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Astrology News – Mid February 2022

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Activation of a Fixed Cross on 17 February 2022 – at the Full Moon 27 degrees Leo 59.mins

On 19 November 2021 a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse at 27 Taurus occurred forming an energetic imprint. As mentioned previously, the energy of an eclipse can last for six months, often longer. This upcoming Full Moon at 27 degrees 59 mins Leo re-activates it, and, by so doing, creates a Fixed Cross. A Fixed Cross involves the signs of Leo/Aquarius and Taurus/Scorpio. For aspirants intent on developing soul growth, the fixed ‘Cross of Initiation’ is the most challenging to work through on the ascending path to higher consciousness .

Everything in our Universe is made of subtle and potent energy that emanates from the One Source, the place of the One Great Mind. Subtle energy from Source is far too powerful to be transmitted from Source directly to each living thing on Earth. This infinite energy is down-stepped from Source via specific stars, constellations and planets that act as receiving and transmitting sub-stations.The stars and planets receive and transmit Light and sound frequencies. Astrology is a system to understand and work with these cosmic forces.

More and more people are becoming sensitive to these subtle energy currents. They are able to tune into a particular wave band of vibratory energy and feel this energy in their minds and bodies. They can also feel specific energy packages emanating from others. Many of these energy packages contain shadow psychology. Thoughts, emotions, feelings and actions are packages of energy.

As souls, we were created as awesome beings of Light, bundles of vibrating energy. We can consciously choose to identify and use this energy to its best capacity. Our entire multi-universes are governed by the emanations of Prime Creator’s divine Love. We humans are on an evolutionary journey to become a star, a Sun in our own right. As is our planet.

Surmounting and working through the psychological issues and themes associated with the fixed cross is a main challenge for each and every soul. All souls experience lifetimes in different cultures with different languages. Many lessons are learned.

The soul lives in images. The soul thinks in images. Symbolic images. The Tarot and astrology are symbolic tools to aid the soul’s return journey to the Light of higher consciousness.Our dreams, images created by our soul, provide much valuable information. We can learn to decipher them. Bear in mind that the soul of humanity lives only through love, as does every individual.

What follows is one clear way to consciously, with intent and effort, work through your soul’s Fixed Cross challenges. It is an edited copy of an astrological article I wrote many years ago.

The Fixed Cross: Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius

The deep reaches of the subconscious are accessed via this Cross. Secrets, hidden for years, may arise. Blockages on all levels can become apparent. The aspirant can feel stuck’. At this point, body workers, those well versed in understanding energy blockages can help, as can natural vibrational tools such as flower essences or essential oils. Past life regression therapy can also help.

Dense energy, stored in cellular memory for so long now needs release. Much internal and external conflict can be experienced as energy blockages surface into consciousness. Illness or a financial disaster emerges when there has been no attempt to become conscious. It is only through releasing the old that new energy can enter the psyche. Persistence, perseverance, determination, all positive qualities of Taurus, are needed to overcome and move beyond all blockages. Passion, and the desire to move from the stuck place is needed. This phase of evolutionary development can take years, or life times. It need not be so.

Often sexual issues arise. Ancient memories may stir, and not be pleasant. This can be a bewildering phase as powerful emotions, with their strong psychic charge, burst forth from their hiding place with great intensity. The phase of experiencing Scorpio emotions to their fullest extent is now at hand. The opportunity exists for the aspirant to become aware of each emotion, to name it, embrace it, understand it’s teaching, let it go and move on.

The Leo/Aquarius polarity is a little more obtuse. Why for example, is the Aquarius sign a fixed one? It is after all about change and movement. It is an air sign. If you can imagine how it would feel to be at the centre of the fixed cross you will be able to explore its deeper significance. It would help to visualise yourself being pulled and tugged by these powerful forces. Which way to go? Which way to turn? The question needs a lateral answer. Allow the intuition to speak directly from the heart.

