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A Crack in the Cosmic WindowTransmissions

Mid October 2022 3 – A Crack in the Cosmic Window 2

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Ascending to a Higher Frequency

“We of the Light come to you today to assist in the evolutionary development of humankind. Ours is the task of preparing humans for their transition to a higher frequency – to a higher level of awareness and consciousness, a higher vibratory level. The ascent from matter to Light has begun.

Earth too is ascending to a higher frequency. A birthing is occurring. For those who are aware and conscious, this is an exciting period of time in which to live. This is the crossroad. Human life, as is experienced now, will never be the same again.

We, from the higher realms, have offered to help with this transitory process. Often humans are unable to grasp the concepts we are filtering down. Often conditioning prevents light, in the form of information, to come to consciousness.

You, as a teacher, have the tools to help with this process from your Earthly home. We work from higher dimensions down – you work from the earth plane existence to raise other’s consciousness. We work through channels such as yourself to aid us in our task of spreading the information. We recommend these transmissions be typed into a form and presented to others. The information is for all who have the consciousness to read, for all who have the willingness to follow light, and for all who have the yearning to go home, to awaken from their sleep of unconsciousness and so transcend. This is our message for today.”

-Beings of Light

Love is the Answer to All Problems

“Love is like the wind – it can blow softly, strongly or not at all. Love sometimes has to break through barriers, or walls of fear. This is when the strong wind of will and intent is needed.

Love is the answer to all problems. It is the ‘fix it’ glue that binds and lasts.

Accessing the essence of love is the task of all humans on Earth. Conscious access with intent. Love cures illness and disease. Love generates more love. When love is blocked, fear resides within the individual and fear breeds fear.

Sometimes the Earth experiences great cleansing through strong winds and rain, cleansing negative ions from her etheric field. So too do humans need to introduce a strong wind of intent and will to clear their own individual negativity from their etheric field, so that, through that cleansing love can enter.

When love enters the heart so too does our Creator, the Creative Being or God. Be willing to introduce a wind of intent and will into your hearts, to cleanse your negativity and allow the essence of love to enter.”

Blessings Be

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,