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Astrology News – 18 Jan 2022

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Uranus in Taurus turns direct/ Full Moon Cancer 18 Jan 2022

Rejoice, the Light Bearer and bringer of refreshing change, Uranus, changes direction from retrograde to direct on Tuesday, 18 January, at 10 degrees Taurus 49 mins. It will remain at this degree station until 25 January, when it will slowly move forward, gathering strength and puff as it does so. Think of a steam train! So what does this astro-babble mean?

During it’s drive forward from 10 degrees on April 2021 to 14 degrees Taurus 47 mins. on 20 August 2022 when it turned retrograde, it is likely to have energetically connected to, and ignited at least one of your birth chart placements. Glimpses of a potential change into an unknown and unfamiliar future may have been revealed. Excitement, curiosity or nervousness could have arisen as a result of this ‘out of the box’ and quite unusual thought, idea or experience. Pause and reflect. If anything immediately pops into your mind – that’s it! How does it feel in your body now?

That point activated then will be reactivated in the next few weeks or months. If you keep a daily journal, you could check last years’ notations. As mentioned, on 20th August 2021 Uranus moved into retrograde motion. In other words it, from our human perspective, began to travel backwards. As a result of this directional movement nothing seemed to happen connected to your unusual experience/thought/idea. Instead, old unconscious psychological issues are likely to have emerged so you could see them more clearly and transform them through the light of your higher awareness, thereby clearing the energetic space for new to enter. Internal change, through many self-realisations and acceptance of your part in the psychological game, ensure that external change for the better must occur. The resultant higher vibration emits a frequency, like electricity, that joins with the collective psyche, providing external change. The more we choose to see the light of our own, often obsessive, behaviours and choose to transform them, the sooner can our collective thought patterns change. It has always been.

Should you have embodied the greater light of self-awareness, you’ll be ready to move up an octave in your evolutionary journey. Uranus will reactivate that same point sometime within the next few weeks or months. Depending on the level of self-realisation (light of self-awareness) will be the result of the change experienced. It could be quite exciting. Some may feel a shock at first. It could be a joyful shock of recognition as your begin to see your soul’s path unfolding.

You have the free will choice to follow the new exciting path or continue on the same old track and receive the same old thing. It takes courage to change, and to walk a completely different path into the unknown. I always have at the back of my mind that we are never given more than we can handle. Following your joy, your heart and your love is the way forward into creating a new world.

Change is imminent. It is the nature of Uranus’ energy.

In Australia, on 18 January, is also the Full Moon at 27 degrees Cancer 50 mins. Cancer is a water (emotional) sign. It’s home and family oriented. Emotions will definitely be aroused in the lead up to this Full Moon. Deep ones! They can be empowering and joyful, or otherwise. This full Moon will be opposing Pluto in Capricorn which in turn, conjuncts the Sun. This is a powerful influence.

Deeply buried secrets, personal, societal and governmental, may come to the fore.The revelations may cause internal volcanic-like eruptions on individual and collective levels. For example: You may experience weakening feelings of disempowerment because you have allowed another, possibly your father or someone with strong controlling masculine energy, to have power over you. It could well be your intimate partner. You may not want to face, or take responsibility for, your issues. Best if you do. If you’re the one re-acting to the situation then it is your issue to own and to heal. The themes can be deep emotional insecurity around belonging. Where do I belong? Do I feel safe and secure in my home? Do I feel my work/career nurtures my soul and spirit? Do I feel I belong to this family? Who, or where is my Soul family?

An opportunity is provided under this Full Moon to become aware enough to transform, through self-love, any internal dynamics related to these themes. The person who you feel may be wronging you is doing his/her darnedest to ensure you grow into your own sense of empowerment.

The source of human suffering is separation from Prime Creator, from the divine love that we are, and from the understanding of how love commands the Universe. When we allow the energy of this love to dominate our being, we are as empowered as we can possibly be.

The Sun in a birth chart symbolises the best way we can demonstrate our love and be the light that we are. Just like the Sun shining in the sky – we too can shine our unconditional light and love onto others. For those with a Capricorn Sun, taking personal responsibility for all your creations can often be a challenging issue to overcome. Realising that in the past you did the best you could with what you knew at the time, and forgiving yourself because of your unconscious behaviour, will begin your journey to wholeness. Learning patience is another. Learning to attain your soul’s desire for incarnation is the big one. It can only be found in the heart, through intuition and feelings of joy. Only through love can it emerge into consciousness. I liken the soul’s journey to climbing a spiritual mountain. The summit is the attainment of our soul’s purpose for incarnation. Pluto governs the evolution of our soul. At this Full Moon these two cosmic dancers are playmates.

To assist your climb, ask yourself: Have I lost my connection to my Soul? Does guilt serve me? Does fear serve me? Does being controlled, or controlling others serve me? Do limiting and rigid societal dictates serve me and do I feel loving in their presence? Your answers and subsequent actions determine the next steps on your mountain climb.

Its healthy and wise to become self-aware and love the above issues to death. If we judge them as wrong or bad that negative energy will only make them worse. My students often think I’m nuts when I say: “Love them to death”. I say it because it’s my experience that this practice works. Divine self-love heals all – including self-sabotaging behaviour. During this Full Moon phase, transformation is definitely the name of the game, both personal and for the collective. You can choose to create a new chapter in your book of life. Following the ‘death’ of an old way of being and doing, is a re-birth of a new ‘you’. When this process occurs, often the individual will have a dream of birthing or being handed, a new baby.

The same issues as above can arise on the collective level: Exposure of deeply buried governmental secrets may arise. Death can be an issue. Heart problems, caused by separation from love, can be an issue.

What interests me is that this Full Moon opposes the USA Independence chart Pluto in Capricorn. Jeffrey Wolf Green author of the book Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul says that “the day will come when the United State will “fall from grace”. One day it will not be the world power it is today..” He goes on to say that a restructuring of the national Soul will need to take place so that a new collective self-image can evolve, and that the national sense of security linked with being a world power will have to change as a result of this evolutionary necessity. Hmm! Is this in process?

Some general information for my astrology students: Both Mercury and Venus are retrograde – Mercury at 9 degrees Aquarius and Venus at 13 degrees Capricorn 43 mins. The energy of these two retrograde planets can be used positively for self-development processes by:

a) Mercury – going within to learn, write and study about yourself.
b) Venus, – choosing to commit to developing a higher self-value based on self-love and self-worth, and demonstrating it through a symbolic gesture meaningful to you. And then, be consistent about carrying out your commitment.

However we experience our world is completely up to us. Our external world is simply a reflection of our internal world. When we hold dear to our hearts the vibration of love of our eternal divine nature, life can be an unfolding of great beauty, light and power. Love is who we are. Love is a Source of Life that has no end. Love is the essence of miracles on all levels of being – physical, mental, financial and social. Love supports wholeness and good health. It is our origin. Love is our sacred essence of being.

BE the love you are and appreciate the upcoming week’s cosmic activities.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,