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Early August 2021 The Pleiadian Transmissions

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“We come to you today with a message of importance. For too long your human race has been struggling under a veil of amnesia that has clouded perception. We, and many others, have attempted to assist you to lift it. There are many ways to perceive life on Earth. Why is it that so many choose to perceive only a materialistic way?

It is a simple matter to intend to change perspective. Through intention and desire, all things are possible. The first step is the important one.

Until perspectives change, problems will occur. Your external world is simply an out-picturing of your internal world, the world of your mind. The more troubled the mind, the more troubled is the world. The mind creates matter. Thoughts matter.

We in the higher realms send you love and light. Unable to interfere in your life’s journey we watch as you follow dark thoughts so creating dark problems. The problems you face are of your own making. Pointless it is to blame another.

When loves rules the mind problems disappear. Life is joyous. You can easily turn your mind to loving and joyous thoughts, and those of appreciation for all you have, and for all of Nature’s beauty. By so doing, the veil of amnesia will begin to lift and troubles will diminish. Practice will be needed.

We come from afar with our message. We love and care for you as our brothers and sisters. We are the Arcturians”.

“This, our second message today, conveys another simple exercise. Prepare a quiet and peaceful space for yourselves. Purposefully take some long, slow deep breaths with full focus upon them. As you relax your mind your body will also relax.

Then ask yourself the question:” What is my next step to continue on my path of joy?” Whatever the answer, follow it through with appropriate action. Trust in a positive outcome as you do so.

This is a simple and rewarding process that will take you forward onto the path of joy.
Intend to leave behind sorrows and problems, and you will notice how your joy attracts joy”.




Following is another Pleiadian Transmission.

“We come again to convey another message, quite different to before. We observe so many succumbing to fear. The energy of fear is unhealthy. It creates rigidity in the mind and the body. The health of your body is the physical manifestation of your thoughts.

Fear creates invisible barriers, like energetic walls inside your body. Fear adversely affects your bones. Mass fear creates such a heavy and dense energy it affects nature.

We speak simply to help you to understand. We read energy. From our perspective we see the Earth being covered with heavy dense energy. We propagate and send cosmic Light beams to break up this density, that looks like a dense grey curtain.

In your groups you can generate love in your hearts and, in unison, send your combined love, that acts as light, to the Earth, imagining you are viewing your planet from space.

If groups in every country in the world regularly practiced this simple unifying exercise, the density would lessen.

You have the ability to refuse to allow fear entrance into your mind. For your own health and that of our planet we suggest you exercise mental discernment”.



May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,