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The ‘birth’ chart for the astrological reading that follows was constructed for 1st January 2021 at 12.01am (AEST) on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. It sets the scene for the entire year and can be read as an event chart for this year only, much like a solar return chart and reading is created for an individual – i.e. – an astrological interpretation for one birthday year to the next. The overall theme will tie in with the Numerology interpretation I wrote about recently, with the included Tarot. ‘read more’

The planets in their respective signs will be the same wherever in the world 2021-year charts are constructed. I have grouped planets in their signs wherever there are conjunctions because their combined energies have greater impact than singular interpretations.

Approximately twenty years ago, on 29th May 2000, transiting Saturn and Jupiter were conjunct in the earth sign of Taurus, setting the scene for the social and financial change to come during the following twenty years. Reflect on the changes you have witnessed and experienced in your lives during the past twenty years. I suggest you fasten your seat belts for the changes to come during the following twenty years.

Taurus is a fixed sign, as is Aquarius.  On a personal psychological level, it can take a symbolic bomb to get these two energies moving from their fixed perspectives. Jupiter and Saturn, now moving through the air sign of Aquarius, are in a challenging 90- degree angle (square) to the seeding of Taurus energy twenty years ago. What does this mean? I suggest we’re in for some more unexpected, sudden and possibly shocking societal change that may rock us out of our complacency. There could also be a feeling of excitement, because we will be stepping into unknown territory.

Freedom and personal space are necessary for airy Aquarius energy. Whereas earthly Taurus is accepting, and slow to move, Aquarius must have the freedom to express themselves in their own unique way. The Aquarian energy within all of us is the ability to become an ‘observer’ to our psychological games, and choose not to play the self-destructive ones anymore.

On the collective level, many people will realise they have allowed themselves to be put into ‘boxes’, manipulated by the social order whereby their freedom has been eroded. Australian people have the collective mind set of “she’ll be right mate”, and this year is likely to bring a change to this perspective. With that preamble, let’s have a look at the planetary components seeded at the beginning of 2021. I have not included any 2021 transits as I’ll probably write about the main ones as they arise. I have written a simple summation at the end.

Moon in Cancer:

The Moon was moving ahead of the Sun, following a recent Full Moon. The Sun and Moon still oppose each other, but the Moon leads the cosmic dance between the two. This means that throughout this year we need to allow our feminine intuition and feeling nature (Moon) to guide our thoughts and actions. Cancer is a water sign, governing emotions. Emotions may be heightened more than usual this year, especially during each of the thirteen Full Moon phases. What would create heightened emotions? Insecurity, self-doubt and inability to self-nurture? A shocking revelation, a moral or ethical issue?

Healthy and positive self-talk may be needed, assuring your inner child that it can hold on to its security blanket while you, the adult, accomplish whatever you’ve set out to do. Imagine, and feel deeply the outcome you want to create for you, and allow the ‘how’ process to unfold as it needs to.

Venus in Sagittarius:

Venus conjunct South Node in Sagittarius:

Many more people will be seeking solace in nature, and embarking on new courses of study that open their minds to a higher world, maybe to study spirituality, metaphysics, or astrology. There’ll be a yearning to seek something more than what the material world offers.  Many more books may be written and published, and new study courses implemented. The energy of Sagittarius is connected to Nature. In esoteric astrology, the sign of Sagittarius is ruled by Earth. Last year many people re-located to regional towns to enjoy Nature’s beauty and benefits. This movement is likely to continue.

Sun in Capricorn:

This is the position for the Sun at the beginning of each new year. The Capricorn themes are those of self-determination, discipline, patience, and the creating of responsible, practical and achievable goals. It’s always a good idea to spend New Years’ day creating your sincere heart-felt goals for the ensuing year. The more feeling and emotion you put into them, the greater is the likelihood of them materialising. A wishy-washy goal will receive wishy-washy results. Best to be clear, detailed and congruent on every level; physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. When desire, intent and spiritual Will combine, your goal will manifest. Best to let go of control as to “how”. Control and force won’t work. Be content to work with the universal energy when it provides openings. This is where patience and trust are needed. Exerting force and control blocks the energy flow.

Sun conjunct Mercury in Capricorn:

Your ideas are likely to be practical and workable. Feel into the ones that resonate with your heart and follow them through. This is where discernment comes in. Take your time formulating your course of action. And, be aware of any fear that blocks or hinders your forward movement. Comfort your fear, and responsibly and patiently move forward.

Pluto in Capricorn conjunct Mercury in Capricorn

Pluto & Mercury in Capricorn oppose Moon in Cancer

Pluto & Mercury square Mars in Aries

This is quite a strong Capricorn package. Pluto requires the transformation of old psychology that now longer serves the new evolution, so that a new identity (Mars) can emerge.  It seems to me that many will be walking into a ‘new’ identity this year because life’s circumstances compel, or are compelling this activity.

