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Astrology News – 2021 – Taurus-Scorpio Polarity

By November 1, 2021January 6th, 2022No Comments

For readers new to astrology, you may find the following brief article helpful.

Taurus – Scorpio Polarity – 2021

Every year the Sun, viewed from our perspective on Earth, moves through each sign of the zodiac, taking approximately 30 days in which to do so. In the astrological model, every zodiacal sign is comprised of 30 degrees.

According to our western astrology, the Sun entered the sign of Scorpio on 24th October and moves into Sagittarius on 23rd November 2021. This means that the energy of Scorpio and its opposing sign Taurus will be highlighted during these few weeks.

On November 5th (AEST) there will be a New Moon in Scorpio and on November 19th a Full Moon in its opposing sign, Taurus. A New Moon is a good time to set new intentions, and a Full Moon is when illumination related to these intentions, as well as other sign-related psychological issues, especially emotional ones, can emerge.

Both these zodiacal signs are fixed, which means their psychological energy can be unconscious, habitual, ingrained and challenging to understand, accept and work through. Resistance to moving forward into greater self-awareness is one such example. Resistance to change is usually the reason for feeling stuck in our lives.

It may be helpful to understand that each sign of the zodiac can be viewed as an internal and often unconscious sub-personality. All of us have within us the characteristics and qualities of all these zodiacal sub-personalities.

It aids our life and our health to develop understanding of our internal sub-personalities and work with them consciously. Astrology is a tool to do so. My three simply written astrology work books take readers on a journey into themselves so they can learn how to use the cosmic energies wisely and responsibly.

To help you be prepared for psychological issues that may arise during the time frame mentioned above, the following information may be useful:

Scorpio: Issues connected to finances, sex and power-plays: Feeling powerless, you may realise how you’ve allowed another to play power-over you and decide to change this patterning by empowering yourself. On the other hand, you may realise how you take another adults power away by controlling them to do your will, possibly in the belief you know what is best for them. You may have the realisation that ingrained debilitating thoughts such as resentment, vindictiveness, jealousy, envy, control, manipulation and revenge do not serve you, and in fact lower your vibration, and choose to passionately release them – forever. You may realise the importance of building a strong psychological foundation to enable future financial and emotional security and willingly begin the inner journey to do so.

Taurus: You may feel the urge to create a useful resource that will aid not only yourself but also other people, and take the steps to do so. Or, you may feel like advancing a project already begun. Knowing that by furthering it to completion your levels of self value , self-respect and self-worth will strengthen, you choose to do so. You may realise the health importance of assessing indulgences and correct where necessary. You may become aware of the need to value yourself equally to others, to let go of procrastination, inertia and laziness, and use your natural resources to create abundance. You may have the realisation that you need to spend more time in beautiful areas of nature because it calms, relaxes, harmonises and heals. You may realise the need to develop prosperity consciousness rather than wallowing in poverty consciousness, and make a passionate and strong commitment to do so.

For those consciously walking the spiritual path the above are some of the spiritual lessons you have incarnated to become conscious of, take responsibility for and heal. I have found astrology is the best tool to develop self-awareness and to work through our life lessons.