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1st January 2022 Astrology

By January 4, 2022January 6th, 2022No Comments

I cast a chart for 1st January 2022 at 12.01am at Southport on the Gold Coast.

In this chart is a Libra ascendant and the first placement moving anti-clockwise around the chart is the South Node in Sagittarius in wide conjunction to Moon and Mars. The Moon governs our home, family, past and emotions. Mars is the god of war. This year, our Mars’ individual and collective energy will fight for home and family. Sagittarius requires freedom, truth and faith in a higher power. What is the truth? What societally perpetuated beliefs contain a lie? Will truth emerge this year? What is my truth? Is the collective consciousness ready to open to truth? What initiatory action will it take to ensure truth reveals? Is there a war based on self-serving righteousness in effect?

Connecting by a harmonious aspect to Saturn in Aquarius indicates that clarity can occur when enough people awaken to societal belief structures that no longer serve the public.

The next chart placement is the goddess Vesta, also in Sagittarius. Vesta likes to work for something she believes in. However she also can become so consumed with her belief in what is true that she blocks all other’s point of view.

These four planetary bodies in Sagittarius contain a truth and belief message, and provide an opportunity to see beyond the societal and religious structures currently consuming the mass consciousness. Together, they provide the energy for spiritual study, for a spiritual view of life to be implemented in order for home and families to come together, and provide the energy to fight for the right of freedom.

The Sun is in Capricorn, the opposite sign to Cancer. The theme of home and family verses career, life path and status may be even more prevalent in many people’s lives this year. The Sun in Capricorn, in its easy relationship to Uranus in Taurus, is urging the collective human consciousness to responsibly, and in a grounded manner, see, and be, the Light. Taurus is the builder of the zodiac. Some people will have the flashes of inspiration to build a new business, a new community, a new or different kind of home, and/or a new life for themselves.

The Sun symbolises our personal heart centre. The place in our bodies where we feel love. The more it is consciously fuelled with divine Creator’s love, the stronger will be it’s pumping mechanism. In the New year chart it is in square aspect to Chiron in Aries. The Sun is the symbolic representation of Prime Creator’s Light. Prime Creator’s love is the substance of all cosmic Light. Chiron symbolises our deepest psychological wound. Individuals with this placement can feel as if their inner light is blocked and, as a consequence, their vitality is low. Neurological stress can arise. Counselling can help. Some can have a struggle with embracing spirituality and/or find that their life is meaningless, without purpose. These themes may arise this year on an individual and a collective level. An inner healing journey is needed. To do so, self-motivated action to initiate the healing process is needed. Know that when you heal yourself, you provide the energy for the collective to also heal.

Many of us are givers. Often by giving too much we deplete our energy reserves. There will be an opportunity provided this year, that may appear as loss, to heal old psychology wounds connected to separation from love. An increase in heart problems and illnesses associated with the heart are likely to occur. The challenge is to self-nurture, self-care, and take responsibility for your life creations and choose to take positive self-motivated action to ensure permanent inner change. Loving kindness to self, and to others is a pathway. Strive to be the brightest light you can be.

Positioned next to the Sun in the New Year chart are four cosmic bodies, also in the sign of Capricorn. This formation is known as a stellium. These cosmic bodies are: Juno goddess of marriage, Venus, goddess of love, peace and beauty, Pluto, Lord of the Underworld and Mercury, messenger of and for the gods.

Juno and Venus can be compatible. In myth, Juno was Zeus’s wife. She loved the grandeur of being Queen of Heaven. After 300 years of ideal marriage, Zeus decided it was time to be a playboy. He sought his prey and conquered it. Juno wasn’t happy. She wanted to remain his wife and maintain her queenly status. What to do? She decided to take revenge on his lovers and any children they had together. Dark jealousy and revengeful behaviour played out. Sex was the issue. Love sank into a dark and dirty abyss. With these two feminine influences together in the chart there could be hell to play if jealousy, envy, possessiveness and revenge are involved.

We’ll move onto Pluto, positioned next to Venus in the New Year chart. As mentioned above, Pluto is Lord of the Underworld. In the underworld (unconscious) of our psyches are stored many secrets. Some are likely to be dark. Some will be related to sex. There are some people who make enormous amounts of money out of sexual exploitation. As I’m writing, I’m getting into interesting territory and Im not getting a good feeling about it. My solar plexus chakra is churning. Will there be dark sexual, or other manipulative issues revealed this year that could upset many people? Feels like it’s probable. Exposure could be a main theme of 2022. Makes sense. Our own personal darkness needs to be exposed before light can enter the vacuum created. So many light workers are now exposing personal darkness therefore it must be experienced in the external world of form.

