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Astrology News – 19th December 2021

By December 20, 2021January 6th, 2022No Comments

Full Moon Gemini & Capricorn Solstice

In Australia today, Sunday, 19th of December, is the Full Moon in Gemini – 27 degree 28mins.

In a complete Moon cycle are eight Moon phases totalling 29.5 days. As you are aware, the Moon affects our emotions, (water element – our internal tides). At a New Moon a theme arises that builds up, often involving emotional tension or pressure. At the following Full Moon, illumination related to the theme often occurs and, during the following three phases, self-created tension begins to subside. Until a solar calendar was created, people lived by a Moon calendar. Some civilisations still do.

The following is my perspective on how the Full Moon energies (Gemini/Sagittarius) and the solstice zodiacal energies (Cancer/Capricorn) can work hand in hand. At first, I’ll bracket some of the astrological key words and themes relating to each of the signs to aid the understanding of astrology students.

Every year at a Gemini full moon, the desire to relate, connect, network, share information, and to dance and move energy in our bodies and minds takes place. We also have opportunities to expand our sense of self, and our view of the world. (Sag.)In a variety of different ways we can be introduced to broader concepts. Bright ideas and opportunities for personal expansion can also enter our minds, especially if we have worked through communication issues related to speaking and living our truth. (Sag.)

At this Full Moon time, emotions (Cancer) can be aroused, maybe connected to a family member, or someone in authority who may demonstrate Sagittarian opinionated self-righteousness, or blind belief. i.e. “Of course, I’m right. Look what such and such media expert said! I expect you to believe me and I’ll do my utmost to convert you to my way of thinking!

Remember, you are your own guru (Sag.). You have the ability to sort the wheat from the chaff. In fact, it’s necessary, especially at this time in our consciousness evolution. Discernment is needed. Discernment comes through feeling truth.

To evolve into greater awareness involves taking an expansive forward step. The idea to do so comes into our minds. The next step is to practically anchor the idea into physicality. Thoughts of fear (Capricorn) limit. Thank the fearful thought for sharing, and focus instead on progressing forward movement. It’s the one Spirit wants you to follow. Bear in mind that working with and through fear enables spiritual growth.

Intuition (Sag.) arises into every-day consciousness via our inner teacher, our Higher Self. Intuition connects to the heart and our truth.  As an intuitive feeling arises, it’s best to take notice of it.

Our Higher Self desires continual psychological and spiritual growth through self-awareness. As we master one life lesson, another is presented. The next step usually involves advancing to a higher level of consciousness by taking a step forward into unknown territory through actioning the idea or concept into physicality. Many current  beliefs are quickly changing. Look to our external world to see how this is taking place. Many people are taking a stand for their personal truth, and for freedom of speech.

The world as we knew it has changed. We are in a transition process of unprecedented change. Information overload can be experienced as broader concepts take hold in the collective consciousness. Some ideas are rejected outright because conditioned minds cannot comprehend. An open mind leads to absorption of broader and higher understanding.

Some of us yearn to soar high like a kite (Sag.). To do so, we need to be grounded in earthly practicality (Capricorn). You are the one holding the kite. If you don’t guide and manage it, it will disappear into the clouds, just like thoughts!  Our current levels of spiritual growth (Sag.) need anchoring so our highest aspirations can be seeded. Trust that you can fly into unchartered territory, and be willing to let go of fear, limitations and attachment to specific outcomes.

What it means to feel free and take flight is the ability to feel unfettered by negativity or self-doubt. It means to feel as  though you are travelling towards your destiny under the guardianship of Divine Spirit, your Higher Self.  Dropping attachment as to how this destiny will unfurl is part of the process. Trusting and having faith in a benevolent universe is also part of the process.

The Pleiadians mention my experiences of indigenous ceremonies relative to the solstices and equinoxes. I mainly experienced them in South America, both in Peru and Bolivia. At many of the sacred sites visited were sun dials, locally known as ‘hitching posts of the Sun”. The people followed the stars and knew that at certain times of the year, according to the Earth’s movement around the Sun, the Sun would appear to change direction. It ‘hitched to a post’ as it did so. They used the sun dials as a guide to managing their crops throughout the different seasons.

Most of the local indigenous people I met loved, honoured and respected Mother Earth. They demonstrated their deep feelings by conducting heart-opening sunrise ceremonies, particularly on the equinoxes and solstices which they regarded as special days. Usually the ceremonies involved the playing of musical instruments and of chanting sacred sounds. The ceremonies were mostly held in Nature. I also experienced thanksgiving sunrise ceremonies in Bulgaria, Hawaii and Sedona, USA. I’ve been conducting these ceremonies by myself in my garden at sunrise on each of the Equinoxes and Solstices, because they have a great deal of significance and meaning to me.

At this year’s March equinox I had the good fortune to experience an amazing self-taught musician, Joshua Tree, playing his music as an Earth honouring  ceremony. I reconnected to my love of creative free dance.  Soul memories emerged and tears of absolute joy streamed down my face. Not willing to give up this joy again, I created with Joshua events at these auspicious times. Yesterday was one of them. What a fantastic, heart-opening and joyful experience it was! The vibration of love and joy filled the room and Mother Earth received a substantial high vibrational download.

On 22 December, the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn. It’s opposing sign is Cancer. This is the time of the summer solstice down under, where we experience the longest day. It’s also a birthday month for those born under the sign of Capricorn. To all Capricorn Sun signs I wish you a happy birthday.

To integrate the above information imagine and feel yourself as a tree. Your head is the top of the trunk in the clouds, and your arms are the branches, stretching out wide. Your roots are buried deep and broad into Mother Earth. You are strong, able to withstand the elements you encounter. You have travelled far on your earthly journey and know you still have more growth to attain. A well-grounded tree withstands the forces of Nature. You can do the same.  Commit to standing strong and spreading your branches wide. Believe in yourself and your own ability to fly high into unknown territories. The deeper and wider are your roots, the higher, and more securely can you fly. Your body, as the tree trunk, is precious. Treat it well.  Without your body, there is only ‘thinking of flying’.

I suggest you use the festive season to celebrate your achievements throughout the past year, no matter how small you may think they are.  Relax and allow emergence of the next step in your evolutionary development. Intend to allow expansion.  If a broader concept or idea feels uncomfortable but true, investigate that direction. Ask your Higher Self to guide you on your journey. Give your Spirit permission to soar into unchartered territories. Anchor your most uplifting aspirations by taking appropriate responsible forward moving action, one step at a time. This creates a solid foundation.

Trust that you have enough infrastructure, information, support, skill and maturity to ground the new idea or reality that is emerging. You can handle the mental and the physical expansion, You can handle the growth it provides. Trust that you can. As a human tree, let your head and branches connect to the unlimited inspiration available, and stay grounded through your roots into the reality of earth. Enjoy your spiralling upwards.

May all the blessings of the festive season be experienced as you soar to heights in the New Year you never dreamed possible.

Again, a reminder from the Pleiadians:

“Oh Ashtara, we, the Pleiadians, ask that you convey to your readers and students the necessity to focus on generating and distributing within themselves the vibration of love and of light to all within their field of in fluency. Expand through visualisation, imagination and intent. The vibrations will travel. Also, imagine, visualise and intend the love vibration travelling to Mother Earth”.