2020 Astrological Activity plus Numerology

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There’s a Spark of Christ light and love within everyone. In the form of consciousness, it resides in every particle of the human body. It is a divine Spark, usually imprisoned behind psychological concrete walls, that can reveal during the process of these 2020 upcoming major life-transforming cosmic patterns. What will release this illumined spark? Our constructive use of Will, the Light of Higher Consciousness and our desire for Freedom.

If you are able to crack open and sweep away age-long accumulations of superstitions, prejudices, illusions, and the heavy clouds of ignorance, greed and vanities you will be able to release this imprisoned Spark. The planet Saturn rules imprisonment, and the structure of our consciousness. It also rules our limitations, and limitations live only in the mind. If we use our imagination our possibilities become endless.

So, what are these major life-transforming planetary transits to constructively use this year to enable personal empowering internal change? The cosmic energy is – it’s what we each do with it that matters. We create our reality by the thoughts we think, the emotions we feel and the actions we take. Re-actions always bring more of the same old psychological games. On the other hand, considered response, when regularly utilised, changes old re-active patterning. Its healthy and wise to become self-aware so we don’t continually react to our own and others emotional stimuli. Learning to observe ourselves – thinking, feeling and doing – is a large and important step on our evolutionary journey into higher consciousness.

With the Full Moon and Lunar eclipse in Cancer falling a couple of days before the exact conjunction of Pluto and Saturn an added energy boost is cosmically provided to use positively. I hope you decide to do so.

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on 11th January 2020 (AEST)

This Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer can bring emotions to the fore, and also illuminate greater self-awareness. Lunar eclipses are deeply connected to the evolution of consciousness. They can bring inner transformation into higher octaves of light.  A lunar eclipse offers a time to work on the hidden aspects of self in order to ‘see the light’ of our psychological behaviour so we can make constructive changes. It would be advantageous to do so around this time because of the upcoming cosmic influences. Cancer is the opposing sign to Capricorn.

Transiting Pluto and Saturn conjunct in Capricorn 13th January 2020 (AEST)

Their exact conjunction is at 22 degrees 47 minutes Capricorn on 13th January at 6.00am (AEST). This conjunction point acts as a trigger, making an energetic imprint in the etheric body of Mother Earth. This imprint, similar to an acupuncture point, will last for hundreds of years.  According to the research of fellow astrologer, Richard Giles – when Saturn and Pluto were last in Capricorn in 1518, Martin Luther brought new insights into the structure of religion and the Protestant Reformation began. Old outworn structures cracked. (Saturn and Capricorn rule societal structures).

Going back even further – to 1284 – Richard says that when Pluto and Saturn conjuncted in Capricorn then, gold was introduced as a currency gauge in the form of the Ducat, a gold token. This became the money standard that lasted for about 600 years. Currently, our big banks are under scrutiny and our financial systems are in deep trouble. Money is being continually printed to get them out of trouble. Will gold again become the main global currency as it was once before?

Pluto is the planet that brings transformation. In our external world, Pluto, moving through Capricorn is transforming, and will continue to transform, the existing financial systems and global structures that no longer serve the people. In astrology, the themes of royalty and gold connect – through sign. British royalty structures are cracking- as per the news announcement made 9th January 2020, by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. This is an historic announcement- that will have a global impact. Astrologically, it can be viewed as a mini “death” (Pluto) of a societally structured era of British royalty.

Pluto’s energy also aids personal inner transformation. Many people will attest to the truth of this. During this year it would be wise to navigate your internal ‘underworld’ (Pluto’s territory), your subconscious. Why?  Because there you will discover a treasure buried deep that can arouse both fear and joy. You will realise something of great value. This realisation, the acceptance of it, and responsibility taken for it, will change your life forever – for the better. Surely a worthwhile effort? Why not choose the pathway of joy by cracking your fear walls? As the famous poet Yeats said: “The only journey worth taking is the journey within”.