Desires originate from the soul. Pluto governs the evolution of the soul. Mars instinctively acts to fulfil these desires. Internal conflict between the soul and the personality can arise and be felt. Raw energy (Mars in Aries) can bring the emergence of deeply subconscious anger and resentment, resulting in a loss of perspective. In a square between these two, Pluto and Mars can be, and often are, “at war” with each other. It’s a volatile connection. A square aspect provides a psychological, and often a physical, challenge. And, can signify war.

If there is a global war (Mars), it is likely to be a ‘war’ of words, of ideas (Mercury) probably related to business, money, governments or corporations (Capricorn). I’m thinking here of a trade war. If a personal war, it is likely to be connected to a conflict of desires related to sex, money, shared resources or power issues. Relationship endings could occur when one partner is more strong-willed than the other.

With Pluto squaring Mars, an iron will may be needed to deal with some situations that arise this year. Temper tantrums won’t help. Emotional intelligence and mastery will be needed. Any dramatic scenarios that arise will call for calm and considered action, rather than fiery re-actions. Transformation of deep psychological patterning is probable. Something deeply hidden for aeons can come to the surface of consciousness this year, connected to the soul’s evolutionary intent to grow spiritually.

Last century a leading, and highly respected astrologer wrote two powerful books on Pluto. They revolutionised astrology.  Towards the end of the second book, Pluto, The Soul’s Evolution through Relationships, published in 1997, author Jeffrey Wolf Green wrote about the long-term effects of the existing level of nuclear waste contamination, saying that nature will rebel (Aquarius) through the progressive mutation (Pluto) of bacteria and viruses. He went on to say that the mutation of viruses and bacteria will become airborne, spreading through the common atmosphere. And, that this would affect the medical industry and public travel, including plane travel. This has come to pass. He wrote that, because of this, total adjustments to our belief systems, returning us eventually to natural laws will come about.

The relocation movement towards living in balance with Nature began last year because of the mutated Corona virus, and, I believe, will continue in 2021. Parents will want to feel safe and secure, and provide a healthy space for their family. (Moon in Cancer).

Mercury is the communicator, the ‘messenger of the gods. What ‘gods’ do you believe in? The ones focusing on materialism, or the ones that focus on developing a spiritual or higher perspective to life on earth?  When objectively viewing the state of world affairs, it is obvious that a focus purely on materialism is not working. There is always a higher perspective. This could be the year when you seek to find it. Deep and penetrating questions (Mercury) are likely to be asked, and communicating systems no longer appropriate for the collective growth could be dismantled, or malfunction. This year you will need to be discerning to earn self-respect. Mars requires independent, confident action be taken on whatever new ideas resonate with your heart and soul.

Materialism has been prominent in the mass human consciousness for thousands of years. Maybe it’s time for the cosmic pendulum to swing into balance? What will it take for it to do so?  This is a burning question many people are asking. In an individual’s life, balance usually occurs through struggle, chaos, break-downs, break-throughs in health, relationships or financial problems. It seems to be the only way we humans learn to evolve into more compassionate, wise, tolerant and loving beings.

Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius. I’ve written a separate article about this conjunction. ‘read more’

Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius oppose Moon in Cancer:

Jupiter likes to indulge in more and more – of whatever it thinks about, and can go ‘over the top’ not knowing when to stop. Jupiter is optimistic. It can overindulge, and, as it connects to Moon in Cancer, overindulge in food. The cause of this need is usually based on emotional insecurity. This year, there may be other overindulges that need to be seriously reviewed.

Saturn says: “Whoa!  Put the brakes on!  Where’s the responsibility and practicality in all of this?” and, “Is this the right timing?” And, “Whoops, I can feel fear emerging” or “I’m feeling insecure and have many doubts”. Saturn can be pessimistic, and is the very best teacher of the zodiac.  He helps us to learn valuable life lessons. We may not enjoy the learning process, but the results of moving through our fears are so worthwhile. So, what’s the effect of these two energies opposing the Moon in Cancer?

Moon in Cancer likes to feel secure, well nurtured and nourished before the ‘more and more’ is experienced. The crab will retire into its shell when overwhelmed by too much ‘more and more’, and, when it feels fear, needs to process the best step forward! It will move forward because it’s a cardinal sign, but at its own pace, and when it feels it has a ‘family’ close by to support the move. It may need to imagine taking its ‘security blanket’ to do so.

Aquarius, an air sign (head stuff) is the electrical energy that can challenge emotional security. It can bring revolutionary ideas that can be considered genius. The archetype of the mad professor comes to mind. It is through the futuristic Aquarian mind that break throughs in science, break-downs in marriages, careers, families and revolutions occur.

