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Early December 2022 Pleiadian Transmission

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28/11/2022 – 1.30am

Good morning Ashtara,

Now you are becoming familiar with the words to describe the process you experience we can move ahead with our sharing.

To many, the process of accessing the higher realms is daunting, without any frame of reference. To others such as yourself, the process is so familiar to your soul it is automatic. Such was the case when, long ago, you raised your vibration so high you were able to bend dessert spoons within seconds.

We ask you to persist with your study so we can use the appropriate words to describe the awakening process. We will come again.


29/11/2022 – 3.30am

We are the Pleiadians and we will be brief.

Many changes are taking place within those humans who have asked for our help. The changes are subtle, affecting the nervous system and some glands in the human body.

Adjustments need to be made to enable the embodiment of greater light. As the light increases, human receptors need adjusting. The level of adjustments made depends upon each individual’s needs. The science required is unknown in your world but this will change. Do not be alarmed if you feel strange sensations in your body. Sometimes shaking occurs.

Our scribe has been experiencing these adjustments for many years and refers to the process as consciousness acceleration. We are encouraging her to learn the scientific words that describe the adaption process. Shadow material must be harmonised by the light otherwise beneficial changes to the DNA and RNA cannot take place.

We leave you now and will come again.

Ashtara’s Commentary:

Spoon Bending:

In the late 1990’s I travelled to Santa Fe in USA to attend a week long course called The Structure of Consciousness. I had no idea what this meant. I was in USA and, while my former husband was attending a Denver trade show, I chose to spend the time learning. This course was the only one available in easy flying distance. Accommodation for the course was on top of a hill in an old monastery built by the Spanish in the sixteen hundreds. There were about 20 people from all around the world attending the course. I was the only one from Australia.

The facilitator had spent 20 years living with the Lakota native American Indians. The course consisted of him attempting to train the group into right brain experience and understanding. I intuitively understood and enjoyed every exercise. I had obviously done them before, in another life.

On the third day, the facilitator asked me to refrain from doing the simple exercises because I already knew what he was attempting to teach. I wasn’t conscious of what I knew. My experiential knowledge was familiar but subconscious. I didn’t have the words to describe it.

On the fourth day we were asked to go into a meditation using deep breathing. Easy! I decided to lie on the floor as I do during yoga practice and commenced deep focused slow breathing. After about five minutes we were asked to sit in a circle. We were each given a silver spoon and asked to bend it. I’d seen someone on TV do this process and knew it was easy and quick. I focused my mind on task and felt the heat in my hands coursing through my fingers as I gently stroked the handle. Within seconds the spoon bent. The facilitator silently handed me another. I did the same process with the same result. The other students saw what I had done and one of them believed she could do the same – and did. The others couldn’t open their minds enough to do so.

I learned later all these people were psychologists.


Adjustment experiences:

1. Often, I feel tingling sensations in my crown and sometimes in the other chakras. The energy appears to go around in circles. I follow it in my mind, often increasing the circles.

2. When I ask for an Arcturian Light download, I visualise a column of brilliant light descending and feel and sense this column entering inside and all around my body. My heart warms and my entire body experiences a loving higher vibrational heat transfer. It feels as if my body is filing with love juice.

3. Light healing: Through conscious and focused deep breathing, I use my mind at the same time as generating deep feelings of sincere gratitude and appreciation for my life learning experiences and, with Prime Creator’s love in my heart, direct the generated love energy towards healing any weakened body part, filling it to capacity. For years I’ve healed myself from damaged body parts: e.g. About five years ago I was attacked by a big dog. I fell on my left side damaging my knee, ankle and foot. I lost consciousness. The medical specialist recommended a knee operation because it was so damaged. No! I healed it with love. Each day for three weeks I spent hours focusing on sending love juice to my knee, clearly imagining it completely healed. It is. I focused on sending love light to my ankle and foot. The foot took the longest to heal. I have never had a problem since.

4. Sometimes during a day I feel an overwhelming need to rest. I try to ignore it but my mind fogs over and I can barely talk. I lie on my bed – knowing it is time for further adjustments to my psyche. I begin a deep, slow focused deep breathing process. Within half an hour my mind is clear and I’m bright and sprightly again. Often, I hear the words “It is done”!



Thank you for hearing our call. We will be brief.

For some, the concept that the world is changing is obvious. For others – not so! The sleepers sleep on.

Your world will continue to change. It must because the former way of living life is over, never to return. A new world is in the making, one you are creating by your thoughts. If fear presides, your world will be fearful. Can we be more explicit? We think not.

There are many natural therapies available in your world of form that can, when applied with dedication, unveil the cause of the mental problems that create fear and other limitations. Many of these practices were known in ancient times when humans had greater self-awareness. At that time the fall from a higher level of consciousness had not occurred. The ancient civilisation of Atlantis was far more advanced than that of today. Ancient texts confirm this perspective. Many of these ancient natural healing practices are being remembered and reclaimed by those with an Atlantean consciousness such as our scribe. We are challenging her once again to remember and share her findings.

We are the Pleiadians and will come again.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,