“Astrology is the complete repository of man’s psychological knowledge”

Carl Jung

Astrology, when studied from an esoteric, evolutionary and spiritual perspective, is an incredibly accurate and valuable tool that, when the teachings are personally applied, enables access to the subconscious and super- conscious mind. Our birth chart indicates our potential. It also provides accurate information as to the psychological lessons we have incarnated to identify and overcome.

Since 1987 Ashtara has used astrology as an accelerated learning tool to gain greater self-awareness. She realised that for things to change externally first she must change internally.

She learned to become aware of her self-destructive psychology and transform it. As her self-awareness increased she took personal responsibility for the way she creates her life.  She teaches her students to do the same.

Our old way of being no longer fulfils or enriches life. When it’s time for psychological and spiritual growth, challenging situations arise in our life. They provide the opportunity for us to learn about ourselves. This inner journey requires the development of self-awareness and the willingness to take personal responsibility for all we think, feel and create. This inner revolution occurs according to cosmic timing. It’s dependent upon the specific relationship of celestial bodies to each other, and the effect of their energetic force field on individuals, and the collective consciousness. Ageless Wisdom identifies and defines this cosmic system and provides information as to how best to manage it.

Ashtara began teaching her perspective on astrology in 1992. Since then she’s written many articles and books on the subject.

Her classes and workshops are enlightening, fun, purposeful and filled with insights. Each one is designed to assist students raise their levels of self-awareness.

To aid student’s personal and spiritual development Ashtara wrote three astrology books titled Your Recipe for Empowerment through Spiritual Astrology. These three books, Volumes One, Two and Three, guide students to work with their birth chart to gain greater self-awareness. These simply written books are accelerated learning tools. Students who cannot attend classes also regard them highly. They need to be studied and the teachings applied to daily life.  They contain valuable information; stories to demonstrate the written concepts, and exercises to help students integrate the teachings.

“I started studying your book and my chart in earnest a few days ago, and I just wanted to let you know that the effect has been immediate! I’ve barely started and yet I can feel movement already in my heart, mind and soul, beyond that which I have experienced before in my (this) life/spiritual journey and this is because of your guidance through your words and teaching.

I feel such a magnetic pull to your words and teachings that I can hardly describe, and I sincerely hope that I can continue my studies in spiritual astrology with you, as far as it will take me in this life.

Thank you, Ashtara, with much love.”

Belinda Burman

Some esoteric principles govern her understanding and are:

  • We humans are, in essence, divine
  • We are each a fragment of the Universal Mind, the Mind of God.
  • We have a lower and higher nature.
  • Our higher nature is that of spirit. When realization and acceptance of the magnificence of our higher nature occurs, life changes. We can no longer operate unconsciously, robotically replaying the same old fear-based psychological games. We begin to function as a soul.

Ashtara, Thank you for an up-close, personal and revealing journey through your classes.  I am eternally grateful”.


“What a fabulous workshop – thought it was perfectly presented in a fun way (Ashtara style) – a reminder that we often take life too seriously- absolutely loved your way of combining astrology with acting and a sense of humour – it really moved things along”

Nuria Breier

“Ashtara, thank you so much for yet another fabulous workshop. I came away with a much deeper understanding of how I can use astrology as a tool to deepen my self-awareness and to make the right choices to create health and harmony in my life. By the end of the day I felt very peaceful, joyful and energized!! Thank you!”

Kathy, Tweed Valley

You will find Ashtara’s astrology study books in the Store.

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Also in the store are astrological reports that will help you to make sense of your reality. Ashtara didn’t write them but other professional astrologers did and they’re very useful. The Child Report is especially helpful to parents with small children.  It helps parents understand their child’s psychology, and provides valuable information to guide them towards a fulfilling life.

Some of the astrology books Ashtara holds in high regard are listed below.


  • Choice Centred Astrology – Gail Fairfield
  • Spiritual Astrology – Jan Spiller & Karen McCoy
  • Astrology for the Soul – Jan Spiller
  • The Inner Sky – Steven Forrest


  • Chiron – The Rainbow Bridge – Barbara Hand Clow
  • The Liquid Light of Sex, Kundalini, Astrology and Key Life Transitions– Barbara Hand Clow
  • Venus – Gift of Love _ Martin Schulman
  • The Ascendant – Martin Schulman
  • Karmic Astrology – Joy and the Part of Fortune – Martin Schulman
  • Retrogrades and Reincarnation – Martin Schulman
  • Asteroid Goddesses – Demetra George
  • Pluto – Evolutionary Journey of the Soul – Jeff Green
  • Dynamics of Aspect Analysis – Bil Tierney
  • Planetary Aspects – Tracey Marks
  • Art of Chart Interpretation – Tracey Marks
  • Saturn – A New Look at an Old Devil – Liz Greene
  • All other books by Steven Forrest


  •  An Astrological Mandala – Dane Rudhyar
  • Patterns of the Past – Judy Hall
  • Esoteric Astrology – Alice A. Bailey
  • Soul Centred Astrology – Alan Oaken

Astrology articles follow.


