues unresolved and there’s a lack of courage  to face truth.

There will definitely be power-plays this year. Individually and societally! And they are likely to become so obvious that many more people will ‘see the light’ and, because of challenging circumstances, be willing to change their behaviours, attitudes, beliefs and approaches to life. More people will wake up and see this power game in global politics, religious wars, influential families, huge business corporations and the media. It will amplify throughout the year. Many more people will begin questioning, searching for a higher meaning to life.

There may be revolution as truth reveals.

I question as to whether a powerful event is needed to bring a much needed change of perspective to this world seemingly gone mad?

Astrologically, In the New Year sunrise chart, Pluto in Capricorn trines Sedna. This 120 degree aspect has been in operation for some time. Pluto is connected to soul transformation. Sedna, goddess of the oceans and waterways seeks to bring attention to the plight of our planet’s water and how we can change the man-made pollution through transforming the ‘waters’ of our personal consciousness. As so many people are now realising, internal change brings external change. When we clean up our internal ‘waters’ (emotions), we observe the result in our external world. It is the way spiritual energy works. Should not enough people wake up- there may need to be a calamity connected to water – so that more people will place a higher value on our waters – metaphysical and physical.

In this New Year chart, Neptune in Pisces opposes Moon in Virgo: An opportunity to develop our natural psychic gifts and talents is available. Our third eye chakra will need to open in order to do so. This natural process involves developing our pineal gland through conscious identification and clearing of dense psychology. Desire and intent form the necessary solid foundation.

Chiron and North Node conjunct in Aries: New beginnings and new ways of natural healing are available when willing to open our minds to them. It is the destiny of humankind to keep ourselves healthy so we can withstand the greater influxes of cosmic light. Our bodies were designed to do so.

Goddess of hygiene, natural health and healing, Hygeia, in the last degree of Aquarius conjuncts Saturn in early degree of Pisces, nudging us to take responsibility for our health. Through intention, calm and considered observation we can use our natural abilities to positively act upon our bodily responses to different kinds of food, and whatever else we put in our mouths and feed ourselves with our minds. Yes, it takes effort, time and patience to become the observer of our minds and bodies but isn’t good health, wellbeing and longevity worth it?

Major 2024 Transits

22 January: Pluto moves into Aquarius until  3 September 2024 when it retrogrades again into Capricorn for a sojourn of only a few months.

I’ve written heaps of articles about this transit, available on my website. A slow build-up of erratic and deeply powerful energy has been taking place since Pluto’s first ingress into Aquarius in April last year. At that time Pluto gave us little doses of his main theme – which is transformation. It wasn’t for long though – only until 8 June 2023. Aquarius brings illumination/enlightenment/brilliant ideas/futuristic insights and rebels when constricted inside a Capricorn box! Watch for more societal structures crumbling under the weight of people pressure during Pluto’s second ingress into Aquarius.

During the next twenty years while Pluto is moving through Aquarius, the energy will be available for souls to transform old habitual, stuck patterns of behaviour and beliefs to enable a new light-filled future. How many will take up the challenge? To develop higher consciousness along with its associated vibration requires that we become aware of how we give our precious life-force energy away to others, or how we attempt to control others by stealing their energy in order to fill  up our personal energy tanks. Stealing is not a positive spiritual principle!

How many will want to stay stuck in their thousands of years old fixed ideas/beliefs/points of view about how the world ‘should’ be – judging this or that person as bad/evil/lazy or whatever, without looking to self to see where this same game is unconsciously played. Realise that you wouldn’t be able to see the trait in another if it wasn’t in you. Whoops! This evolutionary process can be confronting! Yes – developing higher consciousness to enable spiritual growth is! Truth can hurt, and also heal, when responsibility is taken for it.

On 22nd January this year we will begin to  experience an amplification of the transformation theme relating to Aquarius on both the physical and metaphysical levels. What is Aquarius on the metaphysical?  Light – Cosmic Light!  The light of higher consciousness. The light that dawns inside each and every human mind when clarity enters to replace the dense psychology that once existed. This internal bright light will not happen without personal effort, dedication and spiritual devotion. Regular meditation helps. Developing genuine heart-felt gratitude and love of and for the Christ Light within is the higher path to follow.

