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Early December 2020 Record Keeper Transmissions

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We, in the higher realms do what we can to aid humans to take responsibility for their life creations. Your creations do not happen by chance. You have incarnated for a purpose, to learn and to evolve into higher, or Christ, consciousness. Some refer to this state of being as God consciousness.

As the light in human souls increase, we in the higher realms can offer perspectives not shared before. We have begun to prepare these perspectives to accelerate further your spiritual evolution into higher consciousness.

Have no doubt we are with you always. We experience as you do. No longer do we emotionally react to these experiences. This is the pathway you will walk. Yes, we feel, but from our higher viewing point, we respond lovingly to all stimuli. We have travelled your road. We choose to only follow the Way of the Heart, knowing it is the smoothest and easiest path.

Through present-moment awareness, conscious of every nuance in our bodies and minds, accepting them as energies moving through, we remain connected to Prime Creator’s love.

So too is this the pathway you have begun to travel.

We leave you to ponder upon our words”.


“We begin.

Since human life began, the forces of light have done their best to assist human spiritual evolution. This journey is the one taken by all humans, without exception.

The forces of dark have sometimes overtaken human’s minds, so creating annihilation. Civilisations collapsed, yet souls need to evolve. Existing species were seeded with the genetics that enable the continuation of the human evolutionary journey to the light of full consciousness.

Once again, the battle between the Light forces and those of the dark has reached a point where not only is there a possibility of civilisation collapse, but Earth’s instability in its orbit around the Sun is affecting the entire Solar System. The Earth is moving through a different area of space where finer light exists.

We speak simply, and plainly, to awaken those still sleeping.

The forces of dark work behind the scenes. Their underground and purposefully secretive movements, using the latest technology in all fields of human endeavour, has reached a point where their complete control of all global affairs is possible.

The Light forces have increased their guidance, providing human souls with
opportunities to see their shadow psychology, awaken to truth and take the corrective measures to never, ever, feed the dark again.

Many light beings chose to re-enter the earth plane through the human birth process to aid this acceleration to the Light. Some, like our scribe, entered as a “walk-in”. She, unlike many other “walk-ins”, was conscious of the entire experience, and wrote about it.


Your sacred texts, written thousands of years ago, speak of these current times. The only way to ensure the Light prevails is to realise your own personal darkness, the psychology that keeps you in mental and emotional chains, and choose to alchemise that energy into light. First is the self-awareness. Then comes the crucifixion, followed by the resurrection. This journey to the light of higher consciousness, and the formation of the light body, was physically and publicly demonstrated two thousand years ago. Many humans have re-experienced this process since then. This regenerative process is now being accelerated.


Jesus became Christ. You do not have to suffer physically, as did he, nor as dramatically. Why? The light of conscious self-awareness is far greater now than it was at that time. And, because so many more people are living their lives focusing on the Light.

We leave you know to ponder upon our words”.



“We begin,

In the most ancient of days, when there were two Suns beaming light upon the Earth, people lived in peace and harmony.

Following a great calamity, the Earth changed its movement in space and one Sun beamed light to it. Earth’s history is long. Humans have existed upon her for millions of years.  Her movement in space is changing, a fact known to many. Her movement is being monitored, not only by people on Earth but by others throughout the galaxy. She, as part of the Solar System, orbits around another light star, Alcyone in the Pleiadian system.

This entire system orbits around a third, that of Sirius.

We make this point so you can understand the value we in the higher realms place upon planet Earth, and all humanity living upon her. The fact that she is unstable is of concern.

What causes her instability? Pollution in its many forms. Pollution creates a heaviness, a density that is palpable. It can be seen and felt. When in it, breathing becomes difficult. Visibility is reduced. Illness occurs. Disease manifests. It is this heaviness and density – this weight- that creates instability. It is physical.

There is a metaphysical weight that is equally as problematic, and it is this weight that is within the human psyche, referred to as dark, or shadow psychology. Unconscious, and unaware humans pollute their environment through anger, hatred, jealousy, malice, criticism, judgements, arrogance, power, control and many other ‘deadly sins’. Human thought pollutes, not only the environment outside oneself, but also the internal environment. When this internal environment is consciously transformed through the light of self-awareness and positive corrective action, the pollution experienced will naturally clear.

We speak plainly – to assist your awakening process.  We leave you to ponder upon our words.


Ashtara’s commentary:  * The “walk-in” experience, referred to by the Record Keepers, took place in the year 2000, when I was deep in meditation. I’ve written about the expansive, blissful and elevating experience in my book I Am an Experiment – An Extraordinary Spiritual Adventure”.


For an aware and conscious individual, the symbolic ‘crucifixion and resurrection’ process usually takes about three – four days. It can take a lot longer, depending entirely on the individual’s level of conscious self-awareness. The energetic influence of Pluto making a connection to a placement in the birth chart, activates this transformational ‘death-like’ experience, whereby some old habit, attitude or conditioned belief, dies. Pluto’s transits provide the energy to consciously transform our dense psychology. We can do this process with self-awareness of the journey being undertaken, choosing to know and flow with the energies, or experience it seemingly being done to us. Some call this journey soul retrieval. We can consciously traverse our deep subconscious realms to extract our treasure of truth, the parts of our soul hidden for so long, or not.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,