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Ashtara’s Recipe for the Self-Generation of Love A Meditation

By May 18, 2020No Comments

Place yourself in a quiet and peaceful place where you won’t be disturbed. Relax into this space, ensuring you feel comfortable.

Close your eyes and imagine you’re travelling into your heart through a dimly lit tunnel. You see a bright light at the end of the heart tunnel. You are feeling confident, safe and secure. As you move towards the light you notice a door to the left and feel the urge to open it. You do so, and inside the darkened room is a fire place with a bright, glowing fire and a rocking chair beside it. The fire feels so inviting and warming you decide to enter the room and sit on the rocking chair, where you completely relax. Enjoying the warmth of the fire you close your eyes, allowing your mind to drift.

You hear a sound close by. The fire provides enough light to enable you to look around the room. Noticing a small cradle on one side of the rocking chair you realise there’s a baby in it. The baby has been asleep and is now waking up. You decide to pick up the baby and cradle it in your arms close to your heart. This baby is vulnerable and adorable. Imagine this to be so.

You feel the baby relaxing in your arms as you pour your love into it. You may sing the baby a lullaby or gently stroke it. As you continue to pour love into the baby its appearance seems to change. After a little while you realise the baby has morphed into a baby you. This little baby needs the adult you to pour your love into it. You continue to give the baby your self-generated adult love and, as you do so, you feel your heart warming. This warming love feeling travels to other parts of your body, acting as a healing agent.

When you feel the baby is content, return her or him to the cradle. As you do so, you realise you can practice this self-generated love process as many times as you wish.


Having healed myself from many past-life and early childhood traumas, I know this self-generation of love process works. I’ve shared it with hundreds of students and clients, and it has worked for them. Many years ago, I created a meditation – available on my website, called A Journey into Love. You may wish to download it. ‘click here’

I do hope the above information aids your evolutionary journey into the light of higher consciousness and leads you to experiencing the feeling of Prime Creator’s love within you.

Many blessings, and much love,