This year may bring intense sexual experiences, or you may become obsessed with someone’s powerful influence, or have the realisation that sex without love is unfulfilling and plays havoc on your body and your vibrational levels. A fascination with someone is likely. It’s also likely that any relationship begun this year will be hot, obsessive, intense and passionate. Unconscious unresolved sexual issues are likely to reveal. If you’re not being careful, you may fall into a carefully manipulated trap and be fodder to someone with a dark agenda. Take care. Love yourself enough to do the inner work necessary to heal old power or sexual issues. Use your Capricorn energy wisely and responsibly, and you’ll be fine.

On the other lighter side, if a deep soul love is involved, sexual experiences with your lover can transcend or transform your life completely. Love of self and internal Prime Creator is the vital key.

Next comes Mercury, conjunct (positioned beside) Pluto. This placement can bring up the following: Dark and/or intense (Pluto) thoughts and communications (Mercury); An intense educational time. Persuasive and manipulative agendas; a re-emergence and revealing of childhood programmes you thought you had cleared and healed. Concern for truth may develop into intense research into all that is mysterious, hidden and deliberately kept from the collective by main stream media. You will want to get to the bottom of issues. Once researched thoroughly, you may want to share your knowledge. If there is self-aggrandisement, self-righteousness, judgement, criticism or coercion associated with your words, you are likely to attract trouble. These two cosmic playmates can signify a period of deep inner turmoil, depending upon your personal birth chart placements.

The best use of this energy is to choose to develop a broader and higher understanding of life. You will need to be flexible in your ideas and beliefs, otherwise you may find yourself in intense power struggles with others.

This 2022 year stellium packs quite a punch! It will definitely be a year where self-mastery is required. Self-mastery requires deep internal investigation to access truth.

The next placement is Saturn in Aquarius, in challenging aspect to Uranus in Taurus.

The square (challenge) I previously mentioned between Saturn and Uranus is very tight. This challenge will be repeated throughout the entire year. In the New Year chart, it connects to the Moon (past/emotions/home/family/memories/) that conjoins (conjuncts) Mars (initiatory dynamic action). Mars can be ‘war like’ and aggressive when challenged. Both are in the sign of Sagittarius and in sextile aspect to Saturn in Aquarius. They’re happily aiding and abetting the Saturn/Uranus challenge for societal freedom, truth and change. Fiery emotions will be aroused. Not only will many be fighting for their freedom and their beliefs, but also for their home and families. This process began on the day of the exact square, when a small group of Australia’s first nation people performed a peace smoking ceremony in front of the old parliament house in Canberra.

In this chart, Uranus in Taurus is also in a challenging quincunx aspect to Moon/Mars in Sagittarius. What does this mean? Hmm! Let me feel into this. Uranus is the bringer of Light, the Illuminator, those flashes of insight that come into a relaxed mind. Moon governs our past, family stuff, our memories and our home.Our home is on Mother Earth. The energy of Uranus may activate the personal and collective Mars energy to ’go to war’ against existing beliefs that no longer serve our home planet or ourselves. A belief revolution is emerging. How many wars have been based on rigid belief systems? There is a war taking place – an underhand, underground war. This war feels as if it connects to old Atlantean memories related to the abuse of technology for power and control by a few to manipulate the many, and as a consequence, the loss of home and family.

Let’s move on. The next chart placement is Jupiter in the sign of Pisces. Jupiter moved into Pisces on 30 December 2021. This placement is at the apex point of a challenging T-square to South Node in Sagittarius and North Node in Gemini conjunct Ceres (earth mother). Bear in mind that astrology is a symbolically coded language. The North Node represents personal and collective ‘destiny’. The South Node in Sagittarius is connected to ingrained belief structures that need to be released before we can attain our destiny.Think of a ladder. You are aiming for the top step because that’s where your soul is enticing you with a special gift. You want this gift. You are climbing this ladder with a huge backpack filled with baggage – societal, parental and religious structures. Throughout your life’s journey you will release much of this baggage. This is a year to do so.

Ceres, as goddess of Agriculture, works to bring food and nourishment to the people on Earth. Her beautiful daughter, Persephone, to whom she was emotionally attached was abducted by Pluto, who took her into his dark underworld realm of the unconscious. Ceres’ grief at the loss of her daughter created suffering. She went on strike, refusing to grow food for the gods and for the people on Earth until her daughter was returned to her. Eventually, Mercury did a deal with Pluto, whereby Persephone would return to the outer world for six months of every year. During this time Ceres would provide food.

