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Early August 2020 Record Keepers

By August 9, 2020No Comments

“We continue.

As human evolution continued in the southern hemisphere, in the northern hemisphere of your planet a civilisation developed on the land mass of Atlantis. Many humans today have memories of living during these times.  Technology advanced when the intellect overtook intuition. Crystal technology was used as a power source.

In Atlantis, a civilisation that lasted for thousands of years, two main streams of consciousness developed. On the one hand, there were humans who respected the land and Nature for all she provided, and revered Great Spirit for infusing them with life force energy. On the other hand, were those who focused on technology and science.

Great advances were made in both areas. You could view this time as a pinnacle of human development, the population being more advanced than that upon earth today. Many people living on earth today have memories of these times. These memories activate, resulting in the tremendous advance of technology. A great division between these perspectives and ways of perceiving life became apparent.  In simplistic terms, this division could be viewed as one between the material and the spiritual worlds. Many opportunities arose for these two perspectives to harmonise.

That is enough for now.


An old order is passing and a new way of perceiving life on earth is emerging. Many people will be challenged to walk the new road. History repeats until new perspectives are embraced. It is as it is.

During Atlantean times, a rift emerged between two main ideologies. The technical and scientific world, and the spiritual. You may reflect upon how similar this rift is to your world today.

The outer manifestation of experience is but a reflection of the inner world.  Each individual perceives and experiences life according to their inner world, their beliefs. One of your scholars wrote: “As a man thinks, so he is”.
A troubled and turbulent mind experiences trouble and turbulence.

During the heights of the Atlantean civilisation, the material and spiritual worlds were in balance. This balance existed for thousands of years.  Technological advances, far greater than those of your world today, emerged and were utilised for the greater good.

As occurred in Lemuria, those in power sought even greater power. Power corrupts. Many inhumane experiments took place relative to the mental distortions of those in power. Technology was used to corrupt and control the population. You may reflect on your world today.

There were those who maintained a steadfast belief in a spiritual approach to life and who, with their highly developed abilities, could see the way ahead. They did their best to warn others. Some took their sacred texts and way of life to other lands.

Atlantis collapsed, sinking into the Atlantic Ocean. Atlantean abuse of technology and corrupt power created earth changes. A civilisation perished.

There are many people living on earth today who have purposefully incarnated to do their best to ensure balance is maintained between the dark and the light. Memories of the collapse of Atlantis are their reminders of task.  Our scribe is one.

That is enough for now.


Those who travelled to other lands before Atlantis collapsed took with them much wisdom and knowledge. They shared it with those advanced in consciousness. These new cultures thrived. You know them as India, Egypt, Tibet and China. These old civilisations had developed their own cultures before the Atlanteans arrival and were able to expand their minds to include the new information introduced to them.

The basis of the knowledge was the belief in the One Supreme Energy of Creation. This One Source sought to know Itself, so it too could expand in consciousness. The One Great Source of all life created aspects of Itself.  These beings of Light, the Elohim, are co-creators for the One Source of Being. The One is infinite, and exists in all life. Source is within all life, existing as consciousness.

Source consciousness is being awakened in human beings, through self-awareness. The greater your self-awareness, the greater is your realisation of Source consciousness resident within your body.

That is all for now.


In times to come, and in times past, human beings learned to walk upon planet earth with great respect. Earth, as a living, evolving consciousness, responds in kind to the energy given to her. Currently, the energy being given is lack of respect. As it has been in the past, it will be again. Human beings do not seem to learn from history. Planet earth is ascending to a higher frequency of Light – Cosmic Light. She offers humans upon her the gift of doing the same. Many are joining her. Others choose to stay in the dark – unaware of the gift being offered. Those perceiving, and opening to Cosmic Light, focusing on the light rather than the dark, will travel with her. Others not so. It is as it is.

Cosmic Light, when consciously invoked to enter the crown chakra, acts as fuel to the etheric body. As this Light descends and enters the heart chakra, activation occurs. The heart feels the stimulation of Cosmic Light and begins to vibrate.  All the senses activate in union and harmony is felt. When harmony of body, mind and spirit is experienced, we, from the higher realms, are able to communicate, and be heard. The keys to the Kingdom of Spirit are available to all who seek the Light.

An advanced spiritual science is breaking through the walls of enquiry minds. You, Ashtara, are one who continually asked for the system to reveal. We leave you now to ponder on our words.


As people become used to the new conditions, there will be a decline in exploration and travel. Simple pleasures will be appreciated, along with a simple life style. Many people will turn inwards. We, in the higher realms observe your creations with wonderment.  Those in power who work behind the scenes to manipulate and control, also observe.

Many new leaders will emerge, some with advanced consciousness who see clearly the existing power plays, and also the ways forward. They are gaining confidence in their leadership abilities and will be the bright lights that lead the way to a brighter future”.


May you choose to shine your inner Light brightly, open your hearts to Prime Creator’s love within, and share this self-created vibration to all within your field of influence.

Love and blessings,