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Early January 2020 Arcturus Transmissions

By January 7, 2020July 30th, 2020No Comments

We come at a time of great change. The collective human consciousness is ready to take the next step in their spiritual evolution and the embodiment of greater light. Your planet Earth is moving into a different area of space where the light frequencies are more refined.  Humans upon Earth are receiving these frequencies.

All matter vibrates. Humans vibrate according to their levels of consciousness. As self-awareness develops individuals vibrate differently. When these vibrations resonate with love good health results.  When static or dissonance occurs, the human body responds in kind. Mental and emotional dissonance creates physical health problems. The body can heal when resonance is reinstated.

By tuning into the heart during contemplation or meditation, and living life according to the higher frequency of love, self-healing occurs. Instruments to aid this process can help but ultimately it is the frequency of focused love that heals.

Thoughts and beliefs have so much power. Negative thoughts vibrate at a low frequency. Loving thoughts vibrate at a high frequency. Love is the healing agent.

We are the Arcturians, and we love you.


The effect the mind has on the body is quite profound. When this is fully realised, a huge change in consciousness will take place. People will become more aware of their negative thoughts and choose to engage in positive ones. What humans think about is a choice. Each individual creates their world by their choice of thought. The more positive and light their thoughts, the lighter and healthier is their body.

So simple.

Learning to become an observer to the thoughts you think is part of the evolutionary growth process, and is a natural development. It can be accelerated through self-awareness. We urge you to take this path.

Constantly thinking negative thoughts blocks the light of higher consciousness. The dense energy accumulates and adversely affects all living things around it. Negative thought energy acts as a poison, polluting all it touches. Constant vigilance is required to manage the mind, and choice is involved. The choice to think positively results in a joyous, happy and fulfilling life. It is, and has always been.

We are the Arcturians, and we love you.


As more humans begin to awaken to the greater reality and are able to release their third dimensional (3D) constructs -the thoughts and beliefs that keep them imprisoned – a new way of perceiving life will emerge.

Gone will be the negativity and in its place will be love and gratitude for all of Nature’s many gifts and blessings. A new world of joy, fuelled by love, will permeate creation. In the fullness of time you will realise you are the creator of your own reality – of the world you inhabit. You create it by the thoughts you think.

When you learn to view your brain as a computer – that operates as you feed it information – you will realise you are the one in charge of it. Your brain functions as an inert electronic device that needs to be programmed to work as you want it to. You are the programmer, responsible for the import.

The world in which you live is a mirror. When you learn to view it as such you will change internally to enable a more harmonious and peaceful external reality. It is, and always has been.

We are the Arcturians and we love and care for you.