Mother Earth is rebelling. Maybe food will be scarce this year? Maybe some people will suffer loss through the abduction of their daughter into Pluto’s unconscious shadowy realms?

In the 2022 chart Ceres is in Taurus. For some, money may be scarce. Fostering your own sense of worth and value by creating financial self-sufficiency may arise as an issue for some this year. Fear of lack may promote excessive hoarding of food and possessions. Self-trust is the remedy.

Ceres urges us to realise our destiny. No longer will Mother Earth put up with the human density that exists upon her. Jupiter requires we open our minds to broader spiritual beliefs and understanding.

Your Pisces compassion is likely to be aroused so you may want to rescue others around you. Best to teach them how to rescue and save themselves, rather than do it for them. Remember, we each create our own reality by our thoughts.

During this year, a well grounded and wise spiritual teacher may come onto the global scene to awaken people to truth.

Spiritual or mystical revelations are likely to be experienced to enable you to move forward in your spiritual development. Your interest in spiritual, religious or mystical philosophy is likely to grow. Some ungrounded people may live in a dream world, hoping and wishing for a mystical experience to help them escape from their self-created reality. Some may feel so optimistic they take gambling risks and/or involve themselves in deceptive and illusionary business deals that can only end up disastrously. It’s best to be awake and aware.

Jupiter entered Pisces for a few months from 14 May to 29 July. Reflect on these dates as to any experiences you may have had that felt absolutely right at the time. Did you fall into a belief trap through which you have been ‘hanging your hat’ on? If so, the truth or otherwise will soon be evident. It’s wise to keep a daily journal to record your feelings and experiences during the year. You might make it one of your goals.

Under Jupiter in Pisces you will need to be mindful of deception because you could fall under a deliberately created spell created to suck you in and take hold of your energy. It may eventuate by you feeling lifeless, powerless and weak. You could also be deceived by those who believe themselves to be masters such as financial masters, spiritual masters, governmental masters, etc.

It’s best to rely on your body, especially your heart and intuitive feelings, to guide you to truth. You are the only one who can save yourself. Believe in yourself and your internal guidance, act upon it , develop self-awareness and you’ll be fine. You may have an increased interest in music, meditation, dance, fishing, higher spiritual knowledge, or spending time by the sea.

With this placement, there is an opportunity to ascend into higher levels of spiritual awareness, which is every human beings destiny. The veils of ignorance needs to be left behind. Spiritual growth is indicated on the personal and collective level this year. You will be given the challenge to lift the veils of illusion covering your minds so you can move forward into your destiny.

On the other hand, you may decide it’s all too hard, and choose instead to play the role of victim. “Poor me” consciousness can emerge. Where there is a victim there is always a perpetrator, an energy sucker who feeds on others’ negative energy. Think of an unconscious someone holding a vacuum cleaner, syphoning your energy to feed themselves. They will feel fantastic. You will feel drained. Learn to become aware of this subtle energy exchange and choose to learn about yourself from it. It is very real. I know it only too well. In my early spiritual growth days, I experienced being weak and powerless, with all life-force energy sucked from me, sometimes for nearly a week. I was unable to speak, think or act. I’ve learned huge lessons associated with this power issue, strengthening myself during the ensuing growth process.

The next placement in the 2022 New Year chart is Neptune in Pisces conjunct goddess Pallas Athena.

In myth, Pallas Athena is the warrior woman. She ‘goes to war’ to fight for her father (physical and/or spiritual). Neptune rules the vast ocean of emotion. Humans are approximately 80% water. It has been scientifically proved that the emotions of love and gratitude create beautiful images in the water observed. Dense emotions create the opposite. Learn to be the observer of your water (emotions), thoughts and actions (self-mastery).

What’s Pallas Athena in Pisces going to war over this year? Maybe it’s connected to clearing the veil of illusion that’s been gripping the collective mind for years. Think of Pallas Athena as a window cleaner. She’s determined to clean the collective psyche of psychological pollution and false beliefs. She is a representative of her heavenly father. Her father wants us to see and be the light-through experiencing divine love. Pallas Athena will do her best, using all her skills to open people’s eyes to see and feel truth. In the myth, she was never defeated. You can never be defeated. Your soul will carry on reincarnating into this physical 3D world until you see, and become, the Light.

This year is one in which a challenging opportunity will be available to do so.

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