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Astrology News – 1st Feb 2022

By January 30, 2022No Comments

New Moon:12 degrees 19 mins. Aquarius: 1st Feb. 2022

This is a serious, and interesting New Moon. With six cosmic placements moving through the sign of Capricorn, the Aquarian desire for innovative humanitarian change appears to be stifled.

Mars, goddess Vesta, Venus, Mercury, Pluto and goddess Juno are all riding the Capricorn waves at this New Moon time. All of them stressing the importance of taking personal responsibility for all we create in our lives – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. It appears as though greater fear (Capricorn) is sweeping across the collective psyche. When we vibrate with fear we draw energies to us of that vibration. Without the fear these energies have to leave because they do not resonate with the vibration of love. Mass guilt may emerge when people wake-up to truth.

The Aquarian energy of innovative ideas/technology and advanced awareness is gathering strength and, through this Aquarian New Moon, with Saturn’s stabilising energy surfing beside it, a break-through in people’s minds can, and hopefully will, occur.

I always bear in mind the bigger picture. We are moving into the Age of Aquarius where higher consciousness will eventually rule the minds and hearts of human beings. It will happen. How will it take place? How long will it take? Each astrological Age is approximately 2,500 years long. There are twelve signs of the zodiac. Multiply 2500 years x 12 and you get one huge galactic cycle. One of these cycles is currently completing. The completion process began last century. Many people believed it completed with the end of the Mayan calendar – December 31st 2012. The thing is – our western calendar doesn’t exactly adhere to star timing!

According to my galactic wisdom teachers, Earth is moving in a precarious orbit. It’s taken a side-step to avoid a long overdue, scientifically researched, pole reversal. Some scientists say the pole shift is 700 years overdue! This is serious stuff!

We have enormous support from loving beings in higher dimensional realms who deeply care for our human survival and the survival of planet Earth. They do what they can. However they cannot interfere in the karma we create for ourselves through our individual and collective ignorance. Hence their messages are transmitted to scribes who have open hearts and minds.

Often, as in the case of individuals, the state of being a harmonious and loving consciousness can only emerge through trauma. It’s how we humans seem to learn and grow. Currently, we – as a collective – are experiencing trauma. Trauma connects to Aquarius ( a fixed sign) and it’s ruling planet Uranus.

Uranus, the Light Bringer, is currently moving through the sign of Taurus (also a fixed sign). Uranus in Taurus is posing a challenge to the two luminaries (Sun and Moon) as they join together at this New Moon. What’s the challenge?

As I perceive it, it is to consciously and willingly open up our hearts and minds to embrace the currently forming new world of Light. How to do so? The only way is by choosing to change our internal mechanics: i.e.,our shadow psychology that contains negativity (darkness); meaningless concepts, ideas and societally programmed agendas. It is a self-awareness step-by-step awakening process. Sincere intention begins the journey.

We each need to willingly open our minds and hearts to receive the cosmic Light of higher consciousness and release resistance to doing so. A new world is in the making.

For those unwilling to the inner work to move forward into a love and light filled future, a second Earth has been provided. It will continue to reside in the third dimension where the same old psychological games will be replayed for the next 26,500 years. Those souls resistant to higher consciousness will continue to reincarnate into this dimension re-playing their karma through 3D psychological games.

Planet Earth is ascending into a higher Light frequency. It is. In esoteric astrology the process is referred to as Earth’s ascension into a Sacred planet. It has been known about throughout the Ages. Earth invites all souls who embrace the spiritualised Light of higher consciousness to advance with her. Choice time is now.

At this New Moon in Aquarius you can choose to passionately and sincerely commit to advancing your levels of consciousness through self-awareness, or not.

For those who so choose, I suggest you plant sincere seeds of intent into the fertile soil of your subconscious mind the night before this New Moon. Be very specific. These seeds will germinate and grow shoots of new beginnings. You then have the choice to follow that new beginning, without in any way attempting to control its direction, or to remain stuck in your 3D comfort zone.

So many souls long to reunite with the Light. It can be done in this incarnation. Planet Earth is providing the higher vibrations needed for the ascension process. At this New Moon in Aquarius you can choose to begin, or accelerate, your spiritual journey.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,