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Early February 2023 Arcturus Transmission

By February 7, 2023No Comments


Thank you Ashtara, for taking our call. We are the Arcturians and have a message for you and for your readers. We invited the Pleiadians to share their perspective to awaken you to truth, and now we wish to thank them for their efforts.

We wish to clarify our purpose and also to offer an invitation.

From our perspective we see an opportunity for survival of your species through specific group work. This group work is to focus on stabilising your planet. The way we suggest it takes place is to practice spiritual healing work at Gaia’s vortices. Using specific sound vibrations, toning sacred names, self-generating the love frequency and invoking our light and presence is the process.

Ashtara has a mission to fulfil and is calling for support from a specific group of women who know they are star seeds and who have generated sufficient love in their hearts whereby they are able to connect with, and receive guidance from, their star family of origin.

She will be given the group mission when the group first connects. On her behalf we issue a plea.

The time for hiding your light is over. We congratulate you on your dedication to resolving aeons of density. Not many have been willing to go to the psychological depths that you have. Ashtara needs your physical support so that, as a committed group, your purpose for incarnation can reveal. Your work is needed now.

If what we say strikes a cord of truth in your heart and soul we ask that you contact Ashtara. Let age not be a barrier.

We love you dearly. We come in service to the Divine Plan. We leave you now and will come again.

Ashtara’s Comment

Please do connect by email if you feel you fit the Arcturian’s description. You will need to trust because I have no idea what group mission will be given when we first connect as a group. What I do know is that the Arcturians have never let me down, and I’ve worked with them as a scribe for 29 years, a complete Saturn cycle.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,