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Early February 2022 Pleiadian Transmission

By February 6, 2022No Comments

Our message today is one of love. We are one large group of Light beings who love and care for humans and your planet. There are others. We share our love by beaming Light rays to you, and through transmissions such as this.

Know you are never alone. We observe your growth with joy, as if you are our children. As we see waves of darkness wash across your collective minds we increase our Light beams. Many of you feel our Light and choose to embrace it. As you do so, the darkness dissipates. Your mind is clear as greater Light fills your being.

When you focus your thoughts on shadows such as criticisms, judgements and fear you increase your darkness. When you focus on creating love and joy, your body benefits and your life flows harmoniously. It is.

It gives us joy to observe your joy. Joy comes from love.

Reflect for a moment on something you really love to do, that excites and uplifts your spirit. Are you doing enough of it? Can you take this joy further?

What can you create from it? For the greater good of your health, your life and the lives of those around you we ask you to further your creation, so spreading your joy.

We love you dearly and will come again.


Ashtara’s Commentary

It’s interesting the Pleaidians focus is on the current 28-day Moon cycle theme of Aquarius and it’s opposite sign of Leo. Love and joy are key words relating to Leo. Separation from this state of being connects to Aquarian themes.

Aquarian energy can focus on the future, and humanitarian pursuits that can result in a lighter and brighter future for humankind. Love is the key. When separated from love, heart problems arise and our nervous system struggles to maintain equilibrium. Heart attacks or blood problems stem from separation from love and are usually based on experiences of rejection, abandonment, feeling unloved and unwanted. This psychology creates a barrier of arrogance, superiority and a need for love. Until conscious of this psychology, we seek love and approval from others. This may ease the pain temporarily, but in the long run does not work. The spiritual journey to wholeness is one of learning to love yourself and the amazing and wondrous soul that you are, and the Light of Spirit that you are. You have the God essence inside of you. You came from the Source of Light  and Divine Love and to it you will return. It is a given. The timing is up to each personality.  It can be this life-time.

We humans are an amazing collective of unique and wondrous souls, all experiencing the earth plane through choice. Many of us have chosen to incarnate into this 3D plane many times because it’s the best frequency zone to work through accumulated karma. (Saturn).

We create our karma, the Universal Law of Cause and Effect, by our thoughts. We can learn to manage them.This practice takes conscious desire, will, intention and serious commitment to develop an observer perspective. The observer perspective comes under the sign of Aquarius. Some find this spiritual practice far too difficult. We have the choice to develop the courage (Leo) to face our fears and limitations (Saturn/Capricorn) and work through them, or not. There’s always another incarnation.

Our perceptions are derived from our feelings, and our ability to be ourselves – to own and trust self,  to say what we feel, without argument or judgement, even when it may be diametrically opposed to other’s opinions.

At this unprecedented time in our lives, the many who are standing up for what they value and believe in are suffering the societal consequences of doing so. Yet, they stand firm. Others weaken under the pressure. It is as it is. It is important to speak your truth, not to  convince anyone else of it. Everyone must make up their own minds. Karma ensues when our thoughts and actions are not based on love and truth. When truth sayers have the courage (Leo) to speak their truth (Sagittarius), whether you agree with them or not, send them your love. (Leo) They are to be acknowledged rather than judged. (Virgo) When judging others  you receive judgement from others. What you give, you receive.  What you sow, you reap. Do your best to keep your wits about you and make your own (Aries) decisions rather than follow the dictates of others. (Libra).

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,