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Astrology News – Early February 2022

By February 6, 2022No Comments

On 27 January, 2022 the North and South Nodes of the Moon moved into the fixed signs of Taurus (North Node) and Scorpio (South Node) and will remain there until 18 July 2023. The glyph for the North Node looks like headphones up the right way, whereas the South Node’s glyph looks like headphones facing down. For beginners to astrology, you may want to check out your birth charts to familiarise yourself with these images.

All babies born from 27 January 2022  through  to 18 July 2023 will have their Nodal axis in these to fixed signs. ‘Fixed ‘ means hard to budge from psychological issues or themes associated with these two signs.  What are the main themes associated with these two signs? Money, and all that is related to it i.e. prosperity consciousness or poverty consciousness; greed, possessions, possessiveness, indulgences, resistance and persistence (Taurus) and power, transformation, mastery, destruction, death and sex (Scorpio).

When I work with a client’s chart I usually look at the Nodal axis first. Why? Because, from many years of experience, I’ve learned to regard the Nodal axis as an imaginary ladder to heaven, or in other words, to the Light frequency of 5D. We incarnate into this dense vibration of 3D carrying karma collected over many other lives on Earth. Our soul’s purpose for incarnation is to embody greater Light through identifying and working through as much of  this karma as possible. Self-realisation occurs as we do so.  Self-acceptance is then needed. This spiritual growth process leads to greater self-awareness.

The South Node symbolises the psychological baggage we brought into the world. It also shows the well-learned gifts and talents we’ve developed in other lives that can be consciously utilised this time around. We may be unconscious of them because they seem so natural.The sign, house and aspects of our South Node can show the themes of our main life lessons (karma). The North Node in it’s sign, house and aspects, symbolises the potential we can reach when we take the inner journey to know ourselves. It can be likened to a destiny point that our soul yearns to attain.The North Node will stretch and challenge you because its unfamiliar. It will take you out of your comfort zone. The sign shows how you will feel stimulated, excited, supported, confident, courageous and daring when you develop the courage to walk this path. It’s wise to take the growth steps rather than indulge in a comfort zone of familiarity. Your natural gifts will diminish if you do not use them.

A nodal cycle is that of  18.5 years. Reflect on what was happening in your lives when you were that age, and then 18.5 – 19 years later – and so on throughout your life. A thread /theme will arise connected to your destiny or purpose for incarnation. Readers who have this Taurus/Scorpio axis in their charts will, until July 2023, be revisiting some of the themes mentioned above.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,