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Record KeepersTransmissions

Early April 2024 The Record Keepers Transmissions

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Good morning Ashtara. We are the Record Keepers with a message for your readers.

At a Full Moon and Lunar eclipse old memories can emerge, to be seen – healed and cleared. There is no need to carry them forward because they block your light. Let the issue go.  As our scribe says “Thank it for sharing and release it with love”. A lighter world awaits. Sing the new world into being as Ashtara’s mother used to do. In the fourteen days between the Lunar and Solar Eclipses much growth can take place when working consciously with the energies. Releasing old stagnant memories of pain  and angst during the lunar eclipse enables the new energy from the solar eclipse to enter the empty spaces within the psyche. We suggest you prepare accordingly. You will not regret it.

As you are now understanding, your thoughts create the reality you experience. By releasing thoughts containing the emotions of pain and hurt you create a sunny and light reality. It is and has always been.





For years we have been delivering messages to our scribe. Your world is in a state of flux. Which way will it  go? The Way of Light or continue in the way of the dark?  Our scribe has valiantly provided the Way of Light through love and good will. Many have heard the call and have acted upon it. For some it is a read only. It is as it is. We record.

The known world controlled be a few will continue and will become increasingly more controlling.

The New World, where the light of higher consciousness guides and is paramount, will also exist. As with the so-called pandemic, families and friends will be divided. Human conscious levels is the divider.

Many children born this century, have a different consciousness level  to that of their parents. Viewing life from a broader and  higher perspective, not understood and feeling alienated, they flounder in their parent’s world. Knowing another way to live life, they seek it. Some find it. Others choose to leave.

Adjustments between these two worlds are needed.  Where is one to start?  The controller’s voice is strong yet is is the inner voice that provides the remedy. To hear and feel it requires the slowing down from a busy lifestyle through relaxation and attention given to feelings.  At this time on the Christian calendar, many are doing so. The voice of the soul and the voice of conscience can be heard. Will you listen?

We are the Record Keepers. We care and record and will come again.




For far too long humans have been living your lives under an illusion.” What is it”, you may ask. The illusion that life on Earth is the only life. It is not. First and foremost

you are a soul who decided to enter a human body for the experience – to learn and grow into remembrance of your true nature.  On entering the third dimensional realm a veil of forgetfulness descended over your minds. For millions of years you have existed in this state of being, recycling yourselves  into human form whenever you chose, according to the amount of karma you each developed during the many and varied life experiences.

The light of the soul dimmed. This process is gradually changing. Why? Because your planet, also a living evolving being, has moved into a different area of space where greater cosmic Light exists. She offers an opportunity to all souls in human bodies to ascend with her. The Light she experiences is available to all humans. Many have taken her offer to awaken to truth. Others are too involved in their third dimensional (3D)  activities. It is as it is.

As previously mentioned, a division in human consciousness levels is occurring between those humans who feel and sense the increasing Light of the soul’s intent to evolve into higher understanding and experience of truth and those who choose to remain in the dark.

For those who choose to become self-aware, conscious human beings, your internal light will increase as your soul reveals its experiences and purpose for being. A lightness of being human results. This internal light naturally attracts more light experiences. It is a vibrational system.

As greater light revels within each human soul, the ascension process increases. Joy, wonderment and curiosity fills human hearts and minds. The Light of the Source of All Creation is felt by the individuals and it is this vibration that guides continual unveiling.

Living in this vibration becomes an experience of joy and is the path of every soul experiencing life in the third dimension. How long the journey takes depends upon the individual’s soul intent and spiritual will. The living light of love of the Source of All Creation is a choice. When critical mass occurs, a tipping point is reached.  Your planet is at this point now.  As the internal Light of Source increases in human hears and minds it is physically demonstrated by an increasing amount of technology, new inventions and new ways of living life.

We have shared this in an attempt to clarify the current situation on your planet.

For those with ears to hear, eyes to see and the sensitivity to feel it will make sense.

We will come again.



May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,