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Astrology News – 5th Dec 2021

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Saturn in Aquarius

First, some astrology details before I rock into the discussion theme.

From Earth’s perspective, the planets orbit around the Sun in specific measurable and calculable cycles. Saturn’s entry into the air sign of Aquarius began on 23rd. March 2020. It ends on 7 March 2023 when it enters Pisces. It’s transit (travel) through the area of the sky known as Aquarius takes approximately three years.

Reflect back to March 2020. There was one predominant theme that suddenly and unexpectedly burst onto our global societal scene with ever increasing force. No longer could we be complacent. Since then societal control and fear (Saturn) shock and chaos (Aquarius) have reigned.

As previously mentioned, the planets in our solar system act as cosmic agents, designed to assist our human evolution into higher consciousness.  A complete Saturn cycle around the zodiac is approximately twenty-nine years. During each cycle, transiting Saturn connects to all our birth chart placements. Astrologically, Saturn is considered the headmaster/best teacher/authoritarian of the zodiac. As a living, evolving energy, he has our best interests at heart. His agenda is to challenge us into dealing with our karma so that realisation of the higher purpose of our incarnation can be attained. This purpose involves the embodiment of divine love and  light.

With Earth moving through a different area of the sky experiencing finer light particles, we humans have the opportunity to work with this new frequency to become our greater selves. This is why we are currently experiencing a consciousness renaissance. We have free will choice to decide the direction we want to take. We can choose to advance psychologically and spiritually, or not.

Saturn provides us with our life lessons that assist our evolution into higher consciousness. Overcoming fear is one. Lessons about control are another.

I love Saturn. I liken him to a grandfather I never knew. Through him I’ve learned its best to embrace life challenges and systematically work through them as they arise, otherwise they’ll become worse throughout his twenty-nine year cycle. Choosing to move through my life challenges has not been easy.  With a recent challenge, patience was the issue. I learned to develop it and now realise the benefits. Sometimes I slip up, or fall down – which is usually the case – and have a laugh!

Astrology has its own language, as does any science. To learn it, key words are used. A few descriptive Saturn and Aquarius key words and themes follow.

Saturn connects to the material world, systems, corporations, governments, societal structures, established order, structures of all kinds. Fear, formality, rigidity, limitations, rules, regulations, control, authority, examinations, stone, cold, hard, karma: responsibility, patience, accountability and discipline.

Aquarius, an air sign, relates to: science: space: astrology: uniqueness: inventiveness: freedom: the unusual: change, progressive futuristic thinking: genius, non-conventional, rebellion, shock, chaos and revolution.

Aquarius is also about separation – from the frequency of love (Leo, its opposite sign).

Each and every one of us have these cosmic forces within us. Our work in the world of form is to consciously work with the cosmic energies and to harmonise them. They are internal forces seeking attention.

Saturn operates as the boundary of our consciousness, and the brick wall around our hearts and minds.  It’s our job to break through this brick wall if we are to attain freedom from limited fear-based thoughts. These thoughts are often instilled in us when young by societal or parental authorities. Currently, global societal authorities are having a control party, playing a deadly serious game. They seek to engage us in their agenda. Many are now rebelling (Aquarius) and many more will do so. It’s the nature of the energy.

It takes a conscious and dedicated effort to discipline ourselves to break through our fear patterns. First, we need to identify them. It’s easier to do so when we understand our birth chart. Following identification, the next step is to take personal responsibility for creating them. Then we begin the process of consciously working through them.

As we do so, we being to embody a higher frequency of love and light. As we identify and release each fear pattern, an energetic space is created for new energy and ideas to enter our minds. We build our light body in this way.

It helps to remember that, in the past, we did the best we could with what we  knew at the time. We were ignorant and unconscious then. We couldn’t see what we were creating. As we become more self-aware, self-forgiveness is needed.

Many of our major life lessons take twenty-nine years to work through. For example: a marriage or a way of life may last for twenty-nine years. Why not reflect upon this? It may help you make sense of your reality.

In last week’s newsletter I briefly shared  some of the following information below. I do so again with a few additions.

As a small child I was introduced to the societal belief about contagious viruses and diseases. Doctors were few and far between. Encouraged to play outside in the fresh air and sunshine, wash our hands before all meals and after going to the toilet, eating healthy vegetables and fruit, and having a good nights sleep were our health remedies. They worked.  Even when the weather was cold and rainy, as it often was where I grew up, we were encouraged to spend our play time outside in nature. If I happened to catch a cold and it persisted, my mother would walk me to the Chinese herbal garden and we would take home a herbal potion. It tasted horrible! When I reflect on it, I can still taste it! Yuk! It cured the problem.

