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Parents who leave their children unattended for long periods of time need to ensure the children do not watch the news. There is very little good news broadcast. The perpetual feeding of bad news will adversely affect the child’s brain. Children need to create and play in nature. It arouses their curiosity and enables them to be adventurous.  Nature also heals psychological disturbance. The energy emitted from television and other electronic devices is unhealthy, and can adversely affect eyesight.

As with an adult, a child needs regular daily exercise, healthy fresh food, clean air and water. The children are your future. Give them your love and care.  Give them the best nature has to offer and see how they thrive. Just like plants, humans need love, light and the clean energy of the sounds and substance of nature.

Many humans become so busy in their daily lives they forget the responsibilities they have to their children. Often the children are not given the best values and moral code through which they can live happy and meaningful lives.  External influences become more important than love. It is a responsibility and a privilege to bring up a child. Schools cannot take on parental responsibilities although many parents expect them to.

A natural country life, away for the city’s distractions and artificiality is far healthier for the entire family. Re-establishing priorities may be necessary to ensure this way of life becomes a reality. Children can learn so much from a country life.

The dark operates in all systems including religious and educational ones. A child’s brain needs to be stimulated but not by rigid control.  In order to use the human brain to its capacity it must have freedom.  The freedom to follow curiosity through to a natural conclusion. A child needs to learn to think problems through for themselves rather than be given answers that keep their brain contained.

Above all children need to be given love. When a child knows and feels love, a happy and productive life follows. Love encourages and supports expansion and growth.  Love is the essence behind all life, and love heals.

We are the Arcturians, and we love you.