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Astro-Alchemy – what does this mean?

By April 30, 2015September 3rd, 2018No Comments

Are you willing to be sponged out, erased, cancelled, made nothing?
Dipped into oblivion?
If not, you will never really change
– D.H. Lawrence

Astro: an abbreviation of astrology – the psychology of the soul.

Alchemy: Pursuit of the transmutation of baser metals into gold. (The Concise Oxford dictionary)

Astro-alchemy therefore offers the opportunity to transmute the baser “metals” within the subconscious realms of our psyche to the “gold” of higher consciousness and enlightened self-awareness.

In alchemy, raw primal material is heated, condensed and otherwise processed in an attempt to find purified “gold”. This physical process is symbolic of our inner search to find our greatest treasure deeply hidden within our subconscious realms.
An unconscious descent into darkness and self-destruction offers a choice. We can choose to rise above our darkness or continue on the downward spiral. If we decide to begin the ascent into greater self-awareness and are willing to identify, and take responsibility for, our dark psychological games we begin the alchemical process. The instant we recognize, acknowledge and take responsibility for our self-destructive games an internal alchemical process takes place. It’s as if our cells rejoice and release the condensed and coagulated psychic energy contained in the dark thoughts and feelings of the psychological game – now clearly seen.

This ‘wash’ of self-awareness transforms the dense energy into a new, vibrant life force. Life is totally changed for the better. We have found “gold” within.

Applied astrology is a wonderful tool to enable this alchemical process as, via the birth chart, it clearly and precisely identifies our psychic garbage and offers constructive ways to reach the light.

June 2008
Re-edited 2015.