First, one needs to formulate an ideal or vision for your future, utilising Aquarian energy. The ideal, totally different to anything ever before envisaged, needs to have as the end component soul growth through conscious self-awareness. When the ideal is formulated, the subconscious mind begins its role. It begins to stir the depths and old debris agitates. The Scorpio/Taurus polarity springs into action and the mysteries emerge from the subconscious. When this game is well underway, Leo then wants to play, demanding attention to Higher Self by self. The internal little child wants to be loved and heard. If it hasn’t played before, it needs to now. Any suppression in childhood now needs to be expressed, otherwise rebellion occurs. Erratic and unpredictable behavioural patterns emerge, totally foreign to the player. Freedom is required by the soul, freedom from personal possessiveness. “Let me play” says the inner child. Major decisions need to be made at this phase of life. Unless the player is working at something they absolutely love and feel passionately about, the inner child will act up. It demands attention. The inner child can only be placated when the player attends to its needs. No one else can. It requires recognition and approval of its needs. This then becomes the task of the aspirant. Re-evaluation of life will occur and then it’s time to let go of all the glamour and illusion that has no lasting value. Transformation is at hand.

Play at whatever you love to do. It will be different for each one. The play then becomes the work. Work becomes play. When this occurs, the inner child feels loved and recognised. It becomes calm and the outward behaviour becomes more stable. The child knows the purpose of the incarnation and there will be an aspiration to be a ‘something’. This something provides a value to incarnation purpose. It can be a therapeutic practice to reconnect to the inner child during a meditation and ask what he/she would passionately love to be. As the communication is in progress, feel it deeply. This can be an empowering and awakening experience.

Now that the ideal has been formulated, the commitment to proceed and the Taurus/Scorpio themes played out, issues arise connected to detachment and objectivity. Many who have Aquarius as their Sun or Moon sign have a tendency to be so detached from their emotional nature and heart-felt feelings they do not allow the heart to express. There is a disconnection – a separation from the mental and emotional bodies. The heart and feeling senses shuts down. Emotions are suppressed. Many juicy and interesting thoughts fill the head creating an imbalance.This imbalance can be experienced in the body.

On the other side of the detachment issue, is a higher state of consciousness. When one has learned to become the observer of the emotions, feels them intensely but doesn’t react, the emotional charge is free to move through the body bringing with it fluidity of movement and harmony. By paying attention to self, one can become objective and loving. The little child is content, higher consciousness is attained and the ideal is in the process of becoming reality.

By the time this evolution has taken place the aspirant is involved in group work. The group leader has an important part to play. Should the leader be egotistical choosing to ignore the needs of the inner child, the group will feel the discord. If the leader is not leading from a place of love, openness and spontaneity, the group will rebel. Spontaneity is the key here. Plans can be made but need to be waived when the leader encounters the group.

The group has independent energy and the leader needs to ‘read’ that energy, feel it out and spontaneously and lovingly work with it. Scorpio manipulation and subtle control will not work. Detachment from any outcome needs to be developed. Trust, through Taurus, needs to be experienced and a space provided for Spirit to enter.
Energy needs to be free flowing. Do you like to hear static on your electronic devices? This state only occurs when there is a circuity problem, a wiring difficulty or a tuning problem. So it is for humans. Whenever energy is blocked it is because of a short circuit, a wiring problem or a tuning problem. Energy simply is. It is what each individual does with it that matters.

The soul needs freedom in which to grow and to expand in consciousness. By this time, the aspirant will be working with many guides on the inner planes and a great deal of training will take place. This training occurs during planetary and nodal transits when windows of energy become available so contact can be made. Regular daily meditation makes the contact easier. At the evolutionary stage, the aspirant has passed many initiations. The Scorpion no longer stings it’s tail, the second symbol for Scorpio, the Eagle, takes flight, and the third symbol, the Phoenix, prepares for the emergence process. The former self has experienced many symbolic crucifixions and resurrections and a new identity has emerged. This may have included a change of name. The transference from the lower self to the Higher Self has occurred and the soul is free to fly. The individual is then ready to mount the Cardinal Cross – whereby one’s duty and responsibility to humankind emerges and the soul’s plan for incarnation is activated.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,