Transiting Pluto doesn’t completely leave Capricorn until 20th November 2024. Transiting Saturn, on the other hand, enters Aquarius on March 23rd, moves direct in that sign until 11th May, retrogrades back into Capricorn on 2nd July and finally departs Capricorn on 18th December 2020. Aquarius, the sign Saturn enters, is ruled by Uranus. Just watch the huge consciousness changes when Saturn moves through this freedom loving sign. New innovations will be put in place. Exciting and completely different foundations will be built. Hope, and possibly rebellion, will arise in the hearts and minds of people. The lifting of Saturnian restrictions and limitations, both internally and externally, will become the desire of many more people. Those who have done the inner psychological and spiritual work will finally be free to share their unique creative expression – and be heard, seen and respected.

The crystallised walls of laws, rules and regulations are cracking. These crystallised walls are Saturn’s territory. Saturn is the modern planetary ruler of Capricorn ruling tradition, conformity, and all that is hard, cold, limited and controlling. Not only are these consciousness walls cracking in the individual psyche, but also in the collective psyche. Walls of materialisation, economic systems, and egocentric education systems are also cracking. Our religions, dogmas, philosophies and beliefs are cracking. Our children know that huge global change is taking place. Even science is breaking free from traditional ‘scientific’ thinking and is willing to embrace the reality of what is unseen. Can you see thoughts? Can you see emotions? Can you see consciousness? No – but they do exist.  Medical structures, still bound within a concrete wall of ego-based protective mode, are beginning to crack.

Saturn is the Lord of Karma. Simply, whatever we have sown, in this or previous lives, we reap. These also were Jesus teachings. We can’t avoid our karma and the responsibilities we have to realise and heal it. We can deny and avoid it. Most people do. To what avail?  Misery, ill health and pessimism add up to a sad and sorrowful life. Freedom runs away. It can’t operate with this low-vibrational structured mind-set. I urge you to let go of the limiting fear structures that no longer serve your spiritual growth and evolutionary development. Sacrifice your suffering and find a way through fear. Own your fears and limitations. Take responsibility for them – and choose to bust through them. Why allow them to rule your life?

Advanced thinkers already have answers, but will they be listened to? Eventually they will be, because the old ways will no longer work. Through the energy of freedom, people are breaking their age-old chains which made them slaves to blind urges and animal desires.

Eventually, we will grow to understand, and appreciate, that we are ever-growing creative suns and that the living consciousness rays that beam from us, individually and collectively, effect other living things.

So, what else is creating the cracking? In the great cosmic mirror, our planet earth is moving into a different area of space and there are cosmic influences beyond our solar system transmitting to all living creatures. These influences enable change. An unprecedented evolutionary process is occurring and we can either jump aboard the consciousness train, or remain in stagnant territory. Our choice. As a collective, we need change to shake us up and rattle our complacency. Evolutionary change is a constant.

Uranus, a higher octave to Mercury, now moving through Taurus, is aiding and abetting the planetary changes, as are Pluto and Saturn. When Saturn moves fully into Aquarius next year these two planetary players, Uranus and Saturn, will have a party. In the meantime, during April through June, they will meet and greet to arrange future innovative processes that Saturn will insist require form, structure, discipline, management and organisation before launch. Transiting Neptune is doing a pretty good job of dissolving fanciful illusions in our individual and collective psyche to help us return to Saturn’s reality of “what is”.

The energy of freedom that comes from higher consciousness is increasing, and it won’t go away. This is reality. And Saturn rules reality. As our greatest teacher, he encourages us to discipline ourselves so we can become an authority in whatever gives us feelings of joy and fulfilment. He asks that we be sovereign unto ourselves. We are individuals, with our own gifts and talents and Saturn requires we develop these creative outpourings over time; through patience, hard work, maturity and effort. He can be a hard, but caring taskmaster, with our best interests at heart. Serious commitment, and follow through disciplined and determined action are needed to break the psychological chains that bind. The more we avoid dealing with uncomfortable feelings the more they control us. My recipe for healing them is to acknowledge them with compassion and without judgement as I feel them, and then love them to death. It works, because Love heals all. They are a little child part of ourselves that needs acknowledgement and love. There’s no point in blaming others for them, or judging them as wrong. That lower vibrational energy only creates more negativity. The thoughts, feelings and actions taken that created our current reality are ours. We may have done them unconsciously- but we are responsible for them. This is reality. Saturn reality.

