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Astrology News – 23rd Jan 2022

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On 21 January 2022, the Sun moved into 0 degrees Aquarius where it will stay until 19 February. Aquarius is the opposing sign to Leo. The  Pleiadian transmission shares the energy connected to Leo, and suggests we use our innovative and unique creative gifts that come naturally to us as a deep passion in our heart, to create joy for ourselves. In the process we share our joy and others pick up and feel this joy vibration.

To understand the Aquarian energy, just view the current world. It’s a world of innovative technology.  Currently, some technology is being abused to the detriment of the global population, separating families and nations. It does not come from the heart. Separation from Love is an Aquarian/Leo theme.

I had a great week being able to catalyse quite a few clients into following their path of creativity and joy. We can each shine our greatest light, as does the Sun in our sky, through the love and joy of our unique form of creative pursuit by following through on it and sharing it with others.

On the other hand, the energy of Uranus and the sign it rules, Aquarius, accelerates human consciousness, often through shocking realisations and revelations, both internally and externally. There are thousands of Australians who have recently received a ‘termination from work’ shock. Within this shock is an opportunity to move beyond the rigid societal structures of Saturn and Capricorn, and embrace an emerging new world where heart-filled unique creative talents are used for the greater good of humanity.

As always, we have the free will choice as to how we think and what we believe. The world we create and our niche within it will demonstrate our choices.

Planet Neptune moving through the sign of Pisces

The brilliant evolutionary astrologer, story-teller and author, Steven Forrest, has done enormous research into this once in every 164 years Neptune transit through Pisces. Thanks Steven. Your book –  The Book of Neptune is a priceless gift to humanity.

The current cycle began when Neptune entered Pisces on 4 February 2012. It will move into Aries for a brief sojourn on 31 March 2025 before fully entering on 26 January 2026.

Steven’s research shows that Christianity essentially owes its early roots to Neptune’s passage through Pisces.

He says that Neptune in Pisces correlates with the human capacity for spirituality, along with a fascination with consciousness. He says that what is unfolding now is that people are lifting themselves a little higher into a more spiritual approach to life. As a consequence, the whole world is lifting a bit higher. Humanity is experiencing a spiritual reawakening, a spiritual renaissance. It’s an incremental path. He believes we will see a new spiritual beginning for all humanity.

But before this happens, we need to clean the windows of our psyche, quit any indulgence in addictions and escapism, and quit playing the victim or saviour. Why? So that space is made in our psyche for a purer light to pervade our consciousness. There is no way we can advance into the embodiment of greater light without consciously healing our own psychological wounds. Astrology is a wonderful tool to aid this process.

When transiting  Neptune and Pluto were recently waltzing together in sextile to each other, spirituality and psychology merged. This has always been my astrological perspective. Now it’s being accepted. This understanding is now as it was in the times of Yeshua and Mary Magdalen, when they studied at the Egyptian Mystery Schools, and in India.

Steven also says there will be a convergence of physics and spirituality. This is already happening. I’ve been teaching students about it for many years. The ancient wisdom teachings – a spiritual science – is now merging with modern quantum physics. Different language, but essentially the understanding of vibrational energy as Prime Creator’s essence in everything that exists, is the same. Ancient wisdom is the science of energy whether it takes the form of quantum physics, spirituality or Buddhism.

As I’ve written in so many of my books and articles, and in the transmissions I’ve been privileged to scribe, we are in the middle of a huge shift. It’s a shift in consciousness – into a unified global spirituality where love for and of our Divine Creator reigns supreme in the hearts and minds of individuals and in the collective. Neptune in Pisces is aiding this advance.

Under this current transit, which won’t occur again for another 164 years, many people are experiencing a rise in their psychic sensitivity and abilities. I’m one of them. I’ve learned, the hard way, some invaluable techniques to cleanse myself from psychic contamination. Psychic attacks are completely debilitating. The experience is as if the predator (usually unconscious of their emotional pollution) has a giant vacuum cleaner and sucks all life force energy from their victim’s body into their own. They feel great. Not so the contaminated receiver! Many times I’ve spent in bed (once for five days) incoherent, unable to think, walk or talk. I’ve had many of these valuable learning experience from which I’ve grown enormously.

So many people in my circle are now listening attentively to their inner messages and receiving support from them.  It is my hope that many more will also do so. The first step to doing so is to practice quietening and calming the mind. How can your Higher  Self get through to you while you allow a busy mind to take control?

Never in a million years could I have envisaged myself as being a scribe for disincarnate beings from higher dimensions! It happened gradually and naturally. And many books have I written whereby I share my experiences and training in the finer light realms. And, I’ve been told, more are to come.

We are all experiencing this Neptune in Pisces transit. Some of us go into fairy-land, imagining wonderful scenarios that have no practical application. Some go overboard with drugs as an escapism. Others dream of their white knight in shining armour coming to rescue them for their self-created plight. Not on! You are the only one who can rescue yourself.

The best way to use the energy of Neptune moving through Pisces is to consciously develop spiritual practices that nourish and support your heart and soul. Practices such as meditation, relaxing the mind in Nature, practicing yoga or tai chi regularly, playing music, dancing in a non-polluted environment and learning to interpret your dreams.

It is my fervent hope that you choose to consciously work with the current cosmic energies to enable your greater light to shine and radiate to all within your field of influence,


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,