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Astrology News – 21st Nov 2021

By November 21, 2021January 6th, 2022No Comments

Uranus in Taurus squares Saturn in Aquarius.

The cosmic player Uranus, the planetary force of light, is again shaking up humans from their complacency to bring about evolutionary change.

Saturn, the planet that rules the status quo, the established societal order and all that is cold, hard, fearful and unfeeling is preparing to take on Uranus in square aspect, exact on 24 December 2021, at 11 degrees 04 minutes. Saturn travelling through Aquarius, the zodiacal sign governed by Uranus, indicates a connection to the light, through a break-through. Break-throughs often come about as a result of break-downs. There’s also an issue connected to self-responsibility, a Saturn theme. Two potent forces, each with their own agendas.

Tensions between the two cosmic players began in mid-April and accelerated on June15th with the first exact 90 degree square angle to each other. You may reflect on the limitations you were facing then, and how willing you were to move beyond them. For example: Saturn, the Lord of Karma, could have been testing you either professionally, in your relationships, or through the limitations of your thoughts.

It’s also a good idea to bear in your mind that your Higher Self requires you to grow into being the best you can be. Keeping yourself small, or stuck in a comfort zone of security, doesn’t fit in with this agenda.

These two cosmic players are again beginning the challenge to each other. Disruptions to your life are likely to occur and you may realise you need to change some of your ideas. You may need to examine how or why you developed certain limiting ideas in the first place so you can let them go. Positive mantras, repeated many times a day, can fill the vacuum such as: “I commit to developing greater light and love.”

If you’ve been putting up with a relationship for fear of moving on, you may find the tensions become too great. Another example: You may realise that, in order to grow beyond your current level of consciousness you need to break free from the normal comforting order in your life, but resist doing so. If this is the case, you may have your ordered life suddenly disrupted, for your greater good.

Whatever is the theme that emerges, or has already emerged, it’s wise to communicate your truth with whoever is involved so a build-up of tension can be released. Realise also that the collective mind set is being affected. What’s the main theme occupying people’s minds?

The theme will continue for most of 2022. These two cosmic players will meet in another challenging square (90 degrees) again, at 18 degrees for the first twelve days of October, 2022 but will not be in an exact square.They began their challenging dance in December 2020. Uranus governs rebellion, revolution, and breaking down societal structures that need revising. Review 2021 to see how the effect of this cosmic energy package has manifested. Have the societal structures controlled the masses through fear campaigns? Are break-downs/break-throughs/rebellion occurring?

Uranus also requires higher consciousness and freedom. Taurus governs values. All people have the opportunity to decide where their values lie. Unfortunately, not many select honouring the Earth (Taurus – and Nature).Therefore, they will find the greatest challenges manifested before them. We have been given a great gift of being on Earth at this time. Trust your inner guidance, for it will lead you along paths to self-knowledge. It is the most accurate form of truth. Use it. Many around the globe have found a new meaning in their lives and an understanding of a different reality to that of the current societal views. We are in a world with a system of belief that is dying, just as you are going through your lives releasing what no longer works in your lives.

Will you take up the challenge provided by these two cosmic players and consciously make changes to old rigid ideas and ways of life? Will you realise you are in a position to create a new world, one based on love rather than separation?

There’s a lot more I could say on this topic. I may do so in another article.

And now, some wise words from the Pleiadians.




“Oh, Ashtara,

We the Pleiadians, ask that you convey to your reader and students the necessity to focus on generating and distributing within themselves the vibration of love and of light to all within their field of influence. Expand the vibration through visualisation, imagination and intent. The vibrations will travel.

Also, imagine, visualise and intend the love vibration travelling to Mother Earth and moving deep down into her crystal core.

When all readers focus accordingly, change for the better will ensue.”