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Astrology News – 2021 Jupiter in Aquarius -Rocking the Boat of Complacency

By October 18, 2021January 6th, 2022No Comments

Because Jupiter, the largest planet in our Solar System, changes motion from retrograde to direct on 18th October 2021, I’ll focus on it this week. Jupiter beams it’s energy package to all within it’s field of influence, as do we humans. The planets radiate energy, each one in a different way, depending on their energetic make-up. Just like us. The radiation from the Sun is, obviously, the strongest. It’s solar flares create atmospheric disturbances, and sensitive humans feel them. Our scientists register and record them on specific instruments.

Astrologically, Jupiter’s energy is connected to expansion and spiritual growth. This energy, when it activates a certain placement, and house (area of life) in your birth chart, provides the opportunity for you to grow, like a plant, into greater light. These opportunities come in different forms. We can become aware of them. e.g. your boss may offer you an opportunity to play a larger role, one that involves travel or requires you to study a subject that will enable you to move up the ladder. Or, you might decide to study with a spiritual teacher knowing it will challenge you to grow. Or, you might meet someone, maybe a new relationship, who challenges you to grow beyond your current mind set. Whatever is the opportunity provided, you will need to stretch yourself beyond your known mental and physical horizons. Spiritual growth can be challenging. Beliefs about self and the existing life you’ve created need to expand to enable you to experience border horizons, not only materially, but also in your mind.

Under a Jupiter transit to a placement in your birth chart, old psychological limiting beliefs related to religion, spirituality or your capacity to progress in your career, work, relationships, etc. need to change. You have the choice to accept the growth through expansion opportunities, or ignore it. Currently, Jupiter is moving retrograde (appearing to travel backwards) through the area of sky depicted in western astrology as Aquarius. It began its journey through Aquarius on 20th December 2020.

The zodiacal sign of Aquarius connects to consciousness, astrology, electronics, technology, space, unique inventions, self-created mental and psychical chaos, change, humanitarian concerns, friends, groups and futuristic thoughts. It also connects to psychological themes related to separation from love. It’s an air sign, therefore is connected to our thought processes. If you have a copy of your birth chart, you can check it to see where Aquarius is positioned in it. The themes and psychological issues of this area of life (house) or it’s opposite house will have been activated since Jupiter moved into Aquarius.

As a practical example: I have never had as much interest in astrology, and my astrology books since Jupiter travelled through this same sign twelve years ago. (Jupiter’s orbit around the Sun is approximately 12 years – i.e a 12 year life cycle). You can reflect on the expansion that took place when you were around 11.5 – 12 years of age, then 24, 36, 48 years of age etc. You may have changed schools, moved house, travelled to another country, or broadened your physical and mental horizons in some way. It’s a worthwhile exercise to do, and can be revealing.

At this current time, many people have been challenged to change their businesses from the physical to the internet. Certainly a huge learning/growth opportunity. Many have resisted. We humans have free will choice. We can resist the urge and new ideas given, or choose to expand beyond our former levels of understanding and self-belief. Jupiter provides the energy of expansion and spiritual growth. We can can use it wisely, with awareness, or not.

On 20th June 2021, Jupiter travelling through Aquarius turned retrograde. Any project or idea you decided to follow prior to this needed to have re-flection time. A re-view. Should you keep a daily journal, and I strongly recommend you do, you can refer back to whatever was going on in your life then. What was it that offered the opportunity for growth. Did you step forward to begin the process? From then until now – that idea/suggestion/offer, insight was gestating, maybe requiring reflection time.

On the 18th October, Jupiter moves direct. Now it’s time to move forward into an expansive future that will take you into a new world of your own creations should you have chosen, or now choose, to take advantage of the energy. Both Jupiter and Aquarius require freedom in order to expand beyond existing constructs. You can choose freedom or remain stuck in limitation.

The opposing sign to Aquarius is Leo, the sign that governs creativity and natural creative expression. Hence, the Pleiadian’s persistent message about tuning into your heart to create something you love and enjoy doing, and follow it through.

I recommend you review your creative urges begun or thought about around mid-June this year and decide to now take them further. You will have Jupiter’s support when doing so.