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Astrology News – 14th Nov 2021

By November 14, 2021January 6th, 2022No Comments

Within the timeless realms of existence are many species of life different to humans, with intelligence and consciousness. Some are pure light without form. These are the angels and archangels, who chose to stay closer to Source to aid the adventurous souls who chose to explore other realms. Source is infinite. Creation is infinite.

We humans chose to explore other realms, gathering energetic density as we traversed the lower realms. Our experiences in other worlds and on planet earth have been many and varied. These experiences are stored in realms of space, or ether, and known as the akashic records.

As our personality, a one-time composite of soul fragments deliberately chosen prior to birth to fulfil a specific purpose, willingly begins the inner journey to awaken and know self, these soul records become accessible through feeling and emotion. Emotional experiences are etched in our soul’s living library. Emotion is the key to open the library door.

In astrological terms, Chiron, the cosmic body discovered in our solar system in November 1977, is known astrologically as the wounded healer. It was first recognised as a planet and later demoted to a planetoid. Reflect on the huge wave of interest in, and practice of, natural healing methods arising from that time of discovery to now. Through Chiron we can heal many of our deeply rooted psychological wounds. Chiron packs a mighty punch. It contains the energetic key that opens the closed doors of our psyche enabling access to the library containing our soul’s records.

At this time in our human evolution into higher consciousness, people around the age of 49, 50, 51 will be experiencing a Chiron return to its position in their natal chart. Chiron’s cycle around the Sun is approximately 49 – 50 years. Wherever Chiron is placed in your birth chart is where you can experience, through feeling, your greatest psychological wounding. Currently, Chiron is travelling retrograde, at 9 degrees Aries; a fire sign. To overcome feelings of inadequacy, littleness and inferiority, confident independent, self-assertive action needs to be taken to heal debilitating and weakening issues, often connected to dependency. Self-motivated independent action is needed to ensure a successful outcome. Fear must be faced and released.

Often the debilitating fear can be the fear of living on one’s own. Why this fear? It is a symptom. Passionate intention to access, confront and take appropriate initiatory action to self-heal the problematic cause, will open the closed door of your psyche. Truth will reveal. Often people with this placement feel it is selfish to consider self.

To love, care for and consider self equally to others is not selfish. It is necessary to ensure lasting good health and happiness.

Chiron will remain travelling through Aries until May 2027.

Fear is a killer. Fear attracts what is feared the most. There is another way to live life. A peaceful and love filled life is attainable. It is not a fantasy. To live life in peace requires a decision, along with the desire to do so. A change of belief may be needed. Mass fear is growing and is being perpetuated by the media. Fear is a dense emotion. The dark energy of fear cannot penetrate the light unless the individual is willing. Tests and challenges occur to provide choices. Remember, we have free will to choose the dark or the light. When choosing the light, the dark dissipates. It has always been.

When you make the decision to choose light and love over fear, you can imagine yourself holding a bright torch light and shining it into every dark corner of your psyche. It’s a great image to begin the healing journey.

Reflect also on whether your life has meaning because without love and the light of self awareness, life can appear devoid of meaning.

As Duncan says: “Be the light you are, act on your highest integrity”. I add – generate within your heart the frequency of loving kindness – give heaps to yourself, and the ever -available overflow to others.