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20 February 2022 – Pleiadian Transmission

By February 22, 2022No Comments

Welcome readers, to a new reality. One more real and true than that of last week. As each week’s progress is absorbed, more revelations will come.

Our scribe is doing her best to instruct you with our words. We see from a higher perspective as to how well or otherwise the words are being integrated. We see they are, and are pleased.

Sleep time is over. You may not like the new reality however, as you drop false information and open to truth you will become grounded in it. Our vehicle recently viewed a video clip spoken by Corporal Bulford, a highly respected man in his profession. He could not be silent anymore. After intense legal research and many realisations he publicly resigned from his prominent office of personal security to Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada. Our vehicle felt his pain as he did so, and also saw a white light halo around his head and shoulders. She witnessed sincerity, integrity and courage in a man who could no longer remain silent. Not one word of falsity did he share. Many more with his strength of character are also revealing truth. We ask you to use your feeling senses, and your inner eyes, to read energy. Let truth prevail.

We are the Pleiadians, and we will come again.

Ashtara’s Commentary:

In my own mind I refer to this white light halo as the Christ Light. I’ve seen it around many of my students as they speak their heart-felt truth with sincerity, authenticity, courage and integrity. Corporal Bulford resigned from his prestigious position on February 5th 2022. He held a high office in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He knew his life and career were at stake. He could no longer remain silent.

I realise that what I am now witnessing as a global phenomena is the effect of thirty years of dedicated work by body workers, psychologists, astrologers, psycho-therapists, spiritual energy healers, and other alternate healers of emotional and mental pain. Congratulations! You opened your clients and students to truth so that their inner Light of self-realisation could shine. The accumulated effect of this greater internal Light has enabled others to wake up.

The Light prevails. There is no way this effect can be changed. The dark will try even harder, but cannot succeed. The Cosmic Light now bombarding our Solar System from the bright star Arcturus – a programming Centre of Light that down steps its Light Beams to the Great Central Sun, Sirius, which in turn transmits Light Rays to Alcyone the Sun of the Pleiadian System. When received by Alcyone, the Pleiadians down step the Rays to our Sun. This process will be in operation for at least the next two thousand years. Expect more solar flares. It has to be. Just think of all this extra photonic Light bombarding our Solar System and all of humanity. The dark will like it not.

The Arcturus Astrology system is in effect. You can read about it in more detail in my books – the Arcturus Astrology trilogy. ‘click here to find out’ 

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,