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Arcturus TransmissionsTransmissions

December 2018

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As accelerated growth was experienced and higher perceptions understood and appreciated, the flow and rhythms of life advanced. True meaning and purpose became evident for those dedicated to their inner journey to the light of higher consciousness.  Life became filled with wonder, awareness and joy as more connections were made. Falsities revealed the needed action to release their hold over the mind. Gratitude for the path revealed filled the hearts and minds of The Rainbow Warriors.  The joy of serving the Great Plan guided their lives. No longer were questions asked. There was no need.  Each step became evident following completion of the previous one.

All souls are being trained for the roles they are to play according to the Great Plan for human evolution into finer frequencies of light.  Many souls are currently unaware of this process. They will learn that the knowledge they need to move forward joyously is within.  It is up to each individual to realise and clear their internal chaos, calm their minds and trust their unique path will unfold according to their soul’s plan. Love is the key.

Giving oneself time alone to sincerely pray and ask for guidance, and feeling genuine states of gratitude for all the growth lessons learned, and the teachings received, produces harmonious results. It is so. We prepare the way. You follow the path of your heart, the path of feeling. Each new step forward reveals according to your capacity to feel truth.

Thank you for your willingness to receive these transmissions.  We are the Arcturians and we will come again.


Over time, the human experiment developed problems. The beings from Mars became intent on aggressive pursuits and wars between the tribes began. It was not pleasant.  Those from Venus did their best to ensure peace would reign. It was not to be. Human beings began to evolve through these polarities.

Balance between these two forces was often experienced and the Golden Age of Camelot lasted for a long time.

Cycles repeat.

A new Camelot, a Golden Age of peace is prophesised.  It will take place but not until the warring forces drop their agendas for supremacy and control. The Rainbow Warriors are the forerunners of this advance.

We watch with interest your ability to manifest peace in your own hearts and minds because this is the only way the waves of peace, that come through love, can manifest. There is a Great Plan for human advancement into the magical spheres of love and light. You know that pathway. It is encoded in your memory banks. At the appropriate cosmic timing you will remember and reclaim this wisdom. We are here to help.

In times past, humans had the ability to connect to other star systems and to receive clear guidance from the beings existing in those particular frequencies of light.  It was like tuning into a different radio station. This ability is being resurrected in the minds of many people on the planet now.

In the third dimensions (3D) inner vision can be clouded by distractions that appear real.  Reality exists when an internal state of balance is attained. When each human brings their internal masculine and feminine energies into a state of continual union, and their hearts are filled with love and the joy and wonderment of life on the physical plane, remembrance of former abilities takes place.

It takes time, effort and commitment to reach an internal place of peace, gratitude and acceptance. Many do not choose to take this path. And so, wars continue.

We in the higher frequencies of light are attuned to humans through sound and light waves. We see beyond third dimensional limitations. Our desire is to fulfil our karma and free ourselves from former mistakes.  We have reached a stage in our evolution that requires further participation in human evolution. Our light waves activate human minds into remembrance of truth. It is.

We are the Arcturians.  We love and care for you as cosmic parents. We will come again.