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Astrology News – Mid February 2022 2

By February 22, 2022No Comments

To prepare you for the important Jupiter and Neptune conjunction in Pisces to occur in April, I decided to write about these two current planetary transits individually. In this edition I’ll share my perspective of:


Jupiter is happy travelling through Pisces. The expansive energy of Jupiter combines with the spirituality of Pisces. Jupiter in Pisces provides each of us with opportunities for spiritual growth beyond what is already known. These opportunities, often disguised as loss, usually take the form of broadening experiences that involve speaking our heart-felt truth. Often a belief shake-up is needed to comfortably navigate the transit.

Will you take the opportunities provided by this cosmic energy package to move forward into unknown territory? Will you choose to speak your truth and not try and convince anyone else of it, allowing everyone to make up their own minds? It’s not always easy to do. Yet the rewards of doing so are great. Peace of mind by being in integrity and living to a high moral and ethical code is the main one. Many are already taking up the challenge to do so. They know they couldn’t live with themselves if they continue to remain silent. Many more will speak out and reveal formerly veiled truths.

In order to move forward on your spiritual path to wholeness and union with The One, something needs to be left behind. This ‘something’ is usually a psychological pattern containing a religious or societal belief. The pattern repeats in various physical situations and confrontations until self-realisation occurs. Hopefully you will choose evolution over stagnation, spiritual growth over limitation and devolution.

Jupiter’s regular cycle around the Sun (and our birth charts) is approximately 12 years. Jupiter last entered Pisces on 19 January 2010. My students appreciate me sharing examples so they can better understand the teaching, so I’ll provide a personal example for you:

Just prior to the beginning of the previous 2010 Jupiter in Pisces transit I received an internal message in the form of a spiritual mission. It was a clear directive to be in Israel on 1/1/2010 to follow the escape route of Mary Magdalen. Apparently it was unsafe for her to keep living in the holy land following Jesus’ crucifixion. I accepted the mission not having the faintest idea where it would take me. I trusted my inner guidance and had faith that all would be revealed along the way. I asked a girlfriend to come with me. Karen was always up for an adventure and she offered to drive wherever we needed to go. Neither of us had been to Israel before.

I arranged a place to stay near the Tel Aviv airport upon arrival and booked a couple of nights accommodation not far from the Sea of Galilee for the following two nights. I also booked accommodation at Glastonbury, England for the final three nights before our departure from London. That left almost three weeks in between. I trusted that everything would fall into place. It did. Magically! It was a wonderful life experience. I trusted my intuition and heart-felt feelings and was guided accordingly. As I took one step forward, the next step revealed itself. I wrote of this amazing journey in my Magdalen Codes book.

On 23 December 2021 I received another inner directive, again in the form of a spiritual mission. I shared it with you. I was asked to form a small community of like-minded souls, a new Camelot, a Heaven on Earth as a stable anchor amongst the chaos now present. Yet another spiritual growth journey begins. I’ll use my previous ones as a guide. This journey will also require a great deal of faith and trust with no attachment as to how the outcome is to manifest. I know it will.

I suggest you reflect upon what was going on in your life during 2010 and connect the theme and the associated issues or themes to now. Many of you will be feeling urges to move forward. It’s wise to take them. Be inwardly guided by feeling. It’s best not to have any attachment to a specific outcome.

I’ll elaborate a little more on Pisces. A water sign and the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces contains a reservoir of unprocessed emotions from experiences in your Mother’s womb, and of other lifetimes. These emotions, in the form of memories, arise as feelings. Vague memories can stir in the subconscious mind, bringing strange feelings and emotions. Dreams will demonstrate where you are currently ‘at’ in your level of spiritual growth. It’s wise to pay attention to their symbolic relevance. Confusion, self-doubt and overwhelm can be experienced. Brain fog can also arise. It comes about when unresolved and unconscious emotions emerge from your subconscious to seek refuge in your brain. It’s a chemical process.These states of being can lead to undiagnosable illnesses as the unresolved emotions seek expression. Self-awareness through self-realisation is needed. All illness is a result of negative thought patterns based on fear, judgements and limitation.

One of the main downsides of the Pisces energy is deception. Self-deception can be a big one to overcome. It can be overcome by the passionate intention and willingness to become clear – to wake-up to truth.

Deception by ‘authorities’ or someone you love can be challenging and hard to face. Best to do so. Often people do not want to see or know truth. They’d rather stay ignorant and asleep. It’s easier and more comfortable. I recommend you take whatever measures you need to take to see yourself and your psychology more clearly. This will enable you to see clearly the great deception being played out by the main power-hungry players on the world stage. Begin with self.

Jupiter in Pisces activates the revelation of truth. When it conjuncts Neptune in Pisces in April, viewing life through rose-coloured glasses or a cloudy lens is likely to end. For many, it will not be pleasant.

Positive forward expansive action based on the revealed Light of truth will need to be taken so that the issues can be healed – forever.

Jupiter seeks truth and forward expansive movement. Pisces seeks union with divinity. When we focus on spiritual growth, allowing our heart and intuition to guide, life flows well. Seeming miracles occur.

This energy, and the opportunities it provides, is prevalent now. It’s your choice as to how you use it. Choose well. Your future, and the future of your children and grandchildren depends upon it.

The following Pleiadian Transmission came through a minute after midnight this morning. I’m adding it here, rather than waiting until next week’s edition because I feel it is important.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,