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Early December 2023 Ashtara’s Musings

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Age of Leo – A Dimensional Shattering -10,800 – 8640 B.C.

Age of Aquarius. – A Reality Shift

In the 1990’s there was talk about a dimensional shattering to occur either during the year 2000 or 2012. I didn’t understand what that meant. You remember those strange times and the fear that was rampant in the lead up to the year 2000. Many people around the globe headed to the hills to escape whatever they feared. Nothing happened! Now in the 2020 decade there is talk and evidence of a reality/dimensional shift. I feel dimensional shattering and a dimensional reality shift mean the same thing. Would any of you deny how much your reality has changed from twenty-three years ago? Something’s definitely going on.

It seems there is a division between those who are totally focused on the current material world to the exclusion of all else, and those open and willing to embrace a spiritual and natural health perspective to their lives. This appears to be where the division lies. Those who have embraced the spiritual and natural health perspective, care for the land and natural resources and are willing to look to themselves for cause of their physical problems; whether health, financial, relationship or otherwise. They are addressing their issues from a mature and responsible perspective and are on one line of the divide. Even the language between the two groups is different. It can often be difficult for one side to communicate with the other because the division is so great. The three years of media controlled COVID news contributed greatly to this divide, accelerating it. During that time, families separated, relationships broke up, work problems involving separation increased stress levels and health problems. Rejection and abandonment were felt by many people – all based on a belief. Remember within the word beLIEf is the world lie.

During the Age of Leo, when Atlantis continued to create egocentric based advances in technology, the same thing occurred – in a different form. That civilisation destroyed itself and the land sunk beneath the Atlantic Ocean. I have soul memories of witnessing its demise. I wrote my book Gaia, Our Precious Planet as a result of this remembering. The Photon Band of cosmic Light accelerates this technological advancing process. It will continue throughout the next 2,592 years. Increased light also brings up the darkness.

What are the likely Leo shadow issues that arose at that time and are arising again now? Self-aggrandisement, arrogance, pride, superiority, and the desire to rule to be a centre of attention and to take whatever one wants to further this desire. Human depravity and greed emerge from these and other selfish and self-centred pursuits.
The archetypal energies of Leo and Aquarius are as one coin with two sides. The themes cannot be separated. Each contribute to the other as is the case with all six zodiacal polarities.

On the material perspective Aquarius rules technology. There are huge advances in technology taking place, as occurred in Atlantean times. Technology is created according to the levels of consciousness – of self-awareness – of the person/groups creating it.

How do we use it? If awake and aware of our soul’s agenda and consciously working to harmonise our opposing psychological polarities, we create and use technological for the greater good of humanity. If unconscious, filled with emotional shadows, technology can be used purely for self-aggrandisement – to get something for ourselves . Can you see why we need to be so discerning as to what we choose to believe and to whom we choose to follow, if anyone? What about following the inner directives of your own heart?

We create our future by our thoughts that are based entirely on our levels of consciousness. Raise our personal levels of consciousness by seeking to clean and purify our subconscious minds of any negativity and self-sabotage, and the whole world benefits.
We are each a part of the creation of the world of our future. What world are we creating for our children and grand-children to inhabit? Will there even be a world for them to inhabit?

The Arcturians say ‘Click here to read’

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,