The above energy package is another ‘doozy” because it connects, through conjunction of Saturn/Jupiter to Pluto in Capricorn, opposing Moon in Cancer, and square Uranus, the planetary ruler of Aquarius, in Taurus. (All this astrological gobble-gook may be a bit much for novice astrology readers, however many of my students will revel in it).

Aquarius is electrical energy. It can scatter the brain, especially when a shock is experienced. When I experience a shock, my brain takes a holiday. My consciousness leaves my body and I’m left as a shell– almost incoherent, and unable to think. My emotional body takes over. Usually I’m aware, know I need to rest, and give myself lots of positive self-talk so my state of being can revert to normal. Sometimes, if the shock is too great, I just have to wait until my consciousness decides to come home. Some people are as sensitive to shock as I am.

It feels to me as if this 2021 “cosmic cook-up” is building up into something life changing. Last year was one of major change- a Pluto in Capricorn type of change, with a dose of Aquarius.  This year another is coming up – however this one is likely to lead to more freedom. Maybe huge earthquakes – many more than normal?  Maybe a huge break-through in science or technology that can revolutionise the way we live life?  Maybe a break-through in human consciousness (Aquarius) as we realise we’ve been duped, manipulated and controlled for hundreds, or thousands, of years?

I suggest you decide to become aware of how these cosmic forces play out in your life, because they will. Everyone will experience them, to differing degrees. The basis of unaware, unconscious Aquarian energy is usually connected to childhood trauma where separation from love was experienced. Throughout my three decades of astrological counselling, writing and teaching I’ve found this deep psychological issue to be the cause of all strife and conflict. Seek cause, and heal the psychological wound, and life changes for the better.

When we all can feel the love of our Divine Source within every cell in our body and know it as truth, life changes for the better.

On the upside, this package can be the one that drives people to develop a spiritual perspective to life because they may have sudden and unexpected illuminating experiences that cannot be explained in the material world’s terms.

Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius square Mars Aries

The Jupiter part of this aspect can over-extend and do too much, and health can suffer because of it. Saturn will encourage the tempering of excess activity with down-time. This combination enables the setting, and manifestation of, realistic goals rather than fanciful ones. Through Saturn you may feel unable to ask for help because of a great desire for independence (Mars). You will want to achieve, and can work methodically and practically towards the goal. (Saturn) Best to follow your own ideas rather those that come from others. These ideas may be quite different to other years, and could feel exciting – and maybe scary (Saturn) because they are revolutionary (Aquarius).  In other words, your soul could be asking you, the personality, to ‘step up to a new mark”. Most important not to take on other people’s responsibilities because you’ll have enough on your plate working to fulfil your own. It would also be a good idea to plan a realistic vacation.

Chiron in Aries sextile Saturn & Jupiter in Aquarius

Chiron is the archetypal ‘wounded healer’. In mythology, he was an astrologer, oracle, healer and teacher. His understanding of natural healing methods is permeating human consciousness and has been doing so since he was first discovered in our Solar System on November 1st 1977.  Since then, there has been a quiet mass revolution in our individual and collective understanding of natural health and healing. It’s still to permeate the curriculum of the medical profession, which may happen this year. Now, wouldn’t that be revolutionary! (Aquarius)

This year, Jupiter will take this understanding further. Many more people will “see the light” of how Big Pharma has encapsulated human minds, controlling them through fear. Our medical profession won’t be able to deny the fact that alternate healing modalities, and the power of thought, are healing methods. If we think we’ll be ill, we will be.  If we focus on dark thoughts, we will experience the dark. The Universal Law of Attraction is always in motion. It is immutable.

Aquarius is an air sign – ruling our mental faculties. As mentioned previously, it is electrical. Electrical currents enter our brain, activating the trillions of cells in our body, each of which contain an electrical charge. Every cell is like a battery, and has a voltage. This is proved by physics. Whatever we think about activates the electricity in our cells. This is potent ‘medicine”.  It means we are each in charge of our own health and wellbeing. Our thoughts create our state of being, and our reality.

Jupiter and Saturn together in Aquarius and sextile Chiron is indicative of greater manifestation powers, particularly when the left brain is trained to be subservient to the right hemisphere through which intuition emerges.

Many more people will ‘wake-up’ to this truth this year. It is a year when many will be illuminated by the light of awareness, especially self-awareness. Many human brains can be activated into truths that have always been known, but have been kept hidden.

Chiron in Aries trine Moon in Cancer:

HmmTrines, a 120 -degree angle, are usually in the same element. A disassociated trine brings in two different elements.  In this case, its fire and water. Not always a good mix. Fire can rage, or burn slowly. Fire provides us with the ability to act on new ideas.  Water is connected to emotions.  Emotions can drown the fire. How can these two elements work harmoniously together?

