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Early April 2024 Ashtara’s Musings

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Total Solar Eclipse and New Moon 19 degrees Aries 24 mins 9th April  – 4.21 am AEST

“The wound is the place where the light enters you”. Rumi (13th Century poet, Islamic scholar and Sufi mystic)

These wise words of a most revered poet are particularly applicable to our personal lives and to that of Mother Earth – Gaia, the Greek name given to the spiritual energy of Earth who has gone through tremendous pain, angst and hurt as a result of human destruction and rape of her resources.  Wars will continue to be fought in those countries where old wounds continue to fester. We humans, as a collective, created her wounds. We can support her healing. We can focus our loving energies of good will and healing and send them to the war torn areas of our planet that need it. There is a huge movement gathering amongst caring people around the globe to join together in unison to harmonise our planet through global humming at the time of the solar eclipse. I support this movement. Should you feel a connecting vibration in your heart you might like to join the project of global harmonising and stabilising Mother Earth at the Solar Eclipse and New Moon. or, practice humming at the time of the New Moon/Solar Eclipse as I will do and imagine and feel connected with the global group.  4.21 AM (AEST).

I’ve just created the Solar Eclipse and New Moon event chart.  WOW!  What a chart! It contains seven placements in Aries as:

Goddess Hygeia, the goddess of natural medicine and healing; 4 degrees Aries, Venus, goddess of love, harmony, peace and beauty; 4 degrees Aries; North Node  Aries 16 degrees; Sun and Moon 19 degrees Aries; Chiron 19 degrees Aries – and Mercury 24 degrees Aries.

OK – that’s enough of the astro.speak!  I’ll briefly decipher the chart.  Mercury is the leader of this Aries energy train. Mercury governs our brain  – our thoughts – our knowledge. At this solar
Eclipse/New Moon time Aries requires new beginnings – a new way of thinking. Therefore this energy supports new thought – new self-realisations – and, as they arise, new dynamic independent action.

The Greek goddess of natural healing, Hygiea, used to be revered by the medical profession. She, along with Asclepious, the father of modern medicine, were written into the first line of the Hippocratic oath that aspiring Australian doctors used to sign before they were permitted to administer to patients. I’m not sure about other countries. She and Venus  in Aries are conjunct Neptune in late degree of Pisces. Neptune governs our deep emotional waters, our faith in a higher power and our Spirit.

Chiron, at exactly the same degree and minute as the Sun and Moon indicate that, emerging from the emotional memories contained within the soul, arise new levels of awareness relative to old soul wounds that can be healed at this time. These old wounds can be related to the divine feminine in its many forms. My mind immediately goes to Mary Magdalen and to Mother Earth. Something’s “cooking” in the cosmic oven whereby the feminine voice can and will be listened to in order for a new way of perceiving life can emerge. This “cooking” process is not only on the physical plane. It is also on the mental, emotional and spiritual planes of existence. Is a feminine Christ merging from the ashes of the past?

The Sabian symbol for this zodiacal solar eclipse degree is:  “A young girl feeding birds in the winter”.

Reflect on this image. The Universal language is that of images. Because of many languages existing on our planet, our Earth community is divided. When we raise our consciousness to a certain vibratory level based on unconditional love,  we become galactic citizens, experiencing  life on Earth in a higher dimension. Symbolic telepathy is the one common language of this realm. One image can tell a thousand words.  Viewing life through the images we receive is an important part of our ascension process.

In the Sabian symbol degree for this eclipse the young girl feels compassion for the bird and wants to help it survive. Compassion is a Neptune/Pisces word. She’s taking action (Aries) to help it survive. The key note of this zodiacal degree is “Overcoming crises through compassion”.

Compassion is a feeling coming from the heart. It has a feminine overtone. Through creative imagination and feelings of compassion, we can ‘fly over’ the world to assist other living entities survive through crises. To me, this is the  energy behind the compassionate desire of millions of people to do whatever we can to energetically ‘feed’ our ailing planet, helping it to survive from the massive abuse caused by an imbalance between the masculine and feminine human energies upon her.

There is one other aspect  in the Solar Eclipse chart I want to focus upon and it is the goddess Vesta in a challenging square aspect to Neptune, Hygeia and Venus. Three goddesses – and Neptune! Neptune’s reasonably compatible with the feminine because he rules the ocean of emotions residing within every human soul. Vesta is goddess of the flame – the flame of divine love that resides in every human heart. During this coming eclipse Vesta is asking for a commitment to this spiritual flame be made and is challenging the parts of ourselves that carry the Neptune, goddess Hygeia and Venus vibration to focus upon doing so.

In other words, it’s time for humans to wake-up to the spiritual flame within our heart and soul and live according to it’s guidance, as did Yeshua, Mary Magdalen and those within their circle. Illnesses may arise when we deny this flame.

31st March 2024.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,