27 January:  Transiting Uranus turns direct in Taurus. Taurus governs money and how each of us relates to it through our values and levels of self-worth. A change to our global monetary systems is taking place. Who will benefit? That’s not the concern of the planets. According to esoteric astrology, the planets’ function is to support we humans evolve into greater light by providing the cosmic energy to do so. It has always been. How each person responds to the planetary ‘nudge’ is a choice. The planets nudge us into taking a certain direction we can feel excited about – or feel it is too much of a challenge. We can choose to act upon the growth nudge or not!

In the physical world changes are likely to occur to the western world’s monetary system. Check out what is happening in Argentina. Sudden, unexpected, revolutionary monetary changes took place in December 2023 as inflation hit 100%. A new government took over the country and immediate directions were given to completely eradicate the old monetary system and bring in a new and controversial one in its  place. Something of a similar kind could, and probably will happen in other countries.

Jupiter in Taurus conjuncts Uranus in Taurus:  

From approximately  24 March 2024, transiting Jupiter begins to connect with Uranus in Taurus. As Jupiter, being the faster moving planet, moves into closer alignment with Uranus, electro-magnetic consciousness ‘sparks’ will begin to fly, and on 21st April the fireworks commence!  Uranus is the Consciousness Illuminator – bringing clarity to the human mind often through sudden, disruptive experiences to the land and human race.  Jupiter’s energy is expansive. It will take whatever it connects to further, broader and higher. I hope you’ll be ready to move forward in leaps and bounds willingly facing your life challenges knowing that these two cosmic bedfellows have your best interests at heart. It’s also wise to remember that the Universe conspires for your highest good even though it may not seem like it. Consciousness growth is definitely ‘in the air’!

This transit won’t happen again for many years so its best to take advantage of this download of highly charged expansive cosmic light particles. I suggest you place the dates in your diary. If you have any planets or points in your birth charts around the 20 degrees mark, especially in a fixed sign (Taurus/Scorpio: Leo/Aquarius) I can assure your soul will be activated to grow and evolve into greater light of conscious self-awareness. How your soul chooses to do so will be unique. How you, the personality, responds to the soul’s nudge/urge to expand and grow spiritually will depend upon your level of consciousness. It is as it is.

Hopefully you have already created steady and cautious (Taurus) spiritual expansion and growth (Jupiter) in the lead up to this planetary conjunction. Unusual and humanitarian focus, useful inventions and even changes to our Earth’s stability may arise. It would be wise to practice self-calming methods to enable the state of enlightenment by being fully present in each moment.

On a personal level – I love the transit of Jupiter to my natal Uranus in Taurus. ‘Sparks’ do fly – as I receive exciting opportunities for expansion and spiritual growth. It happens once every 12 years and brings major consciousness advances. I’m in the middle of this transit now. Watch out!  Maybe I’ll fly off into the stars again with many cosmic guides supporting my expansion, as I wrote about in my I Am an Experiment book? Maybe I’ll be downloaded with a more expansive creation?

I enjoy saying “Yes” to life coz I have no idea of the exiting and stimulating – and yes – challenging – growth possibilities ahead. How could I possibly have thought up the life I now lead? I choose to be guided by Spirit. This guidance arises intuitively in my mind and body through feelings. I like to look on the bright light side and do my best to understand the bigger picture. It’s always there. I enjoy the many synchronicities and seemingly unbelievable experiences I have when I take the time to merge with the beauty of nature and feel the presence of the Divine Light and Love within me. Life flows magically. My guides enjoy my enjoyment of being in the flow of light.

There’s more transits I could write about but I’ve given you a tantalising taste of what is to come in 2024.  As always – how we handle what Mother Earth, our society, media, governments and our relationships present is up to us. A mature spiritual perspective, along with the understanding there is an infinite supply of love-based light energy available whenever we need it, helps. We have a legion of cosmic light beings ready to over-light and guide us when we ask for their love, help and support.

May the Christ Light prevail,

Many blessings,

Reference: Numerology and The Divine Triangle by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,