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2022 Numerology, Astrology and Tarot Interpretation

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Because it’s a New Year I decided to focus this article on the numerology for 2022 and the relationship numerology and astrology have to the tarot. All are in the realm of ancient wisdom teaching and this trilogy is a way of exploring the cycles of life experience. When combined, they make a interrelated dynamic force. Each number has it’s own meaning and specific vibration, as does each card in the tarot system, and each of the astrological symbols.

The soul thinks in terms of symbolism and images, and nourishes itself accordingly. This ancient wisdom trilogy provides illuminating tools to aid self-knowledge. I’ve used these tools consistently for thirty years. I’ve also used a dream interpretation book because it’s the way our Higher Self attempts to get our attention. Dreams are symbolic. One symbol tells a story. Each of the three systems symbolise the soul’s journey from the darkness of ignorance to the light of conscious self-understanding. These tools were used in the ancient mystery schools. The numerology I use comes from the ancient Pythagorean school. I have memories of attending that school. I was a female but had to dress as a male in order to be accepted as a student.

The colourful images involved in the Major Arcana of the Tarot provide clear steps connected to the evolution of human consciousness. The 22nd step is the ending of one phase of life’s journey and the beginning of a completely new one. The number 2 governs duality and all pairs of opposites. The light and the dark; man and woman; true and false; positive and negative; day and night, etc. On Earth we live in the dualistic world of 3D consciousness.

Each and every human takes these 22 steps. Most are unconscious of the process. This is changing. Many times we stumble on this upward journey to the light. Some decide the journey is too hard and descend once again into the bliss of ignorance and amnesia. Many have chosen to ascend their consciousness. Consciousness is a vibrational state of mind.

With that preamble, let’s look at the numbers of the year ahead: 2022.


Add each number together to arrive at Six. This vibration is the overall energy of the year. I’ll unpack the numbers contained within the number six, beginning with the master number 22. Add these two numerals together to make 4.

Therefore, this year also operates under a 22/4 vibration. Twenty-two is one of the four master numbers. The others are 11, 33 and 44. A master number indicates the need for deep inner work to be done to attain psychological and physical mastery this year.

Connecting Numerology to the Tarot and to some Astrology

Number 22/4 connects to astrology via Earth (symbolised by the number 4) and Uranus, (the light bringer and activator of higher consciousness).

22/4 connects to the major arcana of the tarot via The World. In the pictograph, the female in the centre of a wreath symbolises Mother Nature. The magic wand she carries indicates her understanding of the immutable universal laws of creation. The four fixed signs of the zodiac form part of the symbolic image; Taurus, the bull; Leo, the lion; Scorpio, the scorpion and Aquarius, a human figure who pours onto all humankind the vibrational energy of Prime Creator’s love and Light. These same four creatures were depicted on the Ark of the Covenant. There is much written in the Bible relating to these four symbols.

Some of us are at the end of one phase of the ascending consciousness journey and are preparing to step up our vibration to experience a higher world. Some refer to this world as fifth dimensional consciousness. In this higher dimensional world, we embody the consciousness of our higher self and are able to clearly see from a higher perspective the psychological games we used to play, and refuse to ever play them again. We can also see the state of the collective psychology. We realise that the blending of our spiritual consciousness occurs by using our unique resources, including the body itself, for the highest good. The body, especially our spiritual heart, is a incredible source of wisdom. We can learn so much about ourselves by tuning in to its many vibrational messages. When tuned into our body’s channel, we can use our precious internal instruments with wisdom, care and love.

Once this spiritual growth process has been attained, the individual is no longer bound by earthly considerations. Instead, these considerations are recognised, accepted and acted upon. This individual does not allow negative vibrations to influence them in any way. All the spiritual masters, including Jesus, attained this higher level of consciousness. Jesus said that whatever he did we also can do. Many of us have the potential of reaching this higher level of consciousness this year. Dedication to mental, emotional and spiritual mastery is required. Dark thoughts must be prohibited from entering our minds. This conscious evolutionary process takes intention, dedication, self-discipline and self-mastery. It is likely to entail an internal struggle as the lower self battles to hold onto all that is known and familiar. Inner psychological purity can be a goal you commit to attaining this year.

Now let’s move on to the overall vibration – number Six

Six is considered a domestic vibration as it connects to the love of home and family. Venus is the planetary ruler . Venus, the goddess of love, seeks to bring together seemingly opposing forces to enable the creation of harmony. Gemini, the twins, is the connecting esoteric zodiacal sign. The twelve signs of the zodiac are the creative energies which organise the physical world. The internal opposing forces are well represented by Gemini which rules the two hands, two arms, two lungs and two shoulders. These parts of the body must operate in unison if the body is to be well coordinated.

Gemini rules communication and Venus governs our throat chakra and the vibrational tone within our communication. When we speak through love, honesty, feeling and harmony, the ensuing vibration harmonises our body and mind.

The Tarot symbolism for number 6 is The Lovers:

The image depicts two humans, one masculine, the other feminine, representing opposing factors within the one form.

Each and every human embodies the masculine and feminine principles. Problems arise when these two forces are out of balance. This imbalance is evident in our current world. The two human figures in the image can symbolise Adam and Eve, or Jesus and Mary Magdalen. i.e.,the masculine and feminine energies in each of us that need to be consciously harmonised. The two figures also symbolise the conscious and unconscious mind. In the Tarot card, an image of an angel is above them, symbolising the super-conscious mind.

The unconscious mind needs to become conscious in order to attain super or Christ consciousness. This is a self-mastery process. It is a journey every human takes. How long it takes, and how many life-times, is up to each individual.

This 2022 year appears to be choice time. Will you take the spiritual path to joy and true love, (love of your own divine self), whereby you live and act upon your conscience, love and inner guidance, or the purely material path, that often arises through short-lived pleasures in gratification of physical urges, desires and the lure of money. How many global governments, corporations and professionals have sold their souls for money?

The gap connected to the consciousness shift is widening. There must be a middle ground. Hopefully this year many people will find and live it. The middle ground involves consciously harmonising our internal polarities so we can live life in love, joy and peace. When enough people do this, the collective harmonised vibration travels to others, and to Mother Earth. Your vibration matters.

One of the greatest breakthroughs of modern physics was the discovery of the unified field whereby it was realised that the observer creates their own reality. Maybe this year neuroscientists will accept that the unified field is a 5D state of consciousness, a space referred to by many as Christ consciousness. Maybe they will broadcast it to main stream media? Now this would be an incredible Uranus break-through. Miracles do happen when there is enough faith. Our souls know this truth. As a collective group we can pray for this miracle. And, we can aid global consciousness expansion by committing to our personal expansion of consciousness.

Our greatest happiness comes about when we create harmony within ourselves, feel sincere gratitude for all we have learned, for how we have grown psychologically and spiritually, and for how much we have loved. We know there’s always more growth and even deeper love ahead of us. We wouldn’t be on planet Earth otherwise. We connect to, and appreciate, Mother Earth for the opportunity to provide all we need to experience higher states of being.

Your dedication to the upward journey of higher consciousness and divine love is likely to be challenged this year. You may also be tested with your levels of faith. A spiritual understanding of life needs to be anchored into the physical. Floating into illusionary land will serve no purpose. 22 is a master number. An opportunity to develop psychological, spiritual and physical mastery is our 2022 present.