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Early December 2022 A Crack in the Cosmic Window

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Love is Like the Trees

“Love is like the trees. Love needs a solid foundation, a strong root system to hold it in place. These roots grow and seek their own path and firmly anchor themselves there. They feel secure in that formation and send energy to the building of a trunk. To do this they need light.

When a tree is in a forest it strains to reach the light. It has to reach higher and higher. When a tree is in a field all alone the struggle is much easier – the light is available at all times.

As the tree feels secure in its trunk it can reach out to embrace a more expansive experience. It seeks abundance and space, arms stretched out to receive the blessings of the elements. If it is in a forest it is limited in its expression.

When a tree feels it has expanded itself enough it will produce leaves. It starts re-producing a part of itself. The leaves have a life of their own. In time, the tree may produce seeds which fall to the ground or are blown by the wind. These germinate and thus the process begins anew.

Love is like a tree. The seed germinates and gradually, if all conditions are favourable, will start producing roots. Like a tree, when a strong love foundation is in place love grows. Love can flourish more easily in an open meadow (one’s own space) rather than in a forest of too many thoughts, too many people, busyness and buildings. When these unfavourable conditions exist, love struggles for light.

Simplicity of life, one’s own space and natural surroundings are needed before a firm foundation, a root system of love can be established.

When this simplicity of life and one’s own feelings of space and security is anchored the trunk will begin to grow. It can reach higher and higher, gathering more information, knowledge and experience of the elements. A feeling of expansion takes place. It can reach out for more abundance, more light and love, forming branches, leaves and finally seeds.

There is available to everyone an abundance of love. It is our birthright. It is our core essence. It is up to each individual to seek light and love for themselves. Heart space needs to be made ensuring it is clear of intrusions.

Once our space is clear we can put down roots and begin to establish a solid foundation of love by connecting to the Source of all love and light. Through the inner security developed, we reach out for more conscious understanding of our process. It is always there. We can move away from Source, but it never moves away from us.

The love and light that Jesus taught is available to all. It requires understanding of the process and a willingness to experience divine love for oneself. The tree is a symbolic representation of the process and as such can be understood.

Sometimes a tree may appear sickly or weak. There may be something eating at its roots, something undermining its foundation.

So it is for humans, and our love capacity. We may allow negative thoughts or deeds to undermine our security roots. We may allow intrusions into our foundations, allowing self-doubt and fears to arise – all of which create disempowerment. We have a choice of allowing this to happen or of consciously becoming aware of the process and choosing to eradicate the disempowering thoughts and feelings before they magnify and create further damage.

A firm foundation of self-awareness and self-knowledge is the key to receiving an abundance of universal light and love. When consciously aware of disempowering thoughts and actions, we can change them. It can’t happen by itself. Just being aware of the unfavourable conditions in one’s nature is insufficient. We need to act, to pull each weed out, one by one until all are gone. When the space is clear again, growth takes place. Our heart is in a position to reach out again to receive the abundance of the universe through the love and light of God.

It is simple yet profound knowledge.

This planet is meant to be a Garden of Eden. A garden where each tree or human being can grow to its full perfection and beauty through a clear connection to the universal Source of light and love. Building a firm foundation of emotional security is an important part of the inner journey.

Wake up humans – to your true potential. Be willing to grow into conscious self-understanding. A wonderful world awaits when you do, a world of such love and beauty, a world where your hearts will open and love permeates your whole being. A sense of freedom and joy are the by-product of the love essence, as is the feeling of oneness with the Universal Source.

Why not choose love and light? Blessings be, Sai”


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,