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Early April 2023 The Record Keepers Transmissions

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25 March 2023

We are the Record Keepers with much to share. The Pleiadians have shared their perspective for some time, and we thank them. Many have woken up to personal truth from that sharing. And now, we have returned. Ashtara is our scribe also and we have prepared her for our messages.

We, a group of Ascended Masters, have experienced life in your dimensional level. Many of us for many incarnations. We have kept the records of those experiences and we are here with you again to do the same.

A new era in consciousness is dawning. For many, life as they have known it will be no more. A new way of living life beckons, one heart-connected and filled with Spirit. Allow your Spirit to guide you through your hearts.

We love Planet Earth, having experienced her beauty and splendours. We also love you, the species who live in human bodies on Earth. You are foremost a spirit being inhabiting a human body. Treat it well. It is the vehicle you chose in which to live your life.

We will come again.

Ashtara’s Commentary:

As a gesture of my love and appreciation to the Pleiadians for their transmissions and their love and care for all humanity and planet Earth, I share an excerpt from my I Am An Experiment book:(page 90)

“And then, a few days later, during meditation, I received a message from Andromeda, Theta and Beta, the names given to me for the three little humpty-dumpty Pleiadians. Opening their tiny arms in a gesture of peace, with infinite love emanating from their eyes, they told me how concerned they are about what we humans are doing to our planet. They said they have come to do what they can to help alleviate the destruction likely to occur should we continue with our ways, and that they come in love (their tiny hands were on their hearts as they spoke these words) to help restore Mother Earth to her former beauty and perfection. Their desire is to help redress the devastation man has caused. They also said that Mother Earth was in the process of shedding her skin of negativity.

I felt their dedication, sincerity and love and believed all they said to be true.”

Thank you Pleaidians, from my heart to yours, for your consideration, love and care.


30 March 2023

Good morning Ashtara. Thank you for hearing our call. We have much to share.

We have kept the records of human evolution of consciousness since the beginning of human life and we continue to do so. We have a different perspective to the other transmitters. We are grateful to you for willingly making yourself available to be our scribe.

Human life began in the sea. Your scientist have now proven this fact. For millions of years your species has been evolving into who you are now. Many humans have attempted to explain the process of human evolution yet still haven’t arrived at a conclusion. It is to do with genetics.

Your geneticists have almost reached the point of discovery yet are still unwilling to embrace the obvious – and that is that Prime Creator’s energy is within all living species. This energy is the glue that permeates all of life. Each of you is filled with your Creator’s energy – the energy of God consciousness.
Your Creator birthed you in Its image – the energy of consciousness, of divine love. We ask you to accept this fact by opening your hearts and minds to it. This consciousness is stirring within you. It is awakening and desirous of attention. This evolutionary process has been referred to in the past as the second coming of Christ. The Christ energy now seeks expression.

Open your hearts and minds to this fact dear readers. Open to a love so great you will not be able to describe it. You have incarnated at this time to experience love as never before.

You will find this love in Nature and it quiet moments of gratitude and contemplation.

We ask you to allow it in. Be willing to heal yourselves through the highest vibratory force you can hold and contain. Your bodies have been designed to withstand it.

This is the shift into higher consciousness our scribe has been teaching and writing about for decades.

We leave you now to ponder upon our words. We are the Record Keepers and will come again.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,