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Consciousness – A Spiritual Science

By May 12, 2015September 3rd, 2018No Comments

This is a science that unifies the great truth permeating the entire universe. It takes the reader beyond the technical and scientific into the magical, where rational or logic interpretation is only a part. It is a science that goes beyond what is known. However, there is a challenge implied in this science. And that is to study with both an open heart and mind in order to decipher hidden knowledge.

Spiritual Masters throughout the ages have known and practiced the Science of Consciousness and now Quantum Physics and Mechanics are proving the validity of the Ageless Wisdom teachings. The language is different but the understanding is the same. There is now a meeting of western science and ancient esoteric wisdom through the understanding that each one of us affects the reality we see and experience. We can become conscious of how we do this.

Imagine our capabilities if we were to utilize our brain to its fullest extent? Our brain imprints what it has the ability to see, and lights up in the same way whether we imagine something to be real or whether we see that something as real. Using our imagination wisely can benefit our selves and also those who come into our field.
Amazing magic is sitting in front of our eyes if we are willing to open our heart and minds to see reality clearly. Multiple dimensions are interconnected by a web of consciousness and appear as a nerve forest in our brain. We wire our brain by the thoughts we think. We can view our brain as a computer. It is our personal instrument that stores information. The old software, unconsciously inserted earlier in life, rules our thoughts, emotions and actions. It needs updating, regularly. We live our life according to the story contained within our current software and the old rules don’t work anymore.

I challenge you to embrace a broader and wider life experience by willingly opening your heart and mind to esoteric and spiritual truths. To know truth you must experience it personally. Why not ask yourself the question. “Who and what chooses the reality I experience? Who and what is the observer of my life?

We are governed by consciousness. We can all become spiritual scientists and prove the truths that can be experienced in different realities. Quantum Mechanics allows for the intangible to be woven into the tangible. We can each measure the effects of our thoughts, emotions and deeds by viewing our life and all we have created from an “observer” perspective. Thoughts and emotions are things – energy in motion. Whatever we think and feel, and where we place our attention, becomes the reality we experience.

Geneticists have now proven that our genes contain memory and are coded strips of DNA. What is it that turns our memory on or off? A spiritual scientist can work this out for themselves through self-observation and attention to inner detail. Within each memory is an experience. The experience may be painful or joyful. The thoughts and decisions made at the time of the experience are stored in an etheric memory bank and when a transiting planet energetically connects with a specific memory, depicted by placements in the birth chart, energetic ‘sparks’ fly. This “ON” switch activates the gene that inherited the memory. The thoughts and feelings are then re-experienced although the circumstances are different. We re-act, much like a robot or puppet.
The memory can be activated through our senses by food, a certain smell, a voice, word or sound.

Traumatic thoughts and emotions are dense energy and coagulate together to form a heavy mass. I liken this process to that of a developing virus. The dark energy – a memory ball or virus- lodges in a cell, attracting like. It gathers mass and spreads. Through the universal Law of Attraction we naturally attract situations and people to help us become conscious of the particular energetic frequency (such as a virus) we carry. When we become conscious we can transmute the dense energy to light and our bodies reflect the change. We do not need to experience ill health and the normally accepted aging effects. We have the opportunity to live longer and healthier lives by training ourselves to become conscious.

Each cell is alive and has a consciousness, a memory. We are such unique and wondrous human beings and hold within our memory banks a vast storehouse of knowledge. This is accessible after we transmute our density into light through conscious self-awareness and unconditional love.
Highly evolved Spiritual Masters can leave their body at will on a beam of consciousness, a light energy wave, and are able to transport themselves to wherever the Higher Will guides. We all have the ability to do this.

I developed my understanding of the Science of Consciousness through daily study of Ageless Wisdom teachings and through observation of my internal state of being. I learned that energy is free and all around us, waiting to be directed. I learned to understand the concept of holograms and how each one of us can be likened to a hologram within the great body of Source. Each cell, atom and particle in our body is a hologram, connected to Source. I also researched, learned and applied astrology and metaphysics to my life. I am a regular meditator and know this practice assists in developing expanded states of consciousness, and a greater use of our brain. I watch in wonder as the scientific world confirms my understanding and experience.

April 2006
Revised September 2014