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Early February 2024 Arcturus Transmissions

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Late May 2020

“As people gravitated towards a more simplified life, new forms of creative expression emerged. As a child spontaneously plays, so too do adults begin to play. When humans spontaneously play with joy and love in their hearts, different chemicals in their bodies are activated. These chemicals are healthy.

When the human brain becomes over stimulated, unhealthy chemicals activate. Stress is created.

It is wise to learn to manage your thoughts. This process requires adopting an observer perspective. With intent and will it can be done. Mindfulness requires present moment self-awareness. An over-stimulated mind cannot be self-aware.

When focusing on creative play, the mind relaxes. When the mind is relaxed, so too is the body. The practice of yoga is an example. Mind, body and spirit harmonise through this practice, releasing health-giving chemicals. So simple.

We will come again.


In times to come, when the population on Earth is not as great, people will live simple lives. They will realise the value of nature and appreciate all she provides. Simplicity, rather than complexity, will be appreciated.

For some, we speak in riddles. Others can feel the truth of our messages. Life as you know it is unsustainable. A new way of living is imminent. Indigenous people know of this life, and thrive. Their reverence for nature sustains them, and nature responds in kind. A natural way of life is sustainable. How will this occur? Nature will ensure it does. Gaia, your name for the spirit of Mother Earth, is restless. How does a pregnant female feel when she knows her birthing is imminent? She cleans her space, her waters break, and a new life is born.

Some seers, including Ashtara, wrote of this event years ago. It may have appeared fictitious then. Not so. Gaia is restless. How best can humans manage her birthing process? With love, compassion, gratitude and child-like wonder for all she provides. This frequency, when self-generated within individuals, will support her. She will feel it, and respond in kind.

Wake up humans, and choose love – love of life, and love of and for Nature. We are the Arcturians and we will come again.”


“We, the Arcturians, do the best we can to open human hearts and minds to truth. Many resonate with our messages. It is a transition time – when the light of higher conscious self-awareness can overtake the darkness of ignorance. Ignorance means being unconscious of the contents within the subconscious. This content contains the motivations behind human emotional reactions. Mindfulness is required to uncover the truth behind reactions to emotional stimuli.

The mind can be a trickster. Beliefs contained within it are often conditioned by others. The heart feels truth.

As greater light penetrates human evolutionary development, many shocks can be experienced in order to awaken people to truth. Seeming injustices may arise. Corrections occur when humans realise the waywardness of their life style, and choose to change it.
A transition time requires choice. Basically, the choice is to live life according to heart-felt truth or to false beliefs.

Your planet earth is moving through a different area of space and greater cosmic light is awakening human memories and ancient knowledge. The memories may contain emotions of joy, or otherwise. Unless the emotions contained within the memories are realised, and responsibility taken for them, and are loved for their revealed teaching, they will continue to drive human behaviour. They will drive some to darkness, despair and illness and others to love, joy and enhanced creativity.

A simple life – one of joy, mindfulness and appreciation of, and for all of life is imminent.  We ask you to consider, and to reflect deeply upon our messages, and make choices according to the warm feelings in your heart. Love is the greatest healer.

We are the Arcturians and we will come again.”


“Life as you know it is changing. The old order fades as new conditions are experienced.  Sudden and unexpected shocks can be felt that challenge equilibrium. As an old way of life changes, uncertainty can enter human minds. What does the future hold?

We are doing what we can to answer that question.

In the cities, new governing rules and regulations were made, limiting freedom. Many people succumbed to a deliberate fear campaign. Why is fear imposed? To control.

All across the globe the old way of life is changing. The known order is no longer. Human freedom is being curtailed. A new way of living life is emerging.

Thoughts create realities. What will the collective’s thoughts of fear create?  We ask you to be mindful of your thoughts. Choose to create a world of love and joy, and it will be so.

We love you dearly, and will come again.”


“As mentioned previously, we come to guide, inform and love. We cannot interfere in your choices. Many humans often become so caught up in their mundane material affairs they forget there is a Divine Plan for their evolution into Christ consciousness. This state of being arises through human desire and effort. It requires the willingness to clean out the closets of subconscious memories, take responsibility for them and for their associated actions, and choose to never again play in the world of shadows. It means choosing love.

In times past, and in times to come, guides and teachers from the light realms assist your development. You are never alone. We read your frequencies. Currently, human minds are chaotic. Love cannot enter chaos. Too much reliance on technology to inform and entertain creates mental static. Health is affected.

We ask you to choose simplicity over complexity. To choose nature to inform and entertain, and to choose love and the light of higher consciousness over shadows.

We love you dearly. Our broader perspective is freely given. You can choose to heed it, or not.

We are the Arcturians, and we will come again.”


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,