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Early December 2022 Astrology News

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Higher Vibrational Light Realms

We humans are not only our physical body. The first lesson I teach in my astrology courses is based on our four energy bodies and how they connect to our elemental nature.

I use the drawing of a stick figure to demonstrate. Sometimes I add boobs and hips and usually drew a big smile on the face. The figure signifies the physical body and the Earth element. I draw it in green – the colour of the leaves on Earth.

I draw a line of blue around the physical body. This colour represents our emotional body. The element is water.

Around the emotional body I draw a yellow line, representing our mental body. The element is air.

Finally, I draw in red a line symbolising our spiritual body.

All healing begins in our spiritual body, descends to our mental body and meets our emotional body. We create dis-ease in our physical body through lack of spiritual connection and nourishment. This leads to shadow thoughts. The dark thoughts create emotional disturbances that find outlet in the physical body. Through a deep and loving connection to our internal divine Spirit, allowing it to guide our lives, our thoughts become harmonious, our emotions lighter and our physical body benefits.

The level of our consciousness raising process can be seen clearly by kirlian photography. Clear sighted self-aware psychics can also see the colours surrounding the physical body. The energy bodies are often referred to as auras.

The above teaching is an ancient science.This ancient science is being resurrected, usually by people outside the scientific community.

These four bodies also relate to dimensions.

Our physical body resides in 3D. This realm is dense and heavy. It is a realm of duality. Polarities exist. e.g. There is day and night. Up and down. Light and dark.

It has always been. In my astrology work book, Volume One, I give exercises that, when practiced with sincerity and desire to heal, bring harmony to our internal polarities. We have always been able to do so.

Our emotional body is the astral realm. There are levels in this realm – the main levels are a lower astral and higher astral. The higher astral operates in 4D. When we’ve realised the cause of, taken responsibility for, and harmonised the heavy and dense emotions felt, and the thought patterns that trigger them that hold us captive in 3D, we ascend our consciousness to the higher 4D astral realm of vibratory experience. This realm of experience has awareness of the ascension process. Emotional intelligence develops through self-awareness.

Self-healing processes can be used to quickly clear the old shadow psychology that sometimes re-emerges. I refer to the re-emerging shadows as ‘sneaky louies’. The shadows are welcomed and loved for their teaching when viewed from this higher perspective.

The 5th dimensional world where love and the light of higher consciousness abounds, now beckons.This is the dimensional shift in consciousness many people are experiencing on planet Earth now.

This 5th dimension is a higher vibratory realm of greater light and love.The Pleiadians dwell in this frequency band. Divine Love is their fuel. It can be yours.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,