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Early April 2022 Astrology News

By April 4, 2022No Comments

On Tuesday 5 April transiting Mars and Saturn will conjunct at 22 degrees Aquarius and be challenged by the Taurus North Node at the same degree. Dynamic Mars the planet of war, and serious Saturn the planet connected to fears, authority, governments, structures, responsibilities and limitations of all kind, will clash with the Taurus North Node (‘destiny’ point). Hmm!

How will this cosmic energy manifest in your lives?  Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius are fixed signs. Leo is the missing fixed sign, and therefore the key. What do I mean?  Accessing your heart-felt creativity and taking a new responsible step forward into your future with it, is the most positive use of the energy.  Thank any fear for sharing, and do it anyway. Joy will fill your heart as well as excitement as to what the future may bring.

Those people with planets or points in their charts around the 22 degree mark (within an orb of 2 degrees either side  eg 20 – 24 degrees) of a fixed sign – are experiencing this energy. You might want to check your birth charts. If you allow fear, limitation and old conditioning to hold you back, the suppressed energy could turn into icy anger – hard – like frozen arrows darting across from one to another, harming  psychologically. Best to become aware.

I used to believe I was not an angry person because I never felt angry. I was in denial.  Unconsciously I kept it bottled, with a tight cork in it.  When it finally emerged it was icy.

Anger is an emotional energy that needs to be expressed physically and responsibly, without harm to self or another. Throughout my thirty plus years of teaching astrology I’ve encouraged my students, especially those with children, to purchase a punching bag and gloves, hang the bag on a verandah post  or something similar and, when feeling the emergence of anger, take responsibility for it and go punch the bag until the emotion dissipates. By so doing, the body and mind become harmonised.  Being an example to your children and encouraging them to do the same demonstrates emotional maturity. Taking a course in boxing or the martial arts can also assist the release of old subconscious anger. Mars enjoys initiatory dynamic action and can become angry when unwilling to take an independent step forward into a new way of living life.

As the Pleiadians say:-

Fear attacks fear. Love attracts love.

Live your lives in joy and expectations of a wondrous future and it will be so. Rearrange your minds accordingly and all will be well.

Let’s refer to the transmission again. Technological distractions connect to Aquarius. Instant gratification and immediate answers implies impatience and frustration (Mars ). Creating (Leo) a wondrous future ( Aquarius) requires that these two energies work in intentional harmony.

Choosing to use Mars in Aquarius energy to begin a unique and different heart-felt creative project is likely to be successful in the long-term especially when applying the Taurus step-by-step process with passion and focus (Scorpio).  This is the most productive and positive use of this energy package.

As always, it is our choice. Choose well. Allow love, and the light of your inner guidance to guide.

Your health, wellbeing, and inner harmony is at stake, as is the health, wellbeing and harmony of the planet.



And now, to excerpts of 2021 Arcturus Transmissions that came on my screen as I was about to press “send”. …

“Every human has a unique gift, a talent well learned in other lives. Find yours. It will be connected to something that comes naturally to you. Our channel’s gift is that of a scribe, and we’ve asked that she perfect it. To perfect your gift takes practice, and more practice.  The world as you knew it has changed. The more you focus your thoughts on love and light the easier will be your transition. Find your joy, and focus your attention on it. Let go of the world you knew and allow the unknown to reveal. In wonderment, observe the unfoldment of your creativity. Appreciate Nature’s beauty and bounty.  Allow life to reveal its magic. Peace be unto you.

The world now needs your gift, more so than ever before. Take time to perfect your gift, and share it freely.”

From The Record Keepers: –

“A new world awaits, for those who follow their joy, and who refuse to be taken in by manipulative power agendas. There is always goodness, beauty and the abundance of Nature to be found. A simple, and natural way of life is within reach of all who choose it to be so. This is your future. Why not make it your present?

How do humans evolve? Through experience. You have learned to create the most amazing experiences. We, in the higher realms, view them with awe. You are amazing creators. Mostly, you have created your lives unconsciously. We ask you to become conscious of them. Why do you create illness? To learn, to grow, and to evolve spiritually into the light of self-realisations.

All forms of life are continually in a state of expansion and growth. Stagnation is not an option. Inertia is not an option. We leave you to ponder upon our words.”

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,