Transiting Jupiter in Capricorn

Just think of a mountain top and you are joyously standing on the summit. Saturn and Capricorn are about committing to, and doing, the inner work that enables arrival at the summit of your spiritual or material mountain. Jupiter is the summit. Jupiter rules all things religious and spiritual. That summit is, this year, within your grasp. Whatever spiritual practices, self-understanding and self-discovery you began working on during the past twelve years when Jupiter was previously in this sign, reaches a conclusion. Whatever creative expression you materialised then is likely to expand this year. Reflect back to 2008 to realise how much you have grown or learned about yourself since then. This twelve-year Jupiter cycle of adventure is nearly over and hopefully you’ve developed a broader and wider understanding of yourself and your world, through expansion into greater self-awareness. Rest your ego for a while, and allow Spirit to guide you into taking the next step forward – there always is one!

Transiting Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn – and their conjunction on 13th November 2020 at 22 degrees 52 minutes – incredibly close to the already imprinted earlier Pluto/Saturn conjunction. This is the conjunction of success and achievement.  Whether your efforts over the past twelve years have been productive and for the greater good of the whole, you’re likely to attain success.  Should you have used ego power games of righteous morality over others to get what you want without consideration of them, you may run into some rather large walls of immovable societal structures. And fall into a powerless heap.

What a year it’s going to be!

And now to Numerology

2020. Add the single digits together = 4.

As a temporary, one year only, vibration, number Four key words and themes are much the same as the astrology for this year as: Work; finances, building, practicality. 4 brings the need to define and order things. Measure, classify, record, regulate and compose yourself as well as your affairs and environment. It’s a practical vibration. It’s a productive period in which the creative drive needs to be managed and purposefully directed. Money and finances are part of this vibration so set up a budget and pay debts on all levels – materially, physically, mentally and spiritually. It’s a good time to save for that house or car you’ve always wanted.

Previously hidden aspects of the past may reveal which allow you to correct faulty judgements. Number four offers a door of opportunity which you can pass through into a new life.

The Tarot symbolism of 4 is The Emperor. He shows that whatever you sow with your conscious mind (1), you expand through (2) and (3) and finally reap through 4. You are what you alone have made of yourself. If you are dissatisfied begin again with (1) and sow responsible seeds and then follow through 2 and 3. (ref. Numerology and The Divine Triangle – Faith Javanne and Dusty Bunker).

My take on this year

It will be what you make it. Responsibility, patience and discipline are needed. And focused creative work. I recommend that, to get the year off to a good start, in your imagination during a quiet reflective time you place yourself on the summit of a Capricorn mountain of spiritual reality, and raise your chalice of love and light to others. Commit to sacrificing the old limited ways of being and doing, and turn your face to the light of the brightest Sun. Fill your heart with love and gratitude for the great gift of life on planet Earth, and for all you have learned. Forgive yourself for your lack of rightful understanding and realise that the Spark of divine spiritual connection is always within – and commit to its full activation. Also, commit to expansion and growth beyond your current level of consciousness.

Many people who have made the massive transformational shift to higher consciousness no longer relate to 3D life because they view life from a higher and more meaningful perspective. They live on the earth with gratitude, respect and love, because their consciousness is that of a 4D, 5D or 6D perspective. They no longer re-act to emotional stimuli and see beyond the power-plays and control so prevalent upon earth. They act as catalyst of service to the divine Plan.

May you allow divine love, and the Christ light within guide your way on,

With many blessings and much love,


10th January 2020