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Early August 2023 The Record Keepers Transmissions

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3 August 2023

Good morning Ashtara. We are The Record Keepers with message for your readers. Our topic this week is different.

For far too long your race has been ignorant of the reality of extraterrestrial influence on your planet, relative to the development of human consciousness.

Prime Creator, in Its Supreme Intelligence, created all species, all life forms, as souls. Species without form. It is in the third dimensional (3D) world that human souls developed physical forms. In the higher realms there is no need for a form. These species were not subjected to the Law of Gravity as in your dimension.

Intelligence – consciousness – has no need of a form. Souls developed form as they descended into lower vibrational fields. Many other species exist in other dimensions to that of your planet.These species have been influential in human development. Some of these species are of the light. Others not so! Some have high intelligence and work within the Divine Creator’s Plan. Others have their own agendas. It is up to each human to learn discernment. This comes through feeling and intuition. Each human has within them the ability to discern truth from falsity.

There are also angelic beings of Light existing in higher dimensions. Filled with Light they have no need of a form. They can appear to have a lighter form to that of humans.

We are introducing this topic because we keep the records of human lives n Earth and we have records of extra-terrestrials and angelic beings involved in assisting human development since life on Earth began.

We will come again.


Ashtara’s Commentary:

During meditations I have been fortunate indeed to experience visitations, training and guidance from many angelic beings of Light including archangels Michael, Gabriel and Uriel. There have many, many others. I learned to be discerning about who I would allow into my sacred meditative space. Only those with Prime Creator’s love in their hearts and divine Light in their countenance would I allow. Many others I guided to return home to their own dimension.

Since 1991, I have been conscious of  extraterrestrial involvement in my life. This was when I was introduced to them by a spiritual healer/astrologer during an empowering healing session. He found I had problematic implants that needed release having been inserted by misguided beings from the star system of Orion. Between us, we were able to do so.

For many years the galactic Council of Nine from the star system of Sirius, consisting of spiritual Ascended Masters and extra-terrestrials light beings of high cosmic standing, trained me to raise my consciousness levels by developing Divine love in my heart to enable the embodiment of finer and higher frequencies of  Light. When I had integrated their years of training they handed me over to the Arcturians, from the bright star of Arcturus, to take me further  into even higher realms of consciousness.

The Arcturians trained me to  experience and integrate a new cosmic system that arose in response to a repeated and persistent question I asked of my Higher Self. The question was: “What cosmic system is available that continues to promote human consciousness evolution after we have worked through our  Solar System’s psychological planetary challenges and themes depicted in our birth charts?  My trilogy of books titled Arcturus Astrology share my training and extraordinary spiritual adventures with these angelic and extra-terrestrial Light Beings. ‘click here to find out’

Somewhere around 2018, just before I published the second book of the trilogy, The Magdalen Codes, the Arcturians became  my regular transmitters. They continue as my main inner guidance via personal transmissions. It occurred to me you might like to read, or re-read coz I’ve shared many of them before, some of their transmissions. They may have more meaning and relevance to you now than when I first received them.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,