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31 December 2023 Ashtara’s Musings

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Preparing for a New Year

“If you want to awaken humanity then awaken all of yourself.
If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world then eliminate all that suffers within yourself.
Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own transformation.” 

Quote from The Sedona Journal of Emergence – Source unknown

I felt it might be supportive if I share the goals/intentions process I create at the end of each  year. Many years ago I learned a valuable lesson. It was to be specific with the infinite. It took a few years to learn the specifics. My natal Virgo energy had floated around in a very cloudy Neptune sea!

For more years than I can remember I have kept a journal. This process began when I chose to learn to interpret my dreams. I view them as symbolic messages from my  Higher Self and, as such, have immense value. I’m so pleased I did this inner work because it’s been invaluable. And then I learned astrology, another subject that enables spiritual growth through deep inner work. Now I had two profound applied processes I could write about in my journal. I  also wrote about my feelings, both emotional and body sensations, because I realised early in my spiritual growth journey that my body was the barometer of my soul – as it is for everyone.

As many of you know, I also taught myself to write with my non-dominant hand in order to learn to focus and to express my true emotions. I knew this life-learning process was essential if I was to grow and evolve into becoming my lightest self. I also needed to calm my turbulent Gemini mind. Regular, twice a day meditation became a necessary and vital component to my everyday life.

I learned that resistance was a defence mechanism that prevented me from seeing a truth about myself and/or prevented me from learning new ideas or approaches to life because of fear of change. I chose to release as much resistance as I could. Often it is unconscious and based on emotional turmoil from other times. So I learned to explore my subconscious realms because it contained the source of my fears that  arose almost every day. I needed to strengthen my mind and emotions so I wrote in my daily journal about my dreams, meditation experiences and the processes I took to overcome my fears. Through this daily writing I became self-objective. What this meant was that I could read of my experiences in an external journal rather than having my thoughts and feelings continually whirling around in my head. This process became a self-healing practice.

In the few days leading up to the New Year and on New Year’s day I write my heart-felt goals and intentions for the ensuing year.  My overall goal and intention has always been to reach the potential inherent in my birth chart so I could evolve spiritually into being my higher/lighter self. I now have added another overall goal – to serve the greater good/divine plan using my natural gifts and talents.

To accomplish these objectives I decided to be more specific. So now I add the four elemental categories that comprise our energy body and list them as:

Spiritual- fire;  mental- air;  emotional -water; and physical/financial – earth.

The goals and intentions associated with each element are specific and come from my heart.  HOW they are to be attained is up to my Higher Self. It knows my abilities and can see further and higher than can I. Once I’ve written  my clear goals and intentions in my new year journal I wait, knowing that inner guidance will come, maybe through dreams, images, messages from a book – etc. Always it will involve heart-felt feelings – and also a growth challenge! I can choose to take on the challenge, or not.

When I focus on the result of taking on the challenge and can feel my heart joyful, I commit taking that step. Then comes the action – the organisation – the specific details that need attention. They flow, and synchronicities abound. The path is easy and flows as a gentle river to the sea. The time of the New Moon is when I commit to the new years intentions/goals, excited about where the unknown will take me. The zodiacal sign and any connection to my birth chart provides a clue as to the direction this particular new year river will flow. I trust and have faith. It’s taken many years, many challenges and much testing to arrive at this place in my mind and emotions. The inner transformational work has been worth it. The next New Moon is on 11th January – 20 degrees Capricorn.

There is also something else I focus daily upon, as a result of a meditation request from Yeshua  years ago. He asked that I tune in every day to my sacred heart and to feel it fill with his love. He also recommended I express gratitude daily for all I have, for all I’ve learned about myself, the gift of life etc. and to forgive my lack of rightful understanding, and to also practice innocent perception. I hope the above is of benefit.

Ashtara 31/12/23


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,