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Astrology News – 28th Nov 2021

By November 29, 2021January 6th, 2022No Comments

Solar Eclipse and New Moon 12 degrees Sagittarius 21 mins. 4th December (AEST)

The theme of this solar eclipse family is the same as that of the Lunar Eclipse. Creating and experiencing joy. I for one felt this vibration for most of the week leading up to and during the recent Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse. Some of my friends also felt it. It was a thought that took me out of this relaxed and happy state – but only for a day. I became aware of the negative thought, thanked it for sharing, and released it. During these challenging times it would be wise to find your joy and live it. The energy of the eclipse pattern will support you.

On 23 November the Sun entered the sign of Sagittarius and will sojourn through there until 22 December. Gemini and Sagittarius themes will play out in our world and lives. Gemini is the communicator: Sagittarius, the teacher and sage. Bear in mind that true communication is the response we get. Reflect on how well you communicate. Is it your truth, or do you say what others want to hear?The response or re-action you receive is your mirror. Clear communication is the essence of understanding.

In my mind, Gemini rules our thinking intellectual left brain. Sagittarius governs our conceptual, expansive, intuitive right brain. During the past few hundred years we were encouraged by religious and government control not to feel, rather to think. As a result, our intellectual brain gained prominence over our intuitive brain. Truth, wisdom, religion, travel, the ability to see the bigger picture, expansion and optimism connect to Sagittarius. Our ancestors and indigenous people understood this and lived their lives accordingly. They perceived life expansively. The night sky was their TV. They communicated telepathically with the invisibles from the stars and planets. How many speak their truth – of feelings, knowing and intuitive understanding that connect to our soul? There can be great fear about speaking one’s truth, especially for women, because many carry a soul memory of being burned at the stake for doing so.

In the New Moon chart, Pluto conjuncts Venus in Capricorn

Its a good time to empower yourself by giving your feminine intuitive brain permission to have equal status to your intellectual left brain. Allow the power of the feminine voice to speak and live truth. Truth can only be found from inside the mind and body. Refuse to be over-powered by the beliefs of those in authority. Refuse to accept lies from those who speak more loudly and who consider they know it all. What is their agenda?They will have a big one.

I like to reflect on the word belief because in it is situated in the word lie. We tend, like sheep, to believe the words of the loudest voice. To assess the value of the avalanche of information now bombarding us every day, requires the conscious use of our third brain, situated in our gut (solar plexus chakra). By feeling into it as we attempt to digest the information presented, we intuitively know what feels right and true. Our intellect will not give us this information. It’s easy to follow the most controlling voice, especially if it attempts to influence us through overtones of fear. Mind control of the people is the agenda of many global governments. Think of China.

This leads me to my Saturn research:

Years ago in 1981, when Saturn was in the air sign of Libra, the fear of contagion from HIV/AIDS occurred and a similar fear campaign to now was created. Relationships (Libra) was the main theme. In 2002, SARS virus burst onto the world scene. Saturn was then in another air sign, Gemini. Respiratory problems (Gemini) were the main issue. Again, fear ruled the collective psyche.

And now Saturn is moving through another air sign, Aquarius. Enter COVID-19 virus. Hmm! A coincidence – I think not! Saturn is the Lord of Karma. Collective karma continues to repeat. Saturn is doing his best! We humans are not paying attention. Will we change our thinking? Evidence is building for the need to do so.

The media is having a party. Millions of people on the planet are now broadcasting an energy of fear. Judgement, righteousness, anger and blame is also building. This is what occurred with HIV/AIDS, and SARS.

An opportunity for a global healing is taking place although it may appear as if the world is being rent asunder. Only in the shattering (Uranus/Aquarius) can a rebuilding (Taurus) take place. I spoke about this in my previous article.

As we come into new self – realisations, which open up the collective to also experiencing the same, we are being challenged to define new boundaries about what we will, and will not stand for. Some people will attempt to remain couch potatoes. How many will wake up?

Not many of us in our world today operate our lives with the two sides of our brain harmonised. Consciously intending to bring your left and right hemispheres of your brain into balance can be a passionate intent you plant into your subconscious mind on the days before the upcoming New Moon. Use whatever meditative creative visualisation process you need to ensure a positive outcome. I suggest you write about the process in your journal because you will be challenged to work with the harmonising process in the days/weeks/months to come. The following creative visualisation can be used regularly to assist the harmonising process.

Take a few deep and slow breaths to relax your body and still your mind. Imagine a horizontal elongated figure of eight connecting in front of your third eye chakra (between the eyebrows). Visualise energy moving through this infinity symbol, flowing smoothly and easily while, at the same time, intend to create the harmonisation of the left and right hemispheres of your brain.

Enjoy the New Moon and Solar Eclipse energies.

I’ll go into Sagittarius ‘over the top’ here and add a reminder of the Pleiadian’s recent message because I feel it is so important.

“Oh Ashtara,
We the Pleiadians ask that you convey to your readers and students the necessity of generating and distributing within themselves the vibration of love and of light within their field of influence. Expand the vibration through visualisation, imagination and intent. The vibrations will travel. Also imagine, visualise and intend the love vibration travelling to Mother Earth and moving deep down into her crystal core.
When all readers focus accordingly, change for the better will ensue.”