Measles, mumps and chicken pox were rife and we were encouraged to expose ourselves to them because, if we did catch any or all of them, we would have a life-long immunity to them. I can’t ever remember being fearful of catching any of them. We simply dealt with them.I caught them all as did most of the children I knew. Vaccinations to these diseases were not invented until many decades later.

At the time Saturn was moving through the air sign of Gemini.

Around the same time, we were contending with the second-world war. In the town where I lived was an airforce base. My family billeted American airforce personnel. Food supplies became scarce and we were issued with ration books. We grew our own fruit and vegetables, as did our neighbours and friends. We swapped produce. That’s another story!

Years ago in 1981, when Saturn was in the air sign of Libra, the fear of contagion from HIV/AIDS occurred and a similar fear campaign to now was created. Relationships (Libra) was the main theme. Many readers will remember it well. Many judgements were made. Prejudice prevailed. A large section of global individuals were societally ostracised. Segregation occurred. Hmm! As now?

In 2002, SARS virus burst onto the world scene. Saturn was again in the air sign of Gemini. Respiratory problems (Gemini) were the main issue.

And now Saturn is moving through another air sign, Aquarius. Enter COVID-19 virus. Hmm! A coincidence – I think not!  Saturn is the Lord of Karma. Personal and collective karma repeats until the issues are worked through. Saturn is doing his best! It’s we humans who are not paying attention. When will we change our thinking? Evidence is building for the need to do so.

We learn from astrology that history repeats until people wake-up to the specific issues involved and choose to change. Seems as if a major “wake-up” call to change is now needed. But, what specific thought issues do we need to change? For starters – judgements and prejudices are two. Both carry a low vibration. There’s more.

Last century, brilliant astrologer and researcher Jeffrey Wolf Green predicted the current virus outbreak. He said that Mother Nature would rebel agains humans through progressive mutations of bacteria and viruses in order to teach us that human dominance over Nature can never work.

Mother Nature’s message is: “Change is here”. The change needed is based on our  thoughts, habits and attitudes to the way we treat our precious planet. After all, she is our home. What would we do without her?

An opportunity for a global healing is taking place although it may appear as if our world is being rent asunder.

As the Pleadings say:  For the sake of your health and that of the planet we ask you to allow the love vibration to rise up within you and consciously, with a heart full of thanksgiving, direct it into Mother Earth. The goddess will rejoice.

ref. Pluto: The Soul’s Evolution through Relationships: Jeffrey Wolf Green.


Following is a personal example to demonstrate a twenty-nine year Saturn cycle:

You might want to skip this if you’ve had enough of Saturn!

Twenty-nine years ago on 7th February1991, Saturn entered the sign of Aquarius, where it is now.

Towards the end of January 1991, I saw a small advertisement in the local newspaper for an astrology (Aquarius)  course of study. In early February1991, I committed (Saturn) to it.  By a seeming stroke of destiny, I had been introduced to astrology in 1987, and was working with it on my own, learning as much as I could without a birth chart. It was the only thing in my life that helped me make sense of my reality.

I was the first student to enrol at the alternate school. It was hard for me to get my brain around something seemingly non-material, not knowing anything about psychology or the solar system. I’d left school at fifteen, taking on the responsibility of financially supporting my family, so I wasn’t used to study. I was having many problems in my marriage and knew that, for external things to change, first I must change. I’d already had a near death experience and two nervous break-downs (Aquarius) and didn’t want another. I also suffered deep depression. I was a very unhappy chappy!

Taking responsibility for my state of being, I persisted with my formal study, applying all I learned to myself and my life. It was as if I knew astrology was my life, and sanity, saver.  And now, twenty-nine years later, after passing all my exams, teaching astrology for nearly three decades, supporting many clients to work through their psychological issues, writing three simple text books on astrology, and recently publishing my third book of a trilogy, Arcturus Astrology, A Consciousness Accelerator for the Aquarian Age, I’m feeling a further extension to my spiritual growth emerging. What does the future hold? Haven’t a clue, but I know for sure it will be another interesting and exciting ride.

I suggest you take the time to reflect on your lives and the pivotal times when you experienced sudden and unexpected opportunities for change, and connect them to the twenty-nine year Saturn in Aquarius cycle. Much may be revealed.

And now, a  few words from the Arcturians: I shared this message sometime last year, and it just popped up again, so felt to share it again as  it adds to the theme of this newsletter.

“A transition phase is taking place. A transition from the lower mind to the higher mind. For too long humans have lived in ignorance, unaware of the Divine Plan. You are not the only sentient beings existing in your area of space. As you evolve into greater light, filled with Prime Creator’s love, you will become aware of other light-filled human-like beings and interact with them. Unity in diversity will exist. The current transition phase will appear archaic.

We come to give you comfort during this transition. There are many in the higher realms available to support. We do need to be asked. A sincere heart-felt prayer will be heard. We are the Arcturians.  We love and care for you, and will come again”.