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Astrology News – End February 2022

By February 28, 2022No Comments

As mentioned in a previous newsletter, I wrote about the mass psychosis that has taken over the global population, at least in the western world. It is a psychological state of being. This was also the case during W.W.II when Hitler led his German troops into committing atrocities.

On 1 September 1939, two weeks after my younger sister was born, Germany, with Hitler in command, attacked Poland at 4.44 am.

At 11.15am, the British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain declared war on Germany.On 3 September 1939 Australia declared war on Germany.

Other nations followed suit during the following days, weeks, months and years.A calamity of global proportions ensued.

This war lasted for six years and one day. During this time, the infectious viral diseases of measles, mumps and chicken pox were prevalent throughout Australia. People were asked to expose themselves to these diseases so they would obtain life long immunity. We did. It wasn’t a big deal. We lived a natural life style in those days. Encouraged by our parents to seek plenty of sunshine, fresh air and home grown fruit and vegetables, we did so. During WWII processed food was scarce. We queued up for rations. Money was scarce. We managed.

At that time, Pluto had just moved into the sign of Leo, the sign that follows Cancer. When Pluto connects to a placement (energetic point) in a birth chart it stirs the dark psychology contained within that soul, or the soul of a nation. Pluto governs the underworld of the psyche where many dark secrets are stored, particularly those connected to money, power, death, sex and manipulative control. Such as a desire to control and manipulate others to get more power for self by using underhand, subtle methods. This is what Hitler did to the German people. As a child he didn’t receive the love, recognition and approval he sought. As an adult he chose to create a dark agenda to get it. He succeeded. His technique was mass psychosis. The cause of a psychosis is a flood of negative emotions, such as fear and anxiety.

Those who seek or attain power and control often develop delusions of grandeur. Arrogance emerges as a cover-up psychology. Arrogance always leads to a fall. Within the psychology of Leo is contained the need to seek love, approval and recognition from others because of a deep psychological wound connected to rejection, abandonment and lack of love. As mentioned before, I believe that this issue is the psychological disease most prevalent now on our planet. How many millions die of heart attacks? How many millions are on blood thinners because of limited love flow? How many more are dying of blood problems after giving their power away to others and willingly being injected with foreign substances?How many millions of Jews walked into the death chambers to die to fulfil Hitler’s agenda? Mass psychosis was demonstrated then, as now.

At the time of the outbreak of WWII transiting Neptune was in Virgo.

Now, it is in Pisces, opposing Virgo. Neptune governs delusion, falsity, deception, illusionary ideas and beliefs. On the high side it can arise in us feelings of connection to Oneness, to our understanding of God – to our inner connection to the love of our Divine Creator. To our love of beautiful music and art. To faith in a higher power.

In last week’s article I described Pisces. Neptune governs the sign of Pisces.

Lets move on.

Pluto governs the evolutionary journey of the soul. Scorpio is the sign connected to Pluto. Pluto was first discovered in Cancer in 1930. In my birth chart I have Pluto 27 degrees in Cancer. Currently, transiting Pluto in Capricorn opposes my natal Pluto. Not many people live to experience this transit, let alone astrologers. I recently experienced my Neptune in Virgo opposition, and am currently experiencing a Uranus in Taurus return. My one focus for over 30 years has been to awaken myself, and as many people as I can to personal and collective truth, and when awakened do whatever I can to serve the Divine Plan for human evolution. Astrology has been and still is, my tool. It always reveals.

At the outbreak of WWII Uranus was 21 degrees Taurus. The sign it is in now! Uranus will move to 21 degrees on 17 June 2023. Keep this date in mind.

I smell a rat! It’s not a very pleasant one! History repeats. We humans do not seem to learn from history.

What is the real agenda being played out now on the global scene? Who is behind the creation of mass psychosis? Is there a group of little Hitler’s desiring manipulation and control over us, the people? What methods are being used? I witnessed huge governmental propaganda in WWII. I felt and sensed it’s danger. I knew it was false. I was five years old and suspicious! I smelled a rat then – as now. This time the rat is much bigger!

What’s changed in the 83 years?

1. We can clone animals and humans.
2. We can manipulate DNA
3. We make robots programmed do our work.
4. We have brilliant minds who work with artificial intelligence(AI)
5. We have greater intellect gained through governmental controlled education systems.
6. We no longer adhere to religious doctrine.
7. We have giant corporations who, with their own agendas, dictate the seeds we can plant, the food we can grow and eat, the drugs we put into our body and the information we are to believe.
8. We have T.Vs and personal electronic devices – and – much, much more!

Let’s move on and look more closely at the current Pluto transit in Capricorn.

When transiting Pluto first moved into Capricorn, 27 Jan 2008, there was a collapse of some global banks.

From this collapse new banking methods arose. Also, new monetary currencies were developed, such as Bitcoin. Many more are in the pipe-line.

A few years later SARS-COVID-19 hit the global scene..Part of the societal power game is to restrict cash. Businesses were encouraged not to take cash because it might be contaminated. People believed it. Some still do.

A few years later banks changed their tactics and began printing larger amounts of cash. In Australia, unprecedented money printing is taking place. Our debt must be huge.

And now, Pluto is in the final degrees of Capricorn. What new money making tactics are emerging? You won’t find the answer to this, or other meaningful questions, on mainstream media.

Transiting Pluto moves into Aquarius, the opposing sign to Leo on 24 March 2023 for a brief sojourn until 12 June 2023. During these few months there will be new money agendas set. It again moves into Aquarius on 23 January 2024, remaining there until early September 2024. This will be an unsettling time. November 21 2024 it will move into Aquarius and stay there until 10 March 2043.

In the USA Independence chart of 4 July, 1776, Pluto is placed at 27 degrees Capricorn. Where it is positioned in our Solar System now. USA is experiencing it’s first Pluto return.This is a big deal.

USA is playing a big part in the current global agenda. There will be goodies and baddies, as there always must be in our dualistic world. Where there is light, there is always dark.

During this 2,592 years Age of Aquarius, a different cosmic Light is bombarding our Solar System and our precious planet. Fine photons of light that are available for our conscious use, should we choose to do so. We can use them to become enlightened human beings – enlightened to our internal state of being, our own personal psychology. Our current collective thoughts have created our current global situations. Each one of us can consciously, with passionate desire and strong one-pointed intention, make positive light changes to our psychology, and, by so doing, we do our bit to make a difference to the state of the collective mind set. Just think how different our world would be if Hitler had received the love, recognition and approval he sought as a child.

I implore you to tune in to your own bodies and minds to extract your special creative gift, and, with love in your hearts, decide to follow your path of joy. In their first Transmission, this is what the Pleiadians asked you to do. Your life will change for the better, and the light you generate through your internal changes will spread out to others. This is how Light and love spreads. You can make a difference.

I’m concluding with a repeated Arcturiuan message. It. may make more sense to you now than previously.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,