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October 2018

By October 14, 2018July 30th, 2020No Comments

As more humans awakened to truth it came to pass that a new cosmic wave descended to Earth. This frequency wave was of quite a high voltage, accelerating human evolution into greater light.

Warning:  Become aware of your over-active and over-excited brain waves. It’s important you learn to manage them.  Mind- body awareness is needed.

The overstimulation electrifies the water in your bodies and your emotions become highly charged. Learn to manage them.  Yin yoga is one way, meditation is another. This electrification process is needed to awake those still sleeping and to progress those awake.  The wave will continue, and increase in intensity. Human evolution into full consciousness is the agenda behind it.

Learn to be fully present in the now moment. Intend it, practice it, and it will be so. Your world is changing, and rapidly.  No longer will you be able to ‘sit on the fence’. What reality do you choose in order to progress into your future? The societal one or the spiritual?

There is a great plan beyond the conception of the human mind. It is for the greater good of the planet and for human evolution into higher consciousness.  Put in place at the beginning of human development it cannot be changed nor stopped even though some may try to do so.

We are increasing our transmissions because we want to support your spiritual growth.  Ashtara is our scribe. There are others. We leave you to ponder on our words.  We are the Arcturians and we love you.