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Early January 2024 Arcturus Transmission

By January 8, 2024No Comments

On the threshold of a New Age, when life as you’ve known it changes, questions arise relative to the future.

Listen to the children, and to the young adults. Many of them have the answers. They have come into the world of form at this time to help create and build a more sustainable foundation from which to launch into a secure future. These souls have incarnated all over the world for this purpose. Many are aware of it. Many are waking up to it.

Times are certainly changing. Human evolution into greater love and light is accelerating.

Listen to the children. Encourage them to believe in themselves, and their intuitive ideas.  Ask them to propose scenarios for the planet that are dear to their hearts. The heart connects neurologically to the brain, and is the seat of the soul. These old souls have incarnated specifically to create a different pathway for humanity’s future. The current times are their launching platform. Teachers – give them projects that allow freedom of expression. Encourage their fertile minds to break free from restrictive boundaries. They have the answers.

We, the Arcturians, are able to guide those of a loving heart and a wide – open mind.

We love you, and will come again.


“We begin. Amidst the global turmoil a greater light shines brightly. Those who chose to follow the light are doing so fully aware of the consequences of not doing so. Those choosing to follow the lower path may suffer.

We are blunt because it is needed. The highway to self-realisation comes through self-awareness and has been taken by many. It is the path of joy. The low way is the path of re-action and is fear based. Our messages have been, and will continue to be, of love.  Many adjustments to the human psyche need to be made before the highway becomes filled with joy filled travellers. To face one’s shadow and alchemise it through love and forgiveness is not an easy path, yet it is the highway to heaven.

We ask you to stay centred in love throughout the turmoil. Love is the highest vibration and love heals soul wounds. Love is the highway to freedom. Joy is its partner. Grace follows. When the vibration of love and joy fill the mind, lower vibrational energies cannot enter the body. It is and always will be.

We are the Arcturians and will come again”.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,