Whatever is a deeply felt new creative desire needs to be acted upon, especially when the idea is repeated. The idea may be connected to self-improvement, health and healing in some way, or learning, teaching or writing. The idea will probably feel nurturing, and maybe with an undercurrent of excitment. Consider it deeply, and act upon its guidance. A budding artist, musician or writer may emerge under this influence. Trines often imply laziness, but this is unlikely under this energy package.

Uranus in Taurus trine Sun in Capricorn

You will feel the need for freedom and may rebel if this freedom is curtailed. The rebellion is likely to be well grounded, and founded on practicality and reality.

Uranus in Taurus sesquisquare Venus in Sagittarius

This feels to me as if boredom or restlessness could be an issue, and if so, it would be wise to become aware of its’ cause. This will take calm mental and physical management. This may not be as easy as it is to write.  Also, as you change and transform old values that seem irrelevant in todays’ world, your friends are likely to change.

Neptune in Pisces sextile Mercury in Capricorn

It’s a good year to become involved in the creative arts, because your efforts are likely to be successful, especially those involved with writing, drawing or use of hands. Sculpturing comes to mind. Neptune guides our imagination so allow it to play you, but also be aware of when it goes ‘over the top’ into illusion and fantasy. Towards the end of any Neptune transit to a placement in our birth chart, we can become aware of how we have allowed illusions to take over our minds. When we see clearly, the ‘wake-up’ call to reality can be devastating.

Neptune in Pisces square Venus in Sagittarius

This year many more people are likely to become interested in mythology, meditation or spirituality, or may have a spiritual or mystical experience that opens their mind to viewing life from a broader perspective. A positive outlet for this energy such as yoga, meditation, or chanting sacred sounds, would be beneficial to the mind and body. Also dance, and music. Neptune rules the “mystical waters of consciousness”. Venus is the ‘lover’ in the zodiac. There could be a challenge for some to “wake up” to the truth of a romantic entanglement – to see it more clearly. Sagittarius rules the higher mind, of intuition that comes through feeling. Suggestion:  Spend more time in Nature to relax and allow truth to reveal.

From another perspective, sometime this year you may feel like a lost soul. If so, it would be a good time to study the disciplines mentioned above, especially astrology because it can quickly take you out of the lost soul fog of depression.

North Node in Gemini sq. Neptune in Pisces

Simply, the Nodes (North and South Nodes of the Moon) symbolise the places where the Moon’s orbit around the Earth intersects with the flat plane of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. I’ll write only about the North Node.

This is a strong energetic point in a chart. It contains the consciousness required for us to evolve into our optimum self, through the desire of the soul. Some refer to it as a point of ‘destiny’. When in hard (square) aspect to Neptune, we may feel as if our destiny is clouded – we can’t see it clearly. Whenever we think about our future direction all we see and feel is cloud.

Writing a daily journal about your true feelings will help clear the mental fog.  I recommend you do, and then review it a few months later and again at the end of the year. It will be revealing. Also, what will be revealing and supportive, is to purchase Jan Spiller’s book “Astrology for the Soul” as it will be a life-saver for those seeking to grow and evolve into your highest destiny. The book is simple to read, needs to be taken seriously and the concepts acted upon. Your life will change for the better as a result of applying the concepts to your daily life. And, learning astrology will provide the Virgo details needed to bring mental clarity. My spiritual astrology trilogy was written to aid this journey.

Astrology Books

Your Recipe for Empowerment through Spiritual Astrology Volume One – The Zodiacal Signs

Your Recipe for Empowerment through Spiritual Astrology Volume Two – The Planets

Your Recipe for Empowerment through Spiritual Astrology Volume Three – Aspects and Transits

Book – Your Recipe for Empowerment through Spiritual Astrology Trilogy


There are many immutable Universal Laws. One of them is the Law of Attraction. Whatever is the content of the energy (consciousness) we emanate, is what we attract. Change is a constant. This year many people will feel the need for greater freedom because unexpected circumstances will arise that demand a different approach to life. A change of consciousness will take place, probably through a build-up of internal pressure. It seems to be the way we humans learn. Old psychology that no longer serves your growth needs to be released to enable the freedom your soul desires.

This may require separation from something or someone you love to enable the ‘birthing’ of a new identity. This new identity is what is needed to take you into your future destiny. This can be exciting.

Planet Earth may rebel with greater force through an increase in the number of earthquakes which may result in ancient artifacts being unearthed that completely change our concept of history.  New technological ideas may bring revolutionary change, and many more people will become self-aware.  Exciting new revelations will occur that will blast our minds wide open to embrace a much larger reality than most dreamed possible.

Fasten your seat belts – we are in for quite a ride. It can be exciting. It will be what we make it, according to how self-aware we are and how adept we are at managing our psychology.

God bless, and may your Light within shine more brightly than ever before.


3rd January 2021