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Early August 2022 Astrology News

By August 2, 2022No Comments

Mars, Uranus, North Node in Taurus conjunction 31 July – 2 August 2022

On the East coast of Australia (AEST) the exact conjunction occurs between Mars and Uranus on 2 August, 9.49am.  However, it’s the lead-up focus that’s important, although combustion  between the two planetary energies can take place close to the exact time of the conjunction. Taurus, and it’s opposing sign Scorpio, are fixed signs, as are Leo and Aquarius. Mars, the planet of war, and Uranus, the planet that brings surprises, unexpected shocks and enlightenment meet in Taurus, together with the North Node (a destiny point).

Individuals with planets or points around 18 degrees of the fixed signs are likely to be feeling excited, and possibly apprehensive because they sense change is coming but don’t know yet when, what or how these changes may manifest.  The changes might upset their sense of security, or provide the need to become more self-sufficient, or there may be the need to connect with like-minded people to contribute their talents for the greater good of humanity. Mars energy is fiery and dynamic. When it activates a planet or point in our chart we can feel impulsive, impatient, impetuous and overly confident, believing we’re invincible. Reckless and impulsive spending of money comes to mind. Taurus energy is grounded, earthy and cautious. The best use of these combined energies is to begin (Mars) whatever is your inspiration and excitement and take each new forward step towards manifestation in a  cautious, aware, step by step manner.

For the collective, there may be a few shocks that could involve separation from love and security and/or rebellion against the status quo. I suggest you be mindful of your thoughts and behaviour during this time because major self-realisations can emerge from the subconscious that will need to be positively acted upon.

And now to another astrology facet – a focus on the  key words associated with the zodiacal sign of LEO

We teach our children many lessons as they grow. In the past, most parents have been unaware they were doing so. Because this birthday month, from 23 July to 24 August, is relative to the sign of Leo, I decided to write some of the key words and themes relative to Leo, connecting them to the lessons we teach our children and life lessons they teach us. The key words are: love, children, joy, fun, humility, pride, arrogance, play, spontaneity, creativity, wonder and heart. Our inner child also needs to learn these lessons before lightness of spirit, happiness and good health can become a constant in our adult life.

Before our children are born we may have reached a certain level of confidence and maturity, have impressive resumes, are concerned with personal goals and have achieved some of them, and may think we have life all figured out.  We might even think we know it all. We can become arrogant.  And then, a little one is born.Through the birth of the little child we learn:

Your heart is opened as you never, ever thought it could be.  When you gaze at the little one, joy abounds within and the feeling of warmth fills your heart.

A child can experience endless joy through every day play. Their minds are totally present – not thinking about the next thing to be done. Full of love, innocence and joy, they are fully focused on the now moment. They radiate their love, light and joy through their eyes. They teach us to share our love.

Why is your little one crying? What needs does he or she have? Does he or she need a nappy change?And, later on in life – what needs does your teenager have? Can you meet them?This is a reminder of how much learning is needed throughout life.

Children give full attention to whatever is focused upon. Their minds are not thinking of the next three things they need to do. Instead they are totally absorbed in the NOW moment.

We can do the same.

Our own Issues
Children challenge their parents. From their soul’s perspective, it’s part of why they chose to be born. When your child behaves in a way you don’t like and emotionally react to, look honestly within yourself to see if he or she is reflecting a character trait, or a psychological issue you have unconsciously shared. Children mimic their parents, and provide a mirror to their behaviour. While it may not be comfortable to recognise, in fact can be quite painful, it is a beneficial gift the child offers to us. We can accept the gift or choose to ignore it. Should we ignore it, the child will demonstrate it again at a later date. Self-realisation that leads to self-knowledge is an incredibly valuable tool. It is highly likely that the psychological patterning your child demonstrates dissolves upon you recognising, accepting and choosing to transform the same pattern of behaviour within yourself.

Children must play. They are naturally inclined to do so. They play with whatever is available to them. It’s how they learn. Through play they also receive emotional connections. You teach them to have fun playing, or criticise them. Many of us stopped playing at some stage of our lives. Why? We can resurrect our inner child’s joy and happiness by giving ourselves permission to do so. What games do you love to play? Will you give yourself permission to have fun with it and play?

Children are spontaneously creative. Some adults have forgotten they are the creators of their reality. Our children remind us of our innate creativity and show us that we can create whatever brings us joy once we set our mind to it. Our inhibitions become insignificant as we rekindle our creative and playful inner child.

Looking the world with wonderment and seeing it through a child’s eyes is one of life’s greatest joys. Every task, from the mundane to the huge, can become a wonderful journey of discovery. Life can be a glorious adventure, full of new sights, sounds, and delights that make up your entire day – if you allow it to be. When you view life through the eyes of a child, life can be exciting and magical.

Childhood is beautiful, and the joy of experiencing each stage of it with those you love is a blessing beyond measure.

To end, following is a repeated messages from the Pleiadians early this year and is relative to the above current Leo theme.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,