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Sun:  The Source of Life. The greatest light in our sky, representing the greatest light we can become through conscious development of openhearted love. Can represent and describe our father. Rules the zodiacal sign of Leo and, anatomically, the heart. Symbolically each individual is a small Sun whose ultimate purpose is to realize innate potential and be the shining Star that we are. Moon:  Feminine, Passive and Reflective. Reflects the light of the Sun and pulls the tides of the ocean. It also “pulls” our internal emotional tides and reflects our light. It rules the unconscious side of our personality....
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ONE LARGE CIRCLE OF LIGHT DIVIDED INTO TWELVE PORTIONS An astrology chart, (horoscope) symbolises the Circle of Life. Ancient cultures divided the circle into different areas of life in order to understand natural Laws. Their well-developed systems, based on observation and correlation, travelled through ages of time to become astrology. In western astrology the astrological circle is divided into twelve portions. I recommend you have your birth chart in front of you while reading this section. The text will have more meaning when you do.  Relate the house descriptions to your self and your life. Positioned on the left-hand centre…

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The Sun Signs of The Zodiac – A Story

By | Astrology was sunrise when Great Spirit shared his vision for humanity with his twelve children. Aries  “I give My seeds of love to you Aries, along with the gift of initiatory action. It is your mission to penetrate the soil of human minds with My seeds and ensure they are planted. Through your bravery and fearless deeds humanity will become aware they carry My love seeds within every cell of their bodies.” Taurus “To my daughter Taurus I give the mission of manifesting a bountiful harvest from the love seeds your brother Aries plants. To assist their growth I gift...
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Zodiacal Growth Stages

By | Astrology
Esoterically, the zodiac describes the growth and development of human consciousness.     The zodiacal signs describe the human progressive spiritual growth stages. ARIES, the first sign of the zodiac, is the fiery life spark - the new consciousness - (the element of fire) TAURUS is the physical body and its senses - (the element of earth) GEMINI is the mental body - (the element of air) CANCER is the emotional body - (the element of water) LEO is the fulfilment of creative expression - (the element of fire) VIRGO, LIBRA and SCORPIO are the transitional signs of the transformative...
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Zodiacal Personalities

By | Astrology

Following are some key words, both functional and dysfunction, for imaginary zodiacal personalities. The ‘shadow’ or dysfunctional expression of each sign is in brackets. A brief story follows the key words demonstrating how the signs express in family situations. You are likely to relate to it. ARIES: Active Andy: active, dynamic, independent, daring, assertive, direct, action orientated, self-motivated, enterprising, pioneering: (selfish, angry, impatient, frustrated, thoughtless, inconsiderate, impulsive, aggressive, bully.) Images: Racing car driver, warrior, entrepeneur, school bully. TAURUS: Sensual Sal: resourceful, reliable, consistent, generous, magnetic, warm, trusting, self-reliant, secure, self-sustaining, stable, self-sufficient: (indulgent, slow, lazy, greedy, possessive, lacking self-worth and…

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Astrological Aspects in The Birth Chart

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The Aspects are: The angular relationship between two points in the 360-degree wheel of the zodiac. All the planets in a horoscope are located in the zodiac and the angle between any two planets, given in degrees, is called an aspect. The number of degrees is significant and each aspect has a particular meaning. All aspects are measured by the angle viewed from the Earth. The main aspects are: Conjunction: Although there is not an angular relationship between two or more planets that occupy a similar degree this placement is highly sensitive. The orb of influence can be up to…

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Medical Astrology

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All disease is the result of inhibited soul life and this is true of all forms in all kingdoms.  Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Healing   Medical astrology has been used for aeons of time as a tool to not only prevent but also heal disease and pain. In Tibet it is a pre-requisite for obtaining a medical degree. Their current system was developed in 708 AD, by a much-travelled Tibetan scholar. In 2006 I saw copies of his original writings and participated in the current teachings in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. Positioned carefully around the walls of the main...
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Manifest Your Ideal

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Energy Flows where Focus Goes Clarity of mind leads to self-empowerment and being self-empowered enables the manifestation of dreams and hopes for our future. Planet Neptune, currently travelling through Pisces, enables confused minds to attain clarity of perception and attunement to higher celestial realms. Meditation, a now proven natural healing modality, is a healing tool to relax and open the mind to enable clarity. When mental and emotional energy is focused on fulfilling one’s heart-felt ideal, and the visualisation of living the ideal is practiced regularly, energy must flow to it. Inspired daydreams materialize through the practice of creative visualization…

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Astro-Alchemy – what does this mean?

By | Astrology

Are you willing to be sponged out, erased, cancelled, made nothing? Dipped into oblivion? If not, you will never really change – D.H. Lawrence Astro: an abbreviation of astrology – the psychology of the soul. Alchemy: Pursuit of the transmutation of baser metals into gold. (The Concise Oxford dictionary) Astro-alchemy therefore offers the opportunity to transmute the baser “metals” within the subconscious realms of our psyche to the “gold” of higher consciousness and enlightened self-awareness. In alchemy, raw primal material is heated, condensed and otherwise processed in an attempt to find purified “gold”. This physical process is symbolic of our…

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Could it be a sign? Many people have asked me about the 13th constellation Ophiuchus, the Serpent Holder, situated between Scorpius and Sagittarius.  It’s located opposite Orion and is depicted as a man grasping a serpent; the interposition of his body divides the snake constellation Serpens into two parts. In mythology Ophiuchus is associated with Asclepius, an ancient physician and healer. A sign is different to a constellation. A zodiacal sign only occupies 30 degrees, or 1/12th of a circle (360 degrees). The zodiacal signs have their origin in the sixth century BC. Constellations vary in size and are a…

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