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Early February 2023 Astrology News

By February 7, 2023No Comments

The Joy of Creating – Full Moon Leo 6 Feb 2023 (AEST)

Every human being is born at a specific time, date and place of birth determined by their Soul prior to brith. Each of us is unique. Our Souls know the zodiacal and solar system energies so chooses the best cosmic configurations in which to incarnate in order to realise, and grow through, accumulated karma.

We can be hard to change because we’re stubborn. We hold on to our well-learned family and societal patterning because it’s the only thing we know. Therefore, our lessons in life keep on repeating, becoming larger and more challenging. Still we hold on to ancient patterns of sameness and mediocrity not realising that everything we do creates reactions and consequences because everything is connected.

We can learn to know ourselves and the subconscious psychology that motivates our thoughts and behaviour as they are clearly evident in our birth charts. It is these past life patterns that prevent us from broadening our horizons and reaching our potential. I teach my students to feel into their bodies as they are learning and, as they do so, identify the feelings and take responsibility for them. This is the way we become sovereign unto ourselves.

Crisis creates an opportunity for growth. First, a shattering of old patterns of rigid behaviour occurs. Feelings arise and this is where we can take the opportunity to use our will, heart and mind to redesign our lives. Feelings of victimhood, anger and blame can do our bodies a great deal of harm. When we hold on to these feelings, unwilling to take responsibility for our part in the drama, an invisible storm builds up in our field, affecting our physical body. The resentment and all other dense emotions stuffed down related to family, friends, lovers etc, act as volcanoes, hurricanes or tidal wives that blow through our energy fields. The unexpressed feelings feed our thoughts, darkening them.

In order to know ourselves we need to ask “Why have I created this?” This is a step towards taking personal responsibility. It is also a step towards becoming self-aware. We must give up our sleeping, numbed and unconscious state of being. How can the wars out there in the world cease while we humans continue to have wars going on inside our minds?

Some loving feelings that may arise under this Full Moon in Leo are likely to involve the feeling to create – a different way of life, a different relationship, a different style of work – a different way of viewing life.  You may feel the urge to attend an unusual awakening course of study, or choose to heal old separation from love wounds.

I suggest you use the Leo full Moon energy to willingly change old resistant patterns, and choose to create a life of joy, intending it to be long-lasting. What gives you joy? For example: I love to dance, move and write. I also love to teach, because I feel fulfilled when I see students awakening to the light and love within them. I rejoice as I observe them using their will, heart and mind to re-create more joyful lives. I enjoy being a consciousness-raising catalyst. Astrology is my main tool, because it works. Throughout my classes I use many other tools. My intention is to continue sharing